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("REBEL SOUND MUSIC"; 7'' vinyl EP)
(Release date: 6th May 2014.)
(Record facts: Four songs in around thirteen minutes.)
(Collector fatcs: Limited to 500 copies, 200 copies on black vinyl, 200 copies more on Halloween orange vinyl, and the last 100 copies come on lime green vinyl.)
Here's the next one coming for you, the next new record reviews post, and again also like in the case of the IMMORAL DISCIPLINE & DEAD ON THE STREETS vinyl 7'' EP that I've reviewed recently before also here and now I should really thank Brett Hole and "BLACKHOLE RECORDS" for sending me the albums via mail, and so for both albums just a very big "THX Brett!!!", it's just great of you. Okay, now staright to the topic: Hm, I think the last ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE album that I know of so far is or was the "PIG IRON" album from some time around the middle of the 1990's or so, hm, and now look here, they are still active and release "new" stuff. Here we get two "new" songs by them, "ADVENTURES OF PETER VILE" and "THE DAY THE WORLD TURNED GAY" (btw it's also the title song of their side), and we get their typical heavy drinking party smasher Punkrock that demonstrates a deeper sense or meaning or spirit if you listen a little bit more intense to it, especially to the very strong lyrics. Ah, I said "new" songs because... nah, not really new but just "new", because both songs already appeared on the above already mentioned "PIG IRON" album but I think this time for the first time ever on vinyl (or how-ever). ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE really play a sound of their very own, absolutely dirty, drunken, rotten, angry, and pissed off yet ''happy-go-lucky'' and damn thirsty Old School Punkrock full of dirty sawing guitars and boneshaking dustdry roaring bass, driven forward by smashing drums, and all crowned by very strong and stand-alone, pretty catchy yet rough'n'tough lead vocals, backed up by strong backing chants, and all cultivated by larger than life refrains and sing a longs. "THE DAY THE WORLD TURNED GAY" is a perfect just great song, melodic, catchy, groovy and rocking and rolling like hell, a through and through anthem. Also great funny or humoristic and ironic/sarcastic lyrics that still hit the nail on its head, like then, so now. "ADVENTURES OF PETER VILE" is and was a pretty weird song, crazy arrangements of the verses, yet incredible catchy and loud shouting demanding sing a long refrain, a proof for the very unique sound that ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE cultivated over the decades of their existence. Also here pretty strong yet crazy over the top lyrics. Both songs come in a great old schoolish earthy yet clear production sound. What shall I say more, you simply have to love the ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE especially if you are into melodic, catchy, and rocking Old School Punkrock. Hm, and I think I should really give "PIG IRON" finally some spins again, hahaha:-). Straight 9 out of 10 points for the ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE, highly recommended. Their partners in crime on this one are the to me totally unknown THE DAMN GARRISON. They deliver also two songs, "THE REAL ONES" and "PRIDE & HONOUR", and both songs totally rule. THE DAMN GARRISON play a very strong bonecracking and skullsmashing American Oi! sound with some healthy Old School Hardcore influences in it, all somewhere between THE 86'ED and the RAZORS IN THE NIGHT I would say, but anyhow nicely independently and without any annoying copy'n'paste work, a strong own identity they (already) own for sure, thumbs up for this. Sharp cutting and brutal slashing guitars, forceful harsh'n'heavy sung lead vocals, Hardcore styled loud'n'proud gang back up chants, roaring bass and thundering drums, damn strong arrangements and rhythms, and also strong sing a longs and mighty refrains as well on top of it, totally heavy and anthemic stuff at once. Also strong lyrics they deliver, and also the production sound is a perfect match, raw and heavy, thumbs up. Also THE DAMN GARRISON get straight 9 out of 10 points. Also highly recommended. The artwork of this split 7'' rules for sure, hm, and if you still don't have it and if you are anyhow just a little bit into Punkrock and Oi! as well, then go and fucking get it and this best right now, point and fact. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! /// Andy
(9 of 10 points)

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