Freitag, 25. Juli 2014

OLD ENEMIES - "OLD ENEMIES" (Hardcore all the D.I.Y. way from Spain; digital album.)

("D.I.Y."; Digital Album)
(Record facts: 10 songs in around 25 minutes.)
(Note - Like in the case of the directly before reviewed MERCYLESS album: Don't ask me if there are any physical copies of this album floating around, I just got it via E-Mail and all I could find so far is the information that this album was released as a digital album, so don't ask me anything more about it here and now.)
(THANKS very much to the drummer of the OLD ENEMIES for sending me their album via E-Mail, great of you, so again: THANKS very much; and SORRY for the time you had to wait for the review on it finally coming up.)
Oh yeahr, an all out spanish Hardcore attack up here on your very dear "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE" blog you might could think, hehehehe, and why not... ah, and at least in case of today you wouldn't be that wrong with it, hehehehehe. OLD ENEMIES hail from Spain and I think more or less from out of the same region like MERCYLESS and on their Bandcamp sites both bands name Prinicipality of Asturias, Spain as their home location(s), hm, but what do I know... ;-) But I would anyhow bet that both bands are no strangers to each other, to say it that way. Okay, now enough of the introducing small talk, now straight back into the real action: OLD ENEMIES play a great style of moshing and thrashing yet very hymnal and catchy Hardcore that refuses to be part of any childish "what--school--eyh?" stuff but instead of this offers a fresh Crossover approach to it and changes quickly and this very well flowing without any breaks or holes from heavy thrashing Metallic slashers to Streetpunk fueled Sing a Long hymns covering moshing as well as grooving, down-beating and also fast'n'furious forward raging Hardcore moments, not to talk of the great nicely somehow rocking guitar tone to it all. They do their very own thing without copying anything or ripping anyone off, and fans of SICK OF IT ALL, the CRO-MAGS, SLAPSHOT, and WARZONE as well as INTEGRITY, DEAD MAN'S CHEST, and also STRIFE, and even fans of BLOOD FOR BLOOD, WISDOM IN CHAINS, and SHEER TERROR, not to forget Old School nerds and fans in love with JUDGE and GORILLA BISCUITS as well (and how could ya not be in love with- for example- the two mentioned bands if you claim to be anyhow somehow into Hardcore musick, right...), yes, they all will surely love the OLD ENEMIES and what they have done on this very one here. Crushing guitars, charismatic shouted lead vocals, massive back up chants, stunning drumming, and a roaring bass, not to forget the great grapping and exitingly fresh high skilled songwriting all delivered by talented and skilled musicians who really created a interesting and energizing as well as exiting album all the way. Strong lyrics on top of it, a great production sound, and a very cool tattoo style Old School (cover) artwork, too. Great. So don't make any mistakes and stop thinking about it, instead just do it: Get it, point and fact. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! Dance fuckin' hard or die!!! /// Andy
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