Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

FOR MY ENEMY - "READY TO ATTACK" (Violent Beatdown Hardcore) (***Video***)

Okay, a pretty good day up here, I finally moved a bit forward on my to do record reviews list up here and now I will close the postings of today at least for now with a little video for ya by the Ultra Heavy Weight Beatdown Hardcore band FOR MY ENEMY and their demolishing slasher "READY TO ATTACK". Not the most creative or best stuff around, but some good dose of ultra-violence and sheer brutality set to music that gives you some good mood for pumping some heavy iron anyhow anyway. Enjoy it!!! If you like to  then we'll read us very soon again!!! Ah, and don't you ever forget: "Dance hard or die!!!" HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!


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