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RISE AGAINST - "ENDGAME" (Modern American Punkrock on "DGC RECORDS" released in 2011)

("DGC Records"; CD):
One of the next reviews of 2011 releases I finally want to get worked through. RISE AGAINST... a Punkrock band from the U.S.A. that grew very big over the last years or the last decade or something like this. Never followed them really anyhow anyway. I just remember that a friend of mine once gave me their "SIREN SONG FOR THE COUNTER CULTURE" (or something like this) titled album, remembering it I know that I liked pretty well and that I somehow meant they would be to be located somewhere in between the middle of BAD RELIGION and SICK OF IT ALL, but don't nail me on that. Anyhow, don't know why I haven't followed RISE AGAINST since then, don't ask me about it. And also don't ask me why I then now finally decided from out of nowhere to finally buy this very album here by the end of 2011, I just don't know it as well. Anyway, RISE AGAINST are more than just well known I think so these days and even this stuff normally isn't all in all too high on my personal fave list I have to say that this album is really some damn good and also by far better stuff. Yes, it's totally political correct and over "critical" and "political" and "self-righteous left winged" lyric wise, and it's very melodic, über-catchy and damn "poppy" music wise, but it works all totally great togther and out in the end and so I don't care about this whole political correct mainstream attitude of RISE AGAINST and not at least because anyway they have some good lyrics settled together. Fast forward driven and driving modern melodic Punkrock with a slight mark of meldoic Hardcore in it as well as some few Emo/Screamo impressions, marked by the amazing and very charismatic lead vocals, great well-versed and strongly varying guitar work on all fronts (riffing, rhythm, leads, solos), as well as by the truly being damn strong and interesting and grapping and rich on changes and suprises as well as energy and dynamic and pulsating life songwriting and songarchitecture. Great!!! That the back up chants rock like hell and that the rhythm section is doing a brilliant job should be clear to everyone. A lot of political lyrics and stuff like this on top of it, but all done more or less pretty good and interesting and grapping (and to be honest and to say it precise and clear the lyrics are great, period), and then there's also a pretty good artwork and a full and "fat" production sond that totally benefits the music perfectly all on top of it. By far the very best song in the bunch is the almighty "SATELLITE" but also all the other tracks rock and rule like not much else. I think anyone interested in RISE AGAINST and stuff like this does already own this album but anyhow I really highly recommend this to you even stuff like this is normally not your top notch stuff. Really damn great stuff that you have to check out if you ask me, period. And if you ask me again maybe the best Punkrock album released back then in 2011 anyway anyhow despise all the hype and so, this is great and even better, period. Great band that I really should finally start to follow more intense. (10 of 10 points)
Now comes a live video of RISE AGAINST playing their almighty anthem "SATELLITE" live on stage and they totally rock and rule, so just enjoy it and form your own opinion about them.

(Live @ "SUMMERFEST" in 2011)

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