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IRON AGE - The History of Bodybuilding

INTRODUCTION: Hey folks, dear readers, finally it's time if not even about time for me to bring this finally up. (And I don't mean that because again a full month without any real activity and not to talk about frequency passed us all by now already, hm, but maybe also because of this, at least a little bit, too, for sure.) What once was planned to be released up here as the first ever so called Posting Series (a week or several days in a row completly and solely dedicated to one specific topic and without any off-topic-posts) is now finally coming up in a way of a classic posting series of a more or less regulary up coming row of posts dealing with things and aspects of a specific general theme or topic, comparable to how and what the more or less so far nowadays defunct ''American Oi! History Series'' posting series once was up here (at least now all the old/-er and frequent/regular readers should know the deal and should know by now what I mean). I do this because the announced and also planned posting series simply grew on and on and from work intense periods to periods of nothing that I did for them the working intensity used to differ very much, hm, and so I decided to cut it off and to change it, because even the whole posting series still wouldn't be completly done I already have a lot of posts finished (and this mostly already for a while) and after I still couldn't see any light of releasing and posting the already ready posts one soon day on the horizon simply because the posting series still would take a lot of time before it would be ready and so I quickly and clearly decided for me to bring the already ready posts finally up here one after another, for I really want them badly up here finally, and I also decided to change the focus of this whole series or row of posts. The primarly planned topic of the first ever posting series was more or less in one word: "Bodybuilding"; from its beginnings up to the present days. You can be sure that I sticked with it but also I changed the general theme or topic from Bodybuilding from the then to the now to what I personally see as the golden days of Bodybuilding, from its early beginnings to the switch from the 1980's to the 1990's with the almighty Lee Haney as the final champ of the old glory days of the Iron Age. I will also again post tribute posts to later and current Bodybuilders, for sure, for as I also have and still have much respect for the hard work, passion, and dedication of the champs of today, but with this loose series of posts I will especially concentrate on what I personally see as the golden days, the hey-days of Bodybuilding, the IRON AGE, from its early beginnings around the turn from the 19th to the 20th century to the early 1990's, and especially from the 1930'/1940's to the days of the retirement of the awesome and also already mentioned 8th "Mr. Olympia" Lee Haney a.k.a. "TotaLEE Awesome". It is very simple and I will also spare me every word about the "Why?" and so I just say that this decades for me personally defined what Bodybuilding really is, how great and shining it once was, what it was and is and always should be all about, this decades simply had been and still are the definition of Bodybuilding in all its honour, beauty, pride, passion, and honest hard working mentality and never-back-down attitude. That's it, and so here and now finally comes my tribute to the golden days of Bodybuilding (when it was Bodybuilding and not more and more by performance enhancing drugs and medics and diuretics dominated Massbuilding...), my tribute to the IRON AGE and its heroes and larger than life iconic titans, its champs and masters of the iron. All hail to them and the IRON AGE, and so now finally here we go.

GENERAL WORDS: The IRON AGE posting series with its loose row of posts being released is meant as a posting series respectively a series of posts dedicated to the single thematic topical issue of let us call it Old School Bodybuilding in all its glory. And the IRON AGE posting series will definitely be a big, a very big posting series about this passion and way of life of mine going on for quite a wide range of time with more or less regular and frequent posts, so much I can already say, and I also can already and again say that this is al and will be all about paying tribute to my idols of the world of pumping iron. Maybe I get it done right in time before the this year's "MISTER OLYMPIA" takes place to do something special concerning this very posting series and also going beyond it dealing with the "Mr. Olympia" and its victors and the development of the aesthetics of it, a "Mr. O." special adding up to this new series, we will see, hm, even anyhow it would be perfect, but we will see how much time I can really spend on blogging the next days and weeks and months, so, nope, no promises here and now when and if this all will be finally up and we better and rather finally start to roll on so with this post hailing the IRON AGE. So here we go, let the IRON AGE posting series start and the good times roll!!!

(*of this very "IRON AGE" post, the very first one, of course)

"Maybe STRONG is what you have left when you've used up all your WEAK..."

