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FREI.WILD - "GEGENGIFT - 10 JAHRE EDITION 2001 - 2011" (German Rock released on "ROOKIES & KINGS" in 2011, and here's the edition to celebrate ten years of German Rock by FREI.WILD)

(''10 JAHRE GEGENGIFT 2001 - 2011'' // ''10 YEARS ANNIVERSARY EDITION 2001 - 2011'')
("Rookies & Kings" + "Soulfood Music Distribution"; Double CD + DVD):
Next up another record review of another 2011 release. This here is the current album of the German Rock stars of FREI.WILD. German Rock (= Deutsch Rock) was and still is a pretty big trend over here in not so good but surely old Germany that came up after the official end of the BÖHSE ONKELZ quite a few years ago. A big bunch of bands popped up and an hurricane of albums was and still is released by this armada of bands and like the BÖHSE ONKELZ themselves also more or less this whole German Rock scenery is defamed as being Nazi music or at least Nazi friendly music and a so styled scene. What a big bunch of ridiculous (but also sad) bullshit this is I don't have to tell you. Okay, the most part of this whole German Rock stuff isn't ''something for me'' anyhow and that it seems to me that huge parts of the German Oi! (and also Punk) stuff is seeming to jump up on the German Rock Trend-Train is total crap for me, but anyhow anyway, sometimes also German Rock bands know to convince me and FREI.WILD are absolutely one of this few bands and this latest since when some years ago back then their great "GEGEN ALLES, GEGEN NICHTS" (= "ANTI-EVERYTHING, ANTI-NOTHING") album was released they took me by storm. FREI.WILD are from South Tyrol and are maybe something like the (in-) official superstars of the whole German Rock scene and if you ask me they surely have the potential to survive this whole cheap trend crap because they are really this damn good at the end of the day. Some years ago FREI.WILD caused heavy (and still ongoing) rumours because of a so called dubious past of certain members of the band in and with the so called Right Wing Fascist Rock band KAISERJÄGER (never heard of them, don't know them, don't care about them), some strange activities in separatistic right wing party down there in South Tyrol, some patriotic lyrics and that's it, sadly enough even their back then label "BANDWORM RECORDS" from Germany fell to its knees to benefit the AFA PC crowd out there. Okay, it didn't hurt the ongoing uprising of FREI.WILD anyhow anyway (and that's good if you ask me) and if FREI.WILD would be (for a good example) a Palestinian band singing Arabian (or something like this) about separation and patriotic-nationalistic sovereignty from the oh so evil "Jew-State" known as Israel the whole german AFA PC nutjobs would salute them and join them at least or first and foremost virtually in their oh so just battle for separatistic freedom but sadly enough FREI.WILD sing in German sometimes more or less about something like nationalistic separation of South Tyrol from Italy and about protecting the traditions and existence of the German speaking minority down there and so FREI.WILD aren't freedom fighters to them but Fascists, Xenophobs, Racists, Nationalists, if not Nazis. Stupid fucking idiots with no real life and far too less intellect and by far too much ridiculous hobbies. Fuck them!!! Just read "OIRE SZENE" and bullshit blogs/sites like this and you know what bunch of shitfaced idiots I mean. So okay, finally enough of this here and now. Finally to the music and this album. We get hard and sometimes heavy Rock music in the tradition of the mid to late and especially last BÖHSE ONKELZ albums. (So no, nah, no Skinhead music or so anyhow, period.) Packed up full with heavy rockin' and hard rollin' yet melodic and catchy guitars, forward pushing hammering slightly metallic Hard Rock riffs and pretty nice and damn catchy leads, melodies and well-versed solos, heavy and throaty and slightly wasted on a drink (lead) vocals, a powerful and tight as well as precise in time pounding bass and stoic massive drum playing with a good vibe and pretty bulky power behind it. The songwriting is pretty to very good and nicely grapping, with some nice suprises as well as good doses of twists and turns, i mean, okay, they know the schedule and about the deal about German Rock and the music of the BÖHSE ONKELZ and they aren't changing the formula anyhow aynway but they make out of it pretty much their own thing and add some own stuff to it and make it with and through this procedure fresh and exciting and simply by far better than the rest of this whole German Rock stuff, music and scene, and anyhow, good rhythm architecture, work of and with the pace, not too much pathos, good emotions and expressions of them, and from metallic high energy Hard Rock songs to violative emotional (power) ballads they do truly offer us a lot to discover and enjoy here. Also lyrically we get from political and/or social-critical stuff to personal topics a lot of themes covered here by FREI.WILD and all done really pretty strong and good. Ah, and the production sound is a really powerful and so good one. So, okay, anyhow nothing new but some fresh air definitely and also truly a big and bright ray of light out and in an otherwise extreme crappy genre of music. This here is the 10th anniversary edition of their latest "GEGENGIFT" album and it comes with a damn cool and really pretty good bonus album on a second disc (great stuff) and an more or less interesting bonus DVD and this all in a fantastic artwork as well as it all comes up just for the price of a normal single CD, cool move by the guys. Check this CD out if you're more or less into German Rock and the music of the BÖHSE ONKELZ (in this case here this means especially their latest works), because then you will really find a lot of stuff to discover that you will enjoy. And check it also out if all the other German Rock crap bands out there are from your point ofview nothing but utter garbage (that's also my standpoint) because FREI.WILD truly hold much more in store. Check it out, enjoy it!!! (8 of 10 points)

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