Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012


("Mad Butcher Records"; CD):
Let me start this review with the weak and negative sides of this release: (1.) It's again somehow sad to see how this whole AFA and anti-AFA lowlifechoose your side confrontation bullshit is crawling up when it's about legendary bands that seem to join the close minded ranks of this whole "With us or against us!" attitude crap of one of the two sides and the label, the title, the artwork all here showcases this in total and instead of AFA Oi! why not only name it what it is and this is Oi! or if you like to S.H.A.R.P. Oi! instead of making such a fuzz... maybe it's also just me who can't stand this whole anymore with becoming 31 years young this year and feeling uncomfortable which such stupid stuff, who knows...; (2.) The production sound is utter garbage and that it sounds like a cheap CPU Drumset is used here isn't making anything better here, and it's sad, this album would have deserved it by far so much better anyhow anyway...; (3.) No real new 'true' THE OPPRESSED songs  up here, sadly enough. And that's it!!! Despise this three points this album totally rulez right from the start to the finish of it!!! And this lyrically as well as musically!!! With me you won't discuss the enormous importance of THE OPPRESSED and also of S.H.A.R.P., it was damn important back then to make a stand and taking it back from the lowlife subhuman WP NS scum and to make a stand against Fascism, Racism, Anti-Semitism as well as first and foremost Nationalsocialism is always important. Does this mean to close your mind, to become a not on his own thinking politically correct nutjob, join unquestioned the ranks of idiots like the AFA and to judge people based on the fact if they share your ''wisdom'' or not, etc. pp.?!? NO!!! And did S.H.A.R.P. got violated by idiots back then as well as today? Yes! Of course! But is this changing anything at the end of the day?!? HELL NO!!! So here we do get three new cover versions of the LOS FASTIDIOS and their silly but funny and incredible sing a long friendly evergreen "ANTIFA HOOLIGANS" (I like it far more than the original one), of the THE MAYTALS classic "MONKEY MAN" (awesome) and (yes, yes, yes, you read it right and correct) of the HOT CHOCOLATE 'hymn' (...) "BROTHER LOUIE" (already legendary) and all songs are done in the typical THE OPPRESSED style, pushed forward by a hard stomping and rocking rhythm section (even the drumming here isn't anything hard...), heavy and dustdry guitar work, mighty back ups and this great harsh yet snotty and somehow still young sounding lead vocals. Then a big bunch of new recorded classics from "SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY" to "WORK TOGETHER" comes along the way, and even it might have been not so necessary at all and really new songs would have been far more interesting it still rocks and rules anyway. Old School S.H.A.R.P. Brickwall Oi! from Great Britain, angry and pissed off as fuck, great!!! Clear message carried by the politically left winged lyrics that are great done and about the aesthetics of the artwork as well as the terrible production sound I've already said at the beginning enough. A great release of this legendary band that would have become a even better rating if the three weak points mentioned at the beginning would not have been. Anyway, THE OPPRESSED and their style of Oi! are still about having a laugh AND having a say and that's damn good so and will hopefully never change!!! Great!!! Get it asap!!! Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! (9 of 10 points)

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