Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012


("Century Media Records"; CD):
Okay, anyone remembers the review that I've did of their ''for free'' and/or ''give away'' appetizer CD last summer? I've written back then that IN FLAMES would sound today like acts like KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and that it all would be some nice stuff but that you also shouldn't be expecting something all in all too ''special'' or something so like this and that I simply couldn't understand why everyone is making such a noise because of the ''new'' IN FLAMES... Okay, what should I say now, by the end of last year I finally decided to buy their current release anyhow and they turned totally my head around, what a brilliant album they've recoded and done here with this very one, period. It's Modern Metal, ya can't name it any different anyway and why should ya anyhow and fans of acts like KILLSWITCH ENGAGE will like if not love what IN FLAMES celebrate and give us here on this very one. But they do it very much with and in their very own way and style and attitude and aestehtics. Blending their deep rooted Melodic Death Metal the Sverige Way that they've established and then more and more cultivated and developed over the last two decades or so with up to date modern Mealcore and Modern Metal like KILLSWITCH ENGAGE as well as stuff like CALIBAN blend it with almighty stuff like STUCK MOJO (just listen to the groove and rhythm work that IN FLAMES are doing here, keeping on the legacy that the almighty STUCK MOJO  left behind and keeping it alive) and they cultivate it all with their very own identity and their very own unique character as well as a big bunch of suprises. Incredible high technical as well as also songwriting skills of the musicians, it's all and I mean really and truly all done incredible well-versed and multi-layered as or like not much else today out there and it's strongly and highly grapping and interesting and it will grab and keep your attention over the complete distance of the album. The incredible and phenomenal strong and rich on variations multi-layered guitar work is carrying each song to its heights as well as the brilliant done and very varying rhythm work and structure architecture and the outstanding charismatic vocals and don't forget about the atmospheric and ambient suprises and tracks we find here clever worked into the mix. A tight and strong and intense atmosphere is marking the complete album as well. Great diverse and demanding metaphorical lyrics, a truly just outstanding great artwork and a just perfect fat and broad and clean yet very, very heavy production sound we get as well. Anyway, this review is also already long enough now and I think you all reading this here and now should have already understood that this is a must have release that's just pure platinum and total amazing shit that you really should call your very own and so don't think twice and better just get this album if you still don't have it anyhow and especially if you are interested in outstanding strong and diverse and emotional atmospheric music that is really something ''special'' and ''gifted'' and don't give a shit about genre or musical borders. An awesome and amazing pure platinum album and one of the best 2011 releases. Highly recommend this to everyone out there interested in brilliant and ''special'' and ''gifted'' music!!! Cheers!!! (10 of 10 points)

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