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DESZCZ - "RAIN KEEPS FALLING" (Blackened Metallic Neocrust from Poznan, Poland; "D.I.Y." album, released as a digital album as well as on CD and 7'' vinyl)

("D.I.Y"; Digital Album / CD / 7'')
(Release date: 7th April 2014.)
(Running time: Six songs in around thirteen minutes.)
(Note: Don't ask me if there is any label behind the release of the CD and/or the 7'', I mean I do think so but I don't know it for sure simply due to a lack of informations.)
(A big "THANX!!!" goes out to the DESZCZ guys who send me their album for reviewing it up here, and "SORRY!!!" that you had a little bit to wait for it.)
Oh, here's something very, very cool, something fucking strong and damn good if not even great (and greater). The anti-fascist and vegetarian DESZCZ, the band with the totally confusing name to me, roar out of the city of Poznan in Poland and they blast out one hell of a mighty blackened and metallic, sinister and apocalyptic Neocrust/Neo-Crustcore assault that will leave you standing with your eyes and mouth wide open... only to make you mosh everything and everyone in sight drastically up to this smasher anthems of songs. Whoooaaa, and what an inferno they unleash here on their EP Album "RAIN KEEPS FALLING". It's a pure inferno, a true hell of fast raging and even faster crushing, sinister and dark, pretty to very complex, progressive, diverse, and multi-layered Metal induced Crustcore of the neo style and sort like for example TRAGEDY and here and there especially some guitar lines even breath a strong Post Metal/Post Core spirit. And when we talk about the guitars, then let us stick with the topic and talk a little bit more and a little bit more detailed about them, the guitars: The guitars are definitely the trademark and the by far most marking element of the music of DESZCZ, very aggressive and heavy, brutal and sharp, yet at the same time very melodic and catchy, soul- and playful with delivereing fucking great and totally awesome leads and melody lines, and that the pace of the songs and so of the guitars too is mostly all the time a fast raging assault pace hurts nothing, simply because the songwriting is so great that so much happens that it simply gets anything but boring or something like this and in contrast to this it gets all very grapping and interesting and stays so and also offers a incredible intense and tight very sinister, dark, desperate, desolate, and apocalyptic atmosphere, and this all heavily due to the phenomenal guitars, the playing and the arrangements of them. Beside the guitars the throaty and hysterical screamed and slightly guttural shouted hyper-aggressive double lead vocals that at the same time carry a lot of a suffering and emotionally diverse and twisted spirit are the next direct shining element of the music of DESZCZ. Then comes the rhythm section, bass and drums: Incredible fast and tight, precise and top to the point played, very skilled and also very multi-layered stuff and, even I've already said it, it's all done very fast with also the blast speed being nothing strange to the bass and the drums. The phenomenal songwriting is just incredible great and really mighty, full of surprises, twists, turns, and just grapping and interesting arrangements and nearly all the time something (different) happens and no blank space or what so ever is to be noticed, brilliant, also the atmosphere that is created is just outstanding, it's fucking tight and damn intense, so dark, desolate, desperate, and just sheer sinister and apocalyptic, and all, like already said one or two times, so intense, whoooaaa, it's crazy, it's fucking amazing, period. That the guys in DESZCZ are highly skilled and talented musicians (and songwriters, too) should be clear by now and is just pointed out and underlined here and now for the record. What I like even more is the fact that DESZCZ are playing clearly Blackened Metallic Neocrust or Dark Hardcore (how it is often named today) and especially fans of bands like from TRAGEDY to WOLFBRIGADE will definitely love them strongly and celebrate them heavily, and for all the right reasons, but they really by any means play their total own thing, very unique and charismatic, and that makes them even greater than they are it anyhow already. Brilliant, point and fact. To the lyrics I can't really say anything even song titles like for example "AFTERLIFE", "FALSE PROMISES", "THE GREY", and "UNWANTED" tell some stories by them own already. The clear but also heavy production sound is pure gold, like the whole album, and the cold and dark and desperate (cover) artwork just rules and is a perfect match to/with the music. So, this one is highly and I mean really highly recommended so don't think twice and just go and get it better now than later, because it's one hell of a damn mighty album. And if they manage to deliver also sort of "real" anthems or hymns like for example the above mentioned TRAGEDY and especially WOLFBRIGADE know how to do then it would respectively will get even better and in this case it means nearly perfect. Anyhow, now just go out and go completly rampage by screaming your anger about this fucked up world right into its face, this here is the perfect soundtrack to do so. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! /// Andy
(9 of 10 points)

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