THE STARTING POINT: Time to start things up here with this very post here and now, the first post of the IRON AGE posting series up here on your dear "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE" blog. Like already said and like you can read in the headline right and direct above this post and this means this whole IRON AGE posting series is totally dedicated to the Old School way of the Sport and Lifestyle of and known as Bodybuilding and in contrast to the known singular posts paying tribute to single (Pro) Bodybuilders this posting series is or will be didacted to Bodybuilding as a sport and even more to Bodybuilding as a Way of Life in its Old School way of the old glory days of the IRON AGE, and so to nothing less than Old School Bodybuilding in its whole majesty. And so to all the readers not and even not a little single bit interested in Sports in general and in Bodybuilding in particular won't find that much for them this time up here and will have to wait for future posts to come up here. Sorry folks, but that's how it is. Hm, but maybe you can also try and test this posting series out, maybe you will be surprised and find something for you and maybe it will even open your mind at least a little bit, who knows, so we will see as time will tell. You won't just find some tribute posts dedicated to single (Pro) Bodybuilders, nah, but you will find hell a lot more within this from now on more and more groing IRON AGE posting series. From the history of Bodybuilding, over old school Bodybuilding to the hey days of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Mentzer, Frank Zane, Tom Platz, Rich Gaspari, Lee Labrada, and (of course) Lee Haney you will find a lot, backed up by introductions into the training and philosophy and different approaches behind it all, as well as maybe some or some more words to and thoughts about diet, nutrition, supplements, and- of course as well- steroids and other poisonous stuff (face it, just the facts, no witch-hunting or down-talking) will find their place in this posting series going on up here, and it all will be enriched by tributes to Bodybuilding legends and icons from yesterday and today like you know them up here already very well. So before we go ahead and jump right into the first post dealing with the "History of Bodybuilding", I will give you a short running order (not complete, so that you can and will maybe still be suprised what's all coming at and for you) of what will be part of this very IRON AGE posting series, and then things will finally really start. Ah, and before I forget and with starting this all let me say that this IRON AGE dedicated and named posting series won't be by any means complete and it will surely be subjective, simply due to the fact that this whole thing called "Bodybuilding" is simply just way too big to give you a complete overview and also simply due to the fact that it is just and solely done by me, a fan of Bodybuilding and a guy who does it by itself since quite some time now, and this is no scientifical work and also no official complete journalistic work, no, it's just the enthusiastic work of and by a fan and sportsman, of and by me, nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

(I.) "Historical roots: The History of Body-building"
(II.) "Old School Body-building and the Bodybuilding from the 1950's on to the 1970's"
(III.) "The Making of Modern Bodybuilding"
(IV.) "The Philosophy of the Volume-Training approach"
(V.) "The Philosophy and System of "HIT" and "BLOOD & GUTS" training"
(VI.) "Diet, Nutrition, Supplements, Steroids, and Workout Approaches"
(VII.) "The IFBB, the Weider Brothers, and Arnold "THE OAK" Schwarzenegger"
(Plus: A big bunch of tribute posts to legendary Bodybuilders from yesterday and today, with a clear focus on legends and icons especially of the past who really left their mark on Bodybuilding, so stay tuned for it which means for much more to come.)

And now here we go, some historical background knowledge about Bodybuilding. That's right, here we go:

IRON AGE - Vol I / Part/Post I:


IT ALL BEGAN...: Where to start... Okay, right here, and right now: Bodybuilding and its very history is much longer than most out there might pretty sure think of when they first think about this question. Because it wasn't Arnold Schwarzenegger (even he was without a doubt the greatest of all and of all times, period) and it hadn't been in the 1970's when Bodybuilding first stepped into the life of mankind. No, this happened way before... far way before... First signs that something like Bodybuilding was born and raised and stepped into the life of mankind had been found in Egypt when ancient cave-paintings were discovered and analysed, so that today it's been pretty surely proofed that already 5.000 years before our time people had been doing Bodybuilding mostly because of aesthetical motivations and for aesthetical reasons. Nobody can surely say how and with what the men back then 5.000 years ago before our time used to train and to work-out, but it can be seen as proof(ed) that the men back then anyhow already knew very well how to train their bodies and specific body parts. Also it's easy to say that the men back then were very smart and full of ideas how to get big things done, just think of the egyptian pyramides as a proof of the brilliancy of the people back then. This brilliancy surely benefitted also the ancient approach of Bodybuilding in Egypt back then. Bodybuilding back then was pretty sure sort of a symbol of the social status and especially something that back then was first and foremost done by men, to show their social status on life via their bodies, after other status symbols like big cars and such stuff simply didn't exist back then, so that especially a shredded and muscled body was a very good way to proof and show and demonstrate the social status of the owner of this specific body. It's pretty clear that especially the egyptian men did Bodybuilding and especially of the upper classes, after the lower classes and not to talk about the slaves had been pretty sure already down and out because of the bonecracking hard work they had to do for their livings and after they surely simply won't have got the time and the income/fiscal ressources to do something like this. And that especially the men did it back then is something that needs no further explanation, at least I think so - and if it anyhow should do just think about the social status of the general woman and women in most of the ancient patriarich societies, right...

