Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

SUFFER THE PAIN - ''THE DEATH'' (Swedish D.I.Y. Crustcore between Old School Death Metal and punky-hardcorish Crustcore in 2012)

("D.I.Y."; Tape & MP3-Download):
Also upon this I've stumbled while surfing through the web and once again checking in at the "CRUST DEMOS" blog ( SUFFER THE PAIN are from Sweden and a young band playing in the department  of Punk meets Metal, which means Hardcore as well as first and foremost Crustcore meets Death Metal. This release here, titled "THE DEATH", is a brandnew 2012 release and is currently up to listen to for free on their Bandcamp site and also up for free downloading on the Soundcloud site of SUFFER THE PAIN, both links I will give you at the end of this very review here, and it will be pretty soon released as a (I guess) D.I.Y. (?) tape, so it means that if you like what you are listen to then get the download and when the tape is out write to the band or something like this and damn fucking bloody buy it. Okay, a mixture out of Crustcore and Death Metal from Sweden... ah, I can hear your head start to tick and ring, spitting out one name: WOLFPACK!!! Okay, and then also a second name: WOLFBRIGADE!!! And you're pretty much right with this, even SUFFER THE PAN are in NO way a sort of a rip off or so, playing it even more Death Metal and also more dirty and rough'n'tough and raw than the legends of WOLFPACK/WOLFBRIGADE, even they go more or less at least a little bit in the direction of the legendary and still awesome debut of them. Blend furious Crustcore madness, with D-Beat kamikaze attacks, incredible strong grooving Mosh segments and an uncontrolable anthemic fist in the air sing (or: scream) a long with them attempt with Old School savage swedish Death Metal violence born and bred by the likes of ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER and early UNLEASHED, add some few sick Black Metal impressions like very old DARK THRONE to it and you've arrived in the camp of SUFFER THE PAIN. The aggressive and brutal ''grunty'' and throaty roared vocals and the great fast metallic guitar riffing work, full of aggression yet also melodies, are truly the backbone of the music of SUFFER THE PAIN, the well-versed rhythm section is making it all round, and the tight and well thought through songwriting is really just a great job done by them. There's also a larger than life cover of "BLOODY HAMMER" by ROCKY ERICKSON and even I don't know the original one (honestly not, shame on me) the version of SUFFER THE PAIN is incredible. Amazing!!! To the lyrics I can't really say anything profund but barbarism, blood, hell, pain and death seem to be pretty important ingredients of them;-). The artwork really got a great and cool look (even it's not a official part of the Soundcloud download but then just get it on there Bandcamp site) and the production sound of this five songs in something around ten minutes is aggessive and brutal, dirty and raw (in a positive sense), and so his here is a complete package. If SUFFER THE PAIN will keep on working like this they will become a really great thing, so let us keep an eye on them, an eye and two ears. Great!!! I want a tape:-)!!! Cheers!!! (9 of 10 points)

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