Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012

CALVIN RUSSELL - "DAWG EAT DAWG" (Texas Rebel Roots Rock)

(“XIII BIS Records“/”98L Productions”/”Raweyed World Productions”/”SCPP”; CD):

This record that now gets reviewed up here is the current release of the living legend CALVIN RUSSELL. This album was released back then by the end of 2010 and I bought it with curious joy about it during january 2011 and always wanted to review it since then and now I’m pretty much clueless why the fuck I just get it now managed to do it so after nearly a year. I was this year a damn fucking lazy bastard up here on the blog due to fucked up certain circumstances, I guess. Okay, anyway and anyhow, and now finally back to the topic up here, the review of this very album, “DAWG EAT DAWG” by CALVIN RUSSELL. I first saw this veteran and listened to him and his music for the very first by the beginning of 2007 I guess and this with him live up on stage at the place where good music is always the best and can proof how great it really all is. After this it was clear that CALVIN RUSSELL found a new fan in me and I started to work myself into the musical and lyrical world and work of him with his back then current album and from that on I started moving backwards and it was also damn clear when I saw this album for the first time now nearly already a year ago that I needed to have it and so I went and bought it and what shall I say, there was not a single minute when and where this album disappointed me, nah, instead of this the album here convinced me more and more every time I listened to it. At first, to be honest, I needed some time to get really into it, because this album is ruled by a pretty sinister spirit and a dark, melancholic atmosphere but also a very critical and gladiatorial attitude, yes, and so maybe let us call it a political approach with a somehow cynical worldview lurking through behind it all, but trust me if you just give this album this time you will find a through and through true and real treasure. Now, after all this never ending words for the introduction talking, what we get here musically? One term: Rock & Roll!!! Mix good old Rock and Rock & Roll music with some heavy and huge doses of emtional and intense and pretty much fucked up through (what’s here and now meant totally positive, to set this straight) Blues as well as Country and old yet fresh classical Rhythm’n’Blues and a big dose of ‘’french cultural music’’ (don’t know how to say or describe it somehow better) and you’re pretty much there. The atmosphere is pretty sinister and dark, yet fucking rebellious and gladiatorial and anyhow through and through fucked up pretty to very much. The multi-layered songwriting is amazing and graps you in an iron hold without letting you loose again, and also the technical skills are phenomenal high, more than ''just'' well-versed. The lyrics are brilliant, as well as also the artwork and the production sound totally rules. If you like amazing Rock (& Roll) music don't think twice and damn fucking get this album. Texas Rebel Roots Rock rules totally okay!!! Outhining!!! Cheers!!! (10 of 10 points)
Update: Now just you enjoy if you like to the folowing live clip of the almighty CALVIN RUSSELL playing and performing in a spontaneous arranged jam session with several other talented musicians the immortal JIMI HENDRIX classic "ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER" and I could talk right now nuch if not far more about it but I will spare me every word more and just leave you with the comment:" Awesome and amazing!!!" and then now just enjoy it!!! Cheers!!!



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