Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012

KRIGBLAST - "DEMO RECORDINGS 2012" (Metal Crust from Austin, Texas/U.S.A. + Download Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Downlad):
Here's something pretty cool that I found by accident while I was surfing through Facebook and Reverbnation the last days and this four piece band caught my attention because of their great bandname and the damn cool aesthethics and artworks they showcase. The band is hailing out of Austin in Texas, U.S.A: and is giving us forward storming and everything crushing and atomizing modern metallic Crustcore (or maybe better Metal Crust) in the tradition of a legendary and great band like WOLFPACK respectively WOLFBRIGADE which means: Charismatic mean aggressive throaty and 'growly' shouted and screamed grim lead vocals, forceful yet diverse and hard yet melodic as well as bonedry and über-brutal guitar work (mighty and brutal riffs, aggressive yet melancholic leads, clever solos, all well-versed and multi-layered, great), mighty and powerful sawing and shredding bass work and militaristic and hammering stomping and pounding drumming, all delivered in a great way and this non stopp. The technical skills of the musicians are way up high and the varying and grapping and interesting songwriting is pure gold. Also make no mistakes, this here is not a copy of any band, nah, they do it already their very own way. If you like WOLFPACK/WOLFBRIGADE, TRAGEDY and FROM ASHES RISE and mix it up with some MOTÖRHEAD and few DARK THRONE impressions then you know pretty good for the start what you get from them and then start to discover KRIGBLAST by your very own. We should all really keep an eye on KRIGBLAST, this three songs will just be the beginning, hm, and for all what I got they are also meant as an appetizer for a coming proper release or something so like this. Ah, also cool lyrics that underline the somehow depressive and melancholic yet aggresive and anyhow sinister atmosphere of the music perfectly, and the production sound fits supreme. Great stuff, I demand more. (9 of 10 points)

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