Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012


("Musica De La Calle"; Digital Compilation Album):
Next up is another digital compilation album that's up to download for free, this time featuring Oi! and Streetpunk, as well as Punkrock and SKA bands from across the globe and old as well as new ones and all like already the titles says from the far left, RASH united, like it says, and compiled by the guy or guys running the "MUSICA DE LA CALLE" blog that's also packed up full with imagery of the far left so if you're heavily involved into things going on on the far right you might get sick of it but that's your problem and not mine. (Even they showcase an "interesting" outlook at the world THEY live in... guys, get a real life, could help to cure the worst pain of you all...) Okay, I have by myself my own troubles with this dogmatic and orthodox deep red stuff and Anarchists are nothing but unrealistic dreamers to me to say it nice but at the end of the day I can even to this more rely than to ''your'' White Power crap and NS dickheads around. But to say this also clear and precise if you ask me I would rather need the one not the other soap box preachers around with their fanatic and senseless dreams and blatant stupid world views of being with them or against them and yes then I rather decide to stand and stay against them all, opposed to them all. And what's interesting is the fact that it's obvious to see how similar the far left and the far right in their way of looking at the world and in their attitude are today, it's pretty frightening what used to become out of it all, and that especially the subcultural left seems to be unable to recognize this (which means not at least their very own) development... But this all wouldn't stop me from listening to the music I like and so I decided to do and get the download. This compilation is for what I believe or think to know a non official bootleg release and is solely released as a digital compilation album and dedicated to the memory of the victims of deadly violence and assaults on Anti-Fascists and Anti-Racists by lowlife WP NS scum world wide from Russia to Spain. A lot of spanish and/or latinamerican bands are featured on this one beside some few classics of left wing Oi! and Streetpunk music namely the almighty ANGELIC UPSTARTS and their hymn "TEENAGE WARNING". Mostly the genre description of the bands and the music is called´''Rock Proletario'' or so and in the lyrics revolucion and so on are pretty if not very important topics and the attitude is a strictly by the AFA and the reigning PC mood defined anti-fascist, ant-racist and anti-capitalist one (and this is hurting a lot even the bands up here are prett right with a lot of the stuff they sing about but one-sided views on complex topics aren't often the holy grail of wisdom even if you may think so and yes, call me a fencewalker but still I won't join your ranks again), while the played music is mostly up to date written but still pretty much traditional and really good played Oi! as well as Streetpunk enriched with some very few SKA and pure through and through Punkrock tunes. The production sound is always varying (for it is a compilation album) but also more or less always a really good one, the artwork is done pretty good and truly cool, to the lyrics I said already some words and beside this I think all of you know about the deal here, the attitude you may like or share or nothing of it, who cares, at least not I, and featured bands up here are the already mentioned ANGELIC UPSTARTS, as well as GUM BLEED (terrible and horrible, what is this, Screamo Proletarian Punk or what... put it down the toilet, total crap), FALLAS DE ORIGEN (hm...), SUDAMÉRICA Oi!, OPCIÓ K-95, ESTANDARTE, SUBVERSIVOS, KOMINTERN, RED SECT (no comment about/to this total rubbish name... I mean, guys, oh damn, come on...), FIRECRACKERS, BOOT BOYS (nah, not the great and legendary old school American Oi! band but also this band totally rules, great killer stuff, maybe my favorites up here on this one), UNITED STRUGGLE (geat stuff, also lyrically, fists in the air, may they red or not, and yes, also great songtitle "THE REDS ARE ROCKING", brilliant!!!), BITOV TERROR, CLASSICAL SLUM, TRADE UNIONS, BRIGADA Oi! and K.A.S. beside some other bands more. A lot of bands from Spain and Latinamerica as well as Russia and East Europe featured up here I would say. I would also say that this is a pretty good up to date overview over the RASH music scene worldwide that features some more than the typical and always named usual suspects of the LOS FASTIDIOS, SCRAPY and the STAGE BOTTLES and maybe also LOIKAEMIE and so it is a pretty interesting and also a pretty good affair that you should check out, not at least because the download is up for free on the blog (the links will follow at the end of this review which will be very soon). Good stuff anyhow, check it out, period!!! Greetings to the Red Front anyhow anyway;-). Cheers & Oi! (8 of 10 points)

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