BODYBUILDING IN THE ANCIENT GREECE AND THE EUROPEAN MIDDLE AGES: After the first findings of traces of Bodybuilding 5.000 years ago in the ancient Egypt the next very well documented findings are traces of Bodybuilding in the ancient Greece 4.000 years ago. And this time we speak of really well documented traces, not mostly this sort of vague conjecturals like the traces of old Bodybuilding in the ancient Egypt mostly caused and provoked. Here we speak of real clues and proofed indications. In the ancient Greece the athletic shaping and draft of the human body reached its first and also legendary altitude. The old Grecians of the ancient Greece really collected and developed a wide and broad wisdom of the human body and its athletic shaping and transformation, and you can easily think of that they also knew very well how the muscles of the human body work together and come together into play, and so they worked out and invented and developed first real training and work out systems to shape the human body and transform it step by step. Even, especially collated to todays training and work out systems, the work outs back then had surely been by far more instinctive and also dominated by emotion and sense than the detailed work out and training systems and approaches of today, but anyhow effective systems and approaches of Body Transformation through workin' out building your body. Looking of how far developed the state and system of the ancient Greece and the old Greeks already had been and what great civilization they used to create and what massive impact this used to have, then I think no one of us today should wonder about it, and also no one should wonder about the importance of a aesthetic body for the old Greeks and their self- and world-view after this is very well known and documented, and after a lot of monuments proof this even also today again and again.

And so no one should wonder that back then a old ancient form of Bodybuilding on a high and advanced level was already existing in ancient times. Back then the athletes normally used to train and become trained in what was known to be the ''Gymnasia'' (in german ''Gymnasien'', in english ''Gymnasium''), which had been the training camps for athletes back then. In such training camps the athletes usually were teenagers and they trained as well as philosophical, scientifical, etc. pp. knowledge and wisdom and education were arbitrated to them, because the old Greeks believed in the perfection of the mind AND the body to make it possible for men to become as great and as complete as only anyhow possible. Maybe you can say that they lived up to the fullfillment and realiziation of the old saying of the heathy mind in a healthy body. The athletes were treated in a great way, and a lot of care was taken of their bodies. For their Bodybuilding work outs and trainings they used back then already weights and trainingsupports comparable to what we use today, minus the modern todays training and work out machines. Should be clear, but just for the completion of this here and now. The value of the human body was back then far much higher than today, when back then it was mostly clear that the body is an temple and should be treated like one, than today it's more like the body is a waste disposable site or a landfill site and that's how most people today treat their bodies with fast food (and best in big loads and in a regular if not daily base), (heavy amounts of) alcohol, drugs and medics (taking them without needing them just to feel better or because the medias tell us to do so or a mixture of both...), not to talk about how they treat their minds. And values like discipline, pride, honour, trust as well as belief, wisdom, knowledge and the thirst and hunger for this benefitted this. Old values. Values that are (unfortunately and sadly enough) untrendy and not hip and gone old and out of style these days... Okay, not the place for a criticism on the current society and system, its morals and values (its what...?!?), and so back to the original topic up here and now. Just by looking back at the ''smartness'' and ''cleverness'' as well as the athletic competence and knowldege of the old Greeks we can also be pretty sure that they should have been very inventive and resourceful in forming bodies with great physiques. And also the military of the ancient Greeks found a deep and authentic interest in the training with weights and Bodybuilding work outs of that time, because they used to find it good that more fitter and stronger men also had been more fitter and stronger soldiers for the Grecian soldiery. But, just btw, that's something that should make nobody wonder about. In the later times of the ancient Greece and under the influence of the ever- and ongrowing ancient world power of the ancient Rome a lot of pulic baths had been added to the Grecian ''Gymnasias'' as well. Comparable to the old ancient Egypt due to many reasons of which some we have already mentioned above also in the ancient Greece the human body used to enjoy a by far way higher reputation than today, especially because shaping and forming the body went hand in hand with sharpening and enriching the mind and so the ancient Greeks and their way of building the human body can be taken as a sort of role model for all of us today, and no, I don't mean this in the way of the todays fucked up mess named the ''wellness'' trend, no, I mean it in a by far more passionated and ampled way of pride, honour, discipline, loyalty, and dedication. It's also very clear that back in the times and world of the ancient Greece hell a lot of official and unofficil sport competitions taken place.

About Bodybuilding in the ancient Rome we don't know that much if anything anyhow anyway. We can only surmise that the ancient Rome used to carry on the tradition of the ancient Greece, especially after they also enriched already the world of sports with their culture and tradition of public baths and after the ancient Rome needed even by far more good if not great and also especially physically loadable soldiers. (Especially in its times of expansion, and before the great Rome decided to fill the ranks of their soldier companies more and more with barbaric strangers what lead directly into the demise of the great, great ancient rome, but that's also a different story.) But after we don't know that much for sure we jump to what followed after the ancient world of Europe and this had been the dark times of the european middle ages. And so now we will have a look on what went on back then if we look at the building of the human body. And this will be a pretty short look, for sure, so much I can tell you all already. Especially after the european middle ages had been something very different, something really very, very different in most if not any ways compared to the ancient times and the reichs of the ancient times in and of Europe, especially Greece and Rome. But more now step after step.

