Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2012

"CAMPAIGN FOR MUSICAL DESTRUCTION" Fanzine Issue No. # 16 (***Fanzine Review/-s***)

Issue Nr. # 16
(Price: ?!?)
Okay, next one of the ''Fanzine Reviews'' up here, and this time our review journey in the case of fanzines will take and lead us into a pretty extreme direction in musical affairs. First of all I have to say: "Thanks a lot man!" for handing this fanzine to me and this ''thanking shit/stuff'' goes out to Andre "Der Bucklige" B. a.k.a. the "Cowboy" named "Old Beerhand" of the "REALM OF SHADES" (former "BENEATH THE TREES") and the "NO BEER UNTIL METAL" fanzines who gave it to me, why the fuck ever he wanted to get rid of it, but anyhow, and again: "Thanks man!!!" Okay, where did I use to stop before this ''thanking shit/stuff''?!? Ah, exactly, pretty if not or better very extreme musick and so we do get a big truckload of Grindcore, Crustcore, Powerviolence, D-Beat, Death Metal and (extreme) Hardcore. And no matter if I no may like every single style or every single featured band or not (and I love especially the Crust and Grind stuff featured in this one here) and no matter if this a little bit disgusting "we see the world only in black and white and we are the good guys and in the right" politically correct AFA attitude makes me in weak moments wanna puke or not, this zine is really one of those few fanzines out there that still really remind me about how great this ''analog medium'' in a ''digital world'' still can be and in this very case here still damn fucking is!!! Totally full of enthusiasm and passion, great!!! If you are into the mentioned styles and kinds of extreme musick than do yourself the favor and check this great zine out. We get huge truckloads full of reviews of records, gigs and fanzines, over the top introduction words, pissed off thoughts as well as great funny humor non stopp, brilliant done interviews with COLLAPSING SYSTEM, W.H.A.T. (the interviewd guy really has not a single clou about Oi! music and is talking utter garbage about it that's left standing uncommented but what did ya expect if Crusties write or talk about Oi!, right... nothing, exactly), KATYUSHA, GREED KILLING, MANDATORY, CHAOSREIGN, ATTACK OF RAGE, BANGSAT and Dan Swanoe and Thomas Skogsberg (all interviews are great stuff, grapping and incredible rich on informations, thumbs up), as well as a cool mass murder or serial killer special and an disgusting symphonies of sickness special. Thumbs up!!! The layout is black/white cut'n'paste styled and got a decent cool great look, it's written completly in german and in an brilliant and grapping tonguing. Anyhow anyway this is a must read so go and buy and read and enjoy it. Amazing shit, a more than great read!!! I'm really lokking forward for a new issue to finally come out hopefully very soon. Cheers & Oi!

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