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A DYING BREED - "THIS IS OUR CULTURE - A Oi! COMPILATION" (Digital Compilation Album + Download Link)

("A Dying Breed Records"; Digital Compilation Album):
This is a free online compilation that was done by Brandon of FIGHTING 84 (best greetings man) over the last year and was released soon to the end of 2011 finally via his own new label "A DYING BREED RECORDS" and for all what I know at least currently solely as a officially for free downloading online release as a digital compilation album. The compiled and featured bands gain no money out of this and never asked for this, thumbs up for that, for not only singing in countless songs about Unity and comparable topics but for living this, Unity, and that's great to see. Brandon compiled a good round of bands that cover the whole geographical distance of American Oi! from North to South America, from the U.S.A. to lands like Colombia and Peru from where I would bet not so many of you out there know all in all too much bands (at least that was the case with me). The direction is clear, militant and battle-scarred, patriotic and proud Oi! Oi! Oi! music from the north and the south of the new world and pure and direct against the ruling politically correct Mainstream Oi!'n'Streetpunk direction that seems to be the order of the day across the globe after I always thought that especially if not solely ove here in Germany this kind of absurd and obscure AFA and PC fascism was born and bred and is ruling with it's red and black painted iron fist the world of Boots & Braces so much and so often today... And at least here in Germany this comp would be labeled a WP NS sampler just because of the fact that some anti-communist Oi! and R.A.C. (mostly I guess in a thru'n'thru literally sense) is featured on it. Fucked up sad world, period. Anyway, great to see a comp like this being done and released and much honour and respect to Brandon for doing it all. So, okay, now to the sampler and we will go through it more or less band by band. Kicking it all off are the great BLEACH BATTALION with their two songs "HATRED" and "LOYALTY". Female fronted, angry, pissed off, snotty, aggressive and well paced American Oi! full of energy and attitude with some strong fist in the air and shout out loud potential. Nice guitar work and very good stomping rhythm structure, great snotty and aggressive pissed off lead vocals and very good lyrics, a great bad and a very good kick off for the album. Then follow RESSIDUO from Colombia with their two songs "CABEZA RAPADA" and "NUESTRA TIERRA" and they deliver us heavy and harsh pounding latinamerican Oi! Oi! Oi! music with a gladiatorial attitude to it and dominated by throaty yet brutal lead vocals and no prisoners taking rhythm structure and work and they make you want to start to sing a long and dance pogo fucking hard to their music. Thumbs up!!! Next up are the brilliant YOUNGBLOOD and they give us a incredible strong and intense and tight great atmospheric version of their soon to be a classic anthem "FIST CITY" that lives totally larger than life by the phenomenal guitar work and the great songwriting and musicianship, it's awesome, check it out!!! Something very gifted and special, something fresh and new that you won't be able to listen to that often in days like ours. And damn it: I love it!!! After YOUNGBLOOD next up are ARMADA Oi! from Peru with low-fi mid paced brickwall Oi! and their two songs "ORGULLO SKINHEAD" and "ANOS DE DOLOR", hard and heavy shit with a lot of brutal and aggressive intent in it, dominated by snarling guitars, a buzzing bass, heavy pounding drums and brutal throaty screamed vocals. Give this guys a heavier sound and some good back up support and they have the potential to kick it off pretty well. Good band with a lot of potential. Then follow SPIRIT OF THE PATRIOT from the U.S.A. with their angry and nasty slasher "FUCK IT", anti-PC and anti-communist and anti-liberal strongly right wing Streetpunk with a lot of aggression and violence in it, dominated by the charismatic lead vocals, a well-paced stomping rhythm structure, damn effective songwriting, the skrews in your head driving guitar playing and a great tight rhythm section. A band more than worth checking out!!! Then NYC Oi! is up on the list with the mighty COMBATE 49 and their two tracks "FLAGBURNER" and (their old one) "SOMOS PATRIOTAS" (but in a new recoded version). Like the demo of the last year already displayed also here we can get aware of a huge development again. Can't wait for new material of them and if they keep up the standard then it's really about time that a good label is giving them finally a proper deal. Patriotic and proud, anti-communist and militant NYC Oi! in the tradition of legends like OXBLOOD, SKIN DISORDER and FIRST STRIKE that comes also with a nice own stamp on it all and with a lot of potential. Thumbs up guys!!! COMBATE 49 are followed up by another band from Latinamerica (but don't ask me from where exactly) named SANGRE X SANGRE with two songs titled "MATO COMMUNISTAS POR DIVISION" (I would bet some anti-communist R.A.C. stuff, righty right, hehe;-)?!?) and "TRAICION A LA PATRIA". Hm, but even I like the female lead vocals I have to say or ask: WTF?!? The production or recording sound is terrible and not really existing so that beside the vocals you just get aware of the not so really tight lead guitar playing and the terribly out of tone male back up vocals, while bass, drumming and rhythm guitar nearly aren't existing in the mix of it all, hm, musically it's some bastard out of 'punky' yet heavy low-fi old school Oi! Punk and melodic as well as (trying to be) hymnal old school rockin' R.A.C. music that surely holds some potential... but in this form it is just ticking me off. Then come the almighty FIGHTING 84 with three tracks of them (all recordings done already back then in 2009) titled "BLACK POWER" (yes, their classic finally on an album, right), "CLASS RAGE" (in a rough and very guitar dominated old version) and "LOVE HANDLES" (yeahr, their next so far unreleased classic). I love FIGHTING 84 like you may already know if you're reading this blog here now for quite a while and here they give us three songs where especially the guitar playing and the lead vocals showcase us a lot of class and potential and where their undeniable SKREWDRIVER influences especially in case of the guitar work shine through. Great band with a strong own identity that hopefully will finally get some more attention this year with their great strong American Skinhead Rock & Roll music. Patriotic and proud Oi! Oi! Oi! After FIGHTING 84 comes a band that's often and by many named to be the biggest suprise in American Oi! (from the States) of the last year, no one else than MAJOR DISSAPOINTMENT with their two songs "TAX IS CONTROL" and "WORKING POOR". Old School NYHC fueled East Coast Hooligan Pogo Oi! Punk in the tradition of a legendary band like SQUIGGY is the order of the day and MAJOR DISSAPOINTMENT totally rule. With YOUNGBLOOD maybe the total winners up here (if it would be a competition anyhow, you know hopefully what I want to say) and I really finally need to get my hands on their full length I guess. Great!!! The biggest suprise in American Oi! in 2011?!? Maybe not, hm, nah, really not, but who cares, a great band anyway and so just make sure you check them out. Okay, now you know what we all get here, you know what I think of this comp over all, you now about the attitude, and yes, I love this shit and hopefully more comps like this will come and hopefully the here featured bands will ge some more support through out of it. The production sound varys heavily but beside SANGRE X SANGRE the production/recording sound always is a good and better one, and btw the artwork rulez. Don't think twice, get it if you still don't have it. True Skinhead Rock from America!!! Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)
(Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?jdp9vj2vgokbr2l)

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