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INSIDE A SKINHEAD... THE BELIEVER - Believing... seeking... that was his way out...

("Capelight Pictures"; DVD):
Okay, now a new 'Movie Review(s)' is coming for your information. It's about one of my personal favorite movies ever, even it's still a pretty new one (of 2009). But, first of all, I think I said it already but anyhow I'll now say it again: As if all the terrible 'alternative' german titles of all the movies from, for example, the States wouldn't be worse enough, but why the fuck movies with english original titles do get in Germany not only this terrible german titles to be promoted over here but now-a-days more and more 'alternative' and so damn wrong and totally not to the movie plot fitting english titles especially for the german movie market? I won't really understand it anyhow, how-ever, but it really sucks!!! And this one here is a pretty good example for this: The original title, in english, "THE BELIEVER" fits perfectly to the plot, but the 'alternative' title for the german market, also in english, "INSIDE A SKINHEAD" is just pure bullshit!!! And if you now get the impression you would get a 'typical' Skinhead movie (what-ever this may be...) here, an impression you can easily get by the 'alternative'english title for the german market, then you're totally wrong, to point this out very clearly!!! Of course, the protagonist and his comrades wear somehow the more or less clichè WP/NS Skinhead respectively Bonehead look: Army pants, Boots up to their asses, Swastika and/or White Power shirts, army jackets, SS Buttons, etc. pp., but first is this not making them Skinheads, and second that's not making this one here to a Skinhead movie. Why? I'll tell it to ya, so now more direct to the movie and its plot.
The protagonist is the young jewsih man Danny Balint who's living in New York City and working in the 'building business'. He's a jew, but he hates to be a jew, not at least because of the weakness the jews displayed- in his perception- during World War II and the Schoah or Holocaust. That's displayed by the movie as one of the main founding principles of something you might can call as a 'general jewish identity' or something like this, at least in the mind of the protagonist Danny. Okay, ahead we go: He displays the above described 'Skinhead' look and wearing full of pride his Swastika shirt and SS buttons, even in the house of his family where he owns in the cellar a room full of dumb bells, old books, Nazi devotionals, and records with classical music. Classical music? Yes, no Skinhead music or White Power Rock (like you might expect first) is to be heard in this movie, and that should tell ya the story if ya serching for just a Skinhead movie. The movie pretty much starts with showing Danny how he beats down and kicks out a young and slim jewish guy who's easily to be recognized as a pupil of a 'how-ever' religious jewish school. And the main motif of the movie, the anger and disgust of Danny about his own heritage and creed because of being a just a 'weak' jew, you easily get when Danny desperatly screams at his outknocked victim: "Defend yourself! Just defend yourself!" Pretty impressive, this display of self-mutilation forced upon another unknown victim who's of the 'wrong' but same believe and identity like the perpetrator. And yes, a believer, that's what Danny always stayed. A very intelligent and smart young man, never get away from his identity and believe, no matter how hard and what ever he tried!!! He was a pupil at a jewish religious school when he was a young boy, a critical and non-dogmatic thinking kid that carried his heart on his tongue in his mouth, speaking it all out loud, very much to the dislike of his teacher and his classmates. You can maybe describe him as an "enlighted school boy" (by the meaning of enlightment). He was a believer, but also a seeker, seeking his own way to god and questioning all the traditional dogmas, especially this whole sacrifice for and to god and sacrificing everything and yourself to serve him or any higher religious power at all, and that was too much. Because of his sheer jackass teacher he totally went away from his own also religious founded identity, and he came to think that this 'serve to your own death' mentality, this weakness was the main force of the jewish believe and identity, in his personal perception. And because of this personal perception and his attitude he won out of it he really was searching after something different, that's without any kinds of self-doubts and that displays power and force, and so he became a Neo-Nazi, hiding his primarly jewish identity. And there's also much more to it, like his ill and because of that weak father and a lot of different stuff more. You really have to discover it all by yourself. You need to!!!
He's the intellectual leader of an NYC Bonehead gang, violent, aggressive and angry and pissed off at anyone and using the Skinhead look (or what they think is that specific Skinhead look anyhow...) as a cheap excuse for their more or less poor existences and being totally filled with NS and WP and 14/88 ideology crap. Coming in contact with a conspirative neo-fascistic and Neo-Nazi group of self proclaimed intellectuals Danny impressed them pretty quick with his fanatic racism and anti-semitism, but he was contacted by a reporter of a newspaper who came somehow behind his mask and discovered his secret of being a jew. Then a very intersting scene follows, where Danny describes his beliefs and you'll get aware of it that he really done his homework and had read all the fascist classics and all the 'big' Nazis and their works. Showcasing his view on society and politics, and he says that he's not anti-Israel or anti-Zinosim 'cause Israel is to him a Zionist State which means that it's lost his old weak jewish identity but won his new strong zionistic identity, but that he hates the jews. That's all played damn good and it's written sheer fantastic. As the reporter confronts him with his own jewsih identity Danny is losing focus and menacing the reporter to kill him when he reveals it to the public. He gets involved into this conspirative group (from now on just the group), even his views on race are to some leading members too radical and too outspoken anyhow he really climbs the 'hierarchy-ladder' very quick, and from then on it all starts really: Beside a weird and sick love affair to and with a girl of a high position in the group and that's also fucking with The head of the group, Danny gets involved into a conspirative terroristic circle, beating an 'old' Neo-Nazi roughneck to the death to proof himself as a man with weigth into this circle, and then you see it all: Guys that are pretty much to name as gays, being attracted by building bombs, playing strategy games that display the world after a victory of the Nazis in World War II, having nothing in mind with girls and women- or just having any contacts with them- but with hanging