Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

HARDCORE COLLECTIVE - "BUMMER SUMMER MMXI" (Digital Compilation Album + Download Link)

("Hardcore Collective"; Digital Compilation Album):
Here's a compilation album released the digital way of MP3-Downloads totally authorized for free by the California based cliqué and blog of the name of "HARDCORE COLLECTIVE", doing a damn god job with running their blog and (not at least) compiling and doing this compilation. I've stumbled upon them when I discovered the great and mighty TRUTH and their "DEMO 2011" and their back then brandnew song "JUST UNDERSTAND" by fall of last year. I discovered then this compilation that's packed up full with great and some if not much of the very best Hardcore I've listened to for quite a while. While all (especially over here in Germany it seems so) is tending to go more and more in the direction of "bands-that-proclaim-to-be-and-play-Hardcore-at-the-end-of-the-day-play-and-fucking-be--nothing-else-but-lousy-Death-Metal-with-far-too-many-Beatdown-and-Down-Pace-parts-and-an-ape-on-the-mic-burping-his-expressioless-dull-grunts-and-even-far-more-stupid-and-dull-lyrical-abysmal-wisdom-into-it-and-preaching-about-how-great-it-all-is-to-slap-the-one-next-to-you-in-the-face-and-to-kick-the-guy-behind-you-into-a-bloody-pulp-but-never-stood-his-ground-in-a-battle-one-by-one-out-on-the-cold-concrete-at-night-in-the-streets-of-the-city-he-declares-and-occupies-to-be-his-hood" it's damn great to see that here are guys at work with a different approach, let us call it more or less through and through Straight Edge Hardcore with a style between Old School, New School, Posi Core and Youth Crew without any overly too far stretched Metal crap in it, no Beatdown stuff and no cliché "violence-is-oh-so-cool-and-masculine-and-I-need-this-to-hide-that-I'm-nothing-but-a-little-faggot-.underneath-my-whole-tattoos-and-piercings" self proclaimed ''Tough Guy'' bullshit sung by some guy(s) looking like little Emo faggots or like oh so cool Hip'n'Hop Skate'n'Rap dudes or like stupid little white middle class Heavy Metal guys trying to look "cool" and "hard", no, here's all real and authentic and with this damn sympathic, Hardcore like it was meant to be, as a attitude and a way of life and not as fashion and a trend and a cheap excuse for your own fucked up life and personality, here the compiled bands know the roots, know what it's all about, know their heritage as well as the present state and what's about to become of it. Amazing!!! 35 bands and 35 songs and so you see, far too much to go through it all one by one. This is for fans of acts like YOUTH OF TODAY, GORILLA BISCUITS, PROJECT X, (old) SHELTER to JUDGE as well as STRIFE, EARTH CRISIS, MORNING AGAIN and not to forget about UNCONQUERED, KRUTCH, LENGTH OF TIME, and TYRANT as well as SICK OF IT ALL, MADBALL, WARZONE, AGNOSTIC FRONT, CRO-MAGS, SLAPSHOT, and also some HATEBREED, too, and the distance covered by the here featured and compiled bands is so like you see a pretty wide and big one. The quality is always and through out the whole comp really and truly pure gold if not platinum and you need to have this album if you are into Hardcore not at least because this album showcases that Hardcore is still alive and healthy and well and did not completly turned into a circus of recycled Death and Thrash Metal stuff played by stupid assholes in ugly but trendy clothes with too much ''bling-bling'' in their face and around their neck. Featured bands on this comp are for example TRUTH, SUBURBAN SCUM, WAR HOUND, DIRECT EFFECT, CRUMB CULT, WOLF CITY, STEP ASIDE, CONSTANT STRUGGLE, GHOST X SHIP, YOUNG TURKS, WOLRDS BELOW, PLAGUES, OLD WOUNDS, RUINED TONGUE, STILL ALIVE, OBLIVION, COWARDICE, DISAPPROVAL, CONCRETE, and many more. And what's even more great is the fact that this album is a total Bad Ass album, and this is also showcased in the brilliant Old School Hardcore artwork, pure ''bad assery'' if ya ask me. Great!!! Thumbs up!!! The production sound is always varying more or less but also always more than just good. Don't think twice, this here is HARDCORE, the REAL DEAL, so if you're anyhow into it go and get it, it's brilliant!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (10 of 10 points)
(Blog: http://hccollective.com/)
(Contact I: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hardcore-Collective/109971389088850?ref=ts)
(Contact II: http://twitter.com/hc_collective)
(Download - for free: http://hardcorecollective.bandcamp.com/)

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