Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012

HERE I VANISH - "HERE I VANISH" (Metalcore from out of the D.I.Y. dephts of the Harz Mountains in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany)

("D.I.Y."; CD):
A month ago or something nearly like this my grilfriend and I drove and went to a so called Hardcore show in the city of Wernigerode in Saxony-Anhalt something like twenty to thirty minutes or so away from where we live. All in all again a great concert and with at least some few good guys around. Even I have to say that I'm fed up of concerts with lousy ''groovy'' (Melodic) Death (Thrash) Metal bands consisting out of short haired and like Hip Hop guys dressed suburban over-privileged Metal guys singing about stupid and senseless and unaimed violence but never had been involved in it and playing cheap and over a thousand times (and pretty often of it better) heard Beatdowns and calling this whole crap Hardcore and not to mention the most of the nutjobs in their jogging pants infront of the stage that also dare to call themselves Hardcore. But okay, anyhow, who cares and now back to the topic that is HERE I VANISH, period. I was really quite a bit heavy excited to finally see and hear them live up on and down from the stage, not at least because I only heard good stuff about them and because Lars of THROAT-CUT also plays in HERE I VANISH the bass and so it was up to the band and they convinced me right from the start and so I bought a T-Shirt as well as this CD of them. Seven songs at all including one intro ("INTRO") and one intermezzo ("RADIOINACTIV") track HERE I VANISH give us here to listen to, also including a truly nearly brilliant cover version of the legendary 1980's Pop music hymn "HIGH AND LOW". They play some damn good Metalcore with a lot of mighty and powerful melodies in it, as well as forceful changes of the structure, pace and mood as well as clever arranged everything but not your ordinary Beatdown moments in it, great, thumbs up!!! All is marked and dominated by multi-layered, rich-on-variations and more than ''just'' well-versed diverse guitar work, no matter if you take the powerful and great varying guitar riffing or the somehow complex yet fucking catchy leads or the shining solos, it all sticks fucking out, as well as also the truly charismatic vocals that cover from screams to grunts over shouts to clean melodic vocal lines a grapping wide distance and all done very smart and damn good, and also the rhythm section knows to totally convince in all aspects and leaving not one single small blank space uncovered and all ''sound-/music-holes'' get filled promptly. The technical skills of the involved musicians are pretty impressive as well as their abilities to write songs are really damn good to truly great shit, grapping and interesting, thumbs up for that. And also they have alreay quite a nice own stamp on the music that they play which is namely Metalcore and even the described ingredients sound now maybe somehow usual they really have what it takes to make it their own and something fresh and alive-lively you might can call the ''X-Factor'' or something so like this. What's missing is maybe the last consequence in writing and playing their songs straight and concrete down to the point and not loosing focuss on the way maybe here and there just a few times, so that it all would leave truly no possible or just thinkable resistance at the gates, if you may now know what I want to say with these words. Then they would get an even better rating up here by me. Anyway, already a damn good if not maybe already a great release that comes with truly good lyrics (not printed but you get them while you listen to the songs), a very nice artwork and all songs coming clothed in a very good production sound. Check this guys out, go to a concert of them, dance hard and mosh harder, wear their shirts and first and foremost buy this CD (already recorded and released back then in 2010 but don't ask me why I just got it now in 2012) and support this still pretty young band that owns a huge potential and promises us a lot, they could really become something pretty ''big'' if they just work on as good and hard as they already do so and if they are also given the fair, honest and proper chance to do so. Thumbs up guys, I hope more by and of you will come soon. Cheers!!! (8,5 of 10 points)

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