around with other 'tough men', psychpaths, and just pure jackass bullys. It all becomes more and more heated up and while Danny is planning with some other guys a 'bomb-impact' to proof his believe in Nationalsocialism he suddenly feels his jewish identity awakening as he and the other members of the Neo-Nazi terrorist school camp demolish and plunder a synagog. Facing this dumb and brute vandalism and 'thoughtlessness', he starts to find somehow a way back to his jewish identity. He's taking some holy writings and clothings with him and secretly he starts praying and his believe is coming more and more back to live again. But that won't stop him from going with psychopath no. # 01 of the guys in the camp, armed with a sniper rifle, on the hunt to shoot down some jews, and while the psychopath is praising himself with how many jews he already shot dead with his sniper rifle Danny couldn't get it done and he misses his aims intended. The psycho gets aware of it and also of some jewish clothes Danny carried with him underneath his Bonehead clothes, and then a brawl starts between them after that the sniper is running away. And then more and more happens, for example they get arrested and have to take part in a 'talking-round' with survivors of the Schoah, and again that's really an impressive scene, also with all the Wehrmacht fantasies and that stuff, that's marking the movie from that point on again and again very strong. And while Danny is becoming also not just a stormtrooper or a bombing expert he's also working as an intellectual 'teacher' for the group, while they are planning to go to Washington D.C. and taking part in the 'ruling policy' and starting some 'working aggreements' with self proclaimed and so called left wingers like Chomsky, Danny is working with some of his 'old' friends of the terrorist training camp  together again for finally bombing a synagog. While all this happens a prominent jew of NYC got shot dead on the streets by the psychopath of the camp that came back from nowhere and shot the jewish man dead in the back and letting the newspapers know that he would be Danny, that from now on is suspected to be the sniper. So, Dannys situation is getting more and more just desperatly and while also the Neo-Nazi group is trying to get some distance between him and them Danny is meeting some old jewish school friends of him, and getting more and more into a growing deeper and brutal intense inner conflict, a violent conflict taht's raging in him, and as the reporter from the beginning of the movie is finally revealing Dannys 'little jewish secret' to the public, that's really laying the focus already more and more on the group and also Danny as their prominent radical and extreme member, the group called him to be schizophrenic or something like that and that they have nothing and never had something in common with him and his 'sick thinking'. You know the story... But all that couldn't stop Danny from placing a bomb in the synagog to which his former school friends now-a-days use to go. And then the movie is giving us an impressive end, showcasing self-sacrifice for really the 'higher go(o)d' or 'higher reason', and after the bomb exploded the last pictures back in the school are really that impressive and breath-taking, the whole final scene, that you really have to see it by yourself!!! Storming unstoppable upstairs to god and wanting to find out about believe!!! The believer who fall from grace 'cause of this 'self-sacrifice' mentality, because of that he once fell from grace, finally sacrificed himself for protecting the innocent from terror and death, by the way, that would have come over them 'cause of his own bomb, is now in Boots & Braces and a Swastika shirt on his way 'upstairs' to the jewish god, and that's just so incredible good written and played, yes, just phenomenal. By the way, like the whole movie, a just fantastic scene!!! It's a great one!!! Ah, but don't expect any 'Happy End'... because upstairs pretty sure waits nothing for Danny, like his former teacher (at a religious school, keep that in mind, the teacher says that above- where it should led to god- is NOTHING, and that's a statement of one of a kind of a movie) says to him in this scene. But, you know what, a Happy End would not fit this movie all too well...
After this characterization of the protagonist Danny, the polictical aspects of the movie and the just fantastic and grapping plot, yes, there's not much left to say about it anyhow. But: The movie is marked by (to me) unknown but damn great actors, one hell of an intense atmosphere, a very grapping plot, just pure great pictures and colors, and by a phenomenal intensity that's just sheer fantastic, and you really have to see it by yourself. And, once again: Don't expect any Skinhead movie, but a very grapping sketch of character and personal development with some strong political and religious standpoints to it and one of the damn best skripts and plots I ever enjoyed. A very special movie, and a simple fantastic one!!!
There are also some nice special features on the DVD and the whole artwork of it looks also pretty cool, like all the quality really knows how to convince one, at least me, haha;-)!!! Buy this movie and just damn enjoy it, one of the very best movies of all times to me!!! Ah, damn breath-taking and just fanztasic and intelligent and not retarded movie like you won't see it that often in your life to what circumstances ever. Ah, and yes, the movie is everything but (!!!) boring or something like this. My bottom line result? Okay, here it comes: Get it!!! Now!!! It's your damn duty!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)
PS: "INSIDE A SKINHEAD" - "THE BELIEVER" was primarly released already back in 2001 what I didn't know (and there wasn't any german version to get until the last year, at least for what I know), like Ryan of "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" already written in his comment to this movie review. Damn it! Again: Why it's just taking such a long time until such good movies finally come out on a regular basis over here?!? And, by the way, it seems that this movie here is also based on a true story, the story of a member of the KKK in the 1960's who was revealed to be a Jew by the investigative work of an "New York Times" reporter. On the left you now can see the original cover motif of the movie, and this combination of the Star of David and the Hitler Salute is really a pretty extreme image, if you ask me, and it's perfectly fitting to this also pretty extreme and very demanding and really grapping movie, so thumbs up for it, even it's a pretty clear why the movie was released over here in Germany with a different cover motif...
Ah, and now you get the official trailer of "INSIDE A SKINHEAD", so just lean back and thn enjoy it. Yes, and then go or come and buy this movie on DVD anyhow anyway possible.

(Official (?) Trailer)


  1. the film is perfekt and show bme what got up in the head from a jew