Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2012

DEATH IN JUNE - "ALL PIGS MUST DIE" /// Cover by an unknown artist who's really done a great job if you ask me, check it out!!!

Okay folks, here comes again a post more or less (read the headline of the post and you will know what I mean with this words) about DEATH IN JUNE. Btw, first up, haha, it's funny, promptly after posting first about DEATH IN JUNE yesterday or so the first brave anonymous out there posted his brave anti-fascist beliefs and stated that they would be respectively are Nazis. However, I wouldn't mind and I wouldn't comment but two things I simply have to say about it, and so here they come, the two things: 1.) It's always interesting, may they or may you be right wing or not that anyhow being right wing means to them being Nazi, haha, long live hermetic close minded arrogant elitist world views; 2.) The particular guy posted ''Gay music for Gay Nazis'' or something like this, hm, but since when brave anti-fascists are allowed to use the term gay to drag down their anticipated political opponents, I mean, isn't that not sexist or homophobic or so?!? I mean, if a guy from the right wing would do so it would be exactly this for you or not?!? Haha, come on, get all a real life. Now to this post here: I stumbled upon this video clip by a to me totally unknown guy a few minutes ago on YouTube and it took me by storm and this means a lot especially because he did a cover of one of my absolutely favorite DEATH IN JUNE songs and I truly think this young boy really did a great job, interpreting it all just with his voice and his acoustic guitar, and he really made it his own, at least if ya ask me. If anyone out there reading this knows more please stop by and drop a line in the comments about it. I now will leave ya all with the clip and maybe now just you enjoy it as much as I do enjoy it. Great, great stuff!!! And then good night for now!!! And never forget: "ALL PIGS MUST DIE!!!"

(DEATH IN JUNE - Coverversion)


  1. Hey, I'm that particular guy who made the comment. And i'm not in the Antifa or related stuff. Definitely not. DIJ music is fucking gay & part of the audience are gay nazis. Douglas said once he is an Ernst Röhm Fanboy, the SA was the left side of the NSDAP. That's all.

  2. Hey, thanks for coming back, shows that at least a few anonynius posting guys show up standing up anyhow. (Meant serious.) And sorry, because of the anticipated AFA connection!!! So, okay: Never been to a DIJ show so I have not a clou if there are gay Nazis around. Just know about rumours that some of DIJ would be fags respectively gay but I don't really care about it. Anyhow, I know about the SA and their position and role in the ranks of the NSDAP and that the only difference between them and huge parts of the Soviet Bolshewiks in the tradition of Lenin, Trotzki and Stalin and al the others violated what Marx developed was their open anti-Semitism and that because of this the NSDAP needs to get rid of the SA because they were a big danger for the nepotistic and capitalistic and militaristic ambitions of the other parts of the NSDAP... anyway, back to DIJ, maybe just an intellectual ''love affair'' of them, maybe just ''provocation'', maybe the search for new political and intellectual input and outlook or so, maybe true ''weltanschauung'', don't know it, don't mind it. Btw, a look at their fans... - after knowing based upon own personal experiences that the audience of very left wing bands like for example Rawside is heavily ''infiltrated'' by Nazi scum I won't judge about DIJ anyway.

  3. Judging a scene based on its following seems a bit drastic. I know where you come from since i am a fan of New wave music and hate the trendy disco people involved in it. The music is good though and since thats what i am listening to i dont care about who is behind the instruments or in the audience. Dont care what jeans they wear, dont care if they have brown teeth and i do not care about what political ideology they worship or follow.

  4. Exactly what I meant, to judge by a look at the fan base about a band (and not to talk about judging about a complete scene) is at least some total crappy move or so anyhow, no matter what or out of which specific genre ever and no matter if you try to judge them from a political standpoint or from where else ever, period.
    Hm, about the audience full of trendy people: Believe me, nothing sucks more than going to so called "Hardcore" shows these days and looking at far too many of the nutjobs running and hanging around there, it's terrible and I simply can't get EF and their "Why has Hardcore gone gay?" track out of my mind these days, hehe;-).
    - Manslaughter Andy