Montag, 13. Februar 2012

SHADE OF MANKIND - "FALLOUT" (D.I.Y. Crust Core from Porto Allegre, Brazil - released in 2011 + Download Link)

("D.I.Y."; Demo EP via MP3-Download):
Okay folks, next up is once again some pretty new and surely damn good (if not even more than this) Crust Core and this time the sinister and heavy music is detonating and falling out right from Porto Allegre in Brazil. This is a demo release by this for all what I know young one man band of the name of SHADE OF MANKIND that's the offspring of a guy named Roderick Hellion and don't ask me about any ties to Dwid Hellion of INTEGRITY anyhow. The demo is up for free to download on the ReverbNation site of this band (as usual in cases like this the link will follow at the end of this review) and I stumbled upon them while and when I was surfing through Facebook the last days. Interested in the stuff of SHADE OF MANKIND I managed to get the download done and what I listened to knocked me first out and then took me by storm. Seven songs in someting around 15 minutes or so of a total Crust Core inferno cultivated with some few metallic Hardcore notes, some Grindcore marks and some Death Metal impressions in it as well. Take DOOM and SKIT SYSTEM, throw some INTEGRITY and IN COLD BLOOD into the music, give some good healthy doses of EXTREME NOISE TERROR in good rounds to it, combine it with some few NAPALM DEATH marks and make it round with some old school british Death Metal like BENEDICTION and BOLT THROWER and you are right in camp of SHADE OF MANKIND. Evil and total heavy and destructive noisy and distorted shredding and sawing guitars, sinister and pissed off and mercyless buzzing and pounding bass, fast raging and brutal hammering drums and damn aggressiv and brutal, throaty as well as guttural grunted and shouted pure filth and evil vocals make the music and the atmosphere is damn dark,sinister, depressive and apocalyptic, not much light shines in it it's instead of this dark, sinister and gloomy, as well as it's all damn intense and grapping and heavily and distorted on all levels. The songwriting is tight, well-versed and fucking damn intense, and to play all the instruments really damn good Roderick Hellion knows also anyhow. The lyrics are also damn dark and sinister, heavy and harsh stuff, the raw (but not too raw) production sound is also just pure gold in this very case here and the artwork of this demo got a great look. SHADE OF MANKIND works currently on a new and proper full length album that will hopefully be out very soon and this on the level of high quality like this demo here offers to us, until then make sure to get this album. Thumbs up, want more!!! Great!!! (9 of 10 points)

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