First thing(s) first: I simply couldn't find that much reliable sources that deal with the history of what should become Bodybuilding in the times of the european middle ages, but like the system of culture, society, politics, religion, and civilization of this certain period in history had been pretty to very different compared with european and if you want so maybe also persian antiquity also anything about building and transforming and developing the human body had surely been very different. And it should be clear to say that the only way to work out for the masses had been hard physical work and a life and a way of eating rich on and full of austerity and no real hygienics anyhow comparable to anything we know from and are used of today. So this had been surely no good time and place for anything about the building of the human body... and also the people probably pretty sure had other troubles to deal with back then... I'm pretty sure about this. How this had been in case of the (at least so called) noble aristocracy and nobleness I can't say, especially after the big influence of the catholic Roman christian church on the whole life of the people back then and the catholic averted view on the profane world and its focussing on a fairy tale kingdom-come of milk and honey for everyone and especially for those who had to deal with hardships and sorrows here on good old profane mother earth. So it is maybe possible that any work on the amelioration of the human body in a sense of anyhow anything like Bodybuilding was pretty much pretty strong scorned by the religious authorities back then and if you combine this with the giant influence of the church back then it should be pretty sure that they knew to make or turn this scorning into a cold hard social reality. And if you then also think about all the feuds and wars and sicknesses and all that stuff that used to rage through Europe and to kill whole families and generations again and again back then you maybe can be even more sure about the fact, that anything like Bodybuilding had no and found no room, place, time, and not to talk about interest back then. That's also pretty much common sense in all the sources that I have found and used to write down this article, and it seems also very clear and logic to me anyhow and anything else would really make me wonder heavily. But, to say it clearly, that's all also in big portions a sort of persumption and speculation. I mean, on the one hand it's all making a lot of sense, but on the other hand they used to fight and battle and march to war back then in various forms hell of a lot times and this all back then with good healthy doses of raw and sheer physical power, and especially the noble knights in their heavy armors with their also pretty sure anything but not leight weight weapons needed at last to be trained and to be fed right and properly to have some strong muscles collected together to get their bloody jobs done, and good soldiers had been wanted in every war since time begun and good soldiers always needed and still need to be trained, in a physical way as well as in the duties of their work/job, in a tactical way as well as in an intellectual and psychological way, and so I see no reasons why this should had been any different in the middle ages of mother Europe. (Even the armies back then differed a lot from anything else known in human military history, to get also this straight.) But anyhow and anyway, let us now leave this dodgy, shady, and dark period of the european middle ages and with this let us leave all this speculations behind and move on in history to more important and more brighter periods.

INTO MODERN TIMES: Okay, and now with the leaving of the middle ages we will cut some centuries and some more decades down to nothing than just a few words, before we will come to what is the first ever period of what you may can call modern Bodybuilding in the sense how we use this term today. So over the distance of the times from the end of the midle ages to the times of the 19th century a lot and a lot groundbreaking in the existence of mankind happened and I would bet that also in reconstruction and transformation which means in the building of the human body a lot or at least not less used to happen since then (especially when we keep in mind the konwledge, wisdom, and greatness and glory of ancient Greece and Rome had been re-discovered by mankind after the middle ages past by) but anyway I couldn't find any reliable sources to work with for this very article here and now, and so we will cut this large period pretty much down to nothing and leave it more or less with these few words about it, hm, nah, not more or less, no, because definitely we will leave it just with these few words and then that's it and so now we move on into the 19th century and to the founding father of modern Bodybuilding like we know it today. So while- for example- we could maybe talk about some of the heavy sporting young men in Germany that tried to become fitter and stronger filled with a early enlighted patriotic fire to battle against Napoleon and his occupying forces we will cut this and come to the one man who pretty much should finally invent and/or create what we know today as modern Bodybuilding and so now it's time to talk about no one else than the almighty Eugen Sandow, the founding father and icon of modern Bodybuilding and if you want so the creator and the first very early champ of the IRON AGE. (Note: I will now give you just some general short words about Eugen Sandow, because - so much I can say already here and now - a proper tribute post to this Bodybuilding godfather and genius will follow this very one here and now up in the soon future, so keep calm and stay tuned for it.)

Eugen Sandow was born as Friedrich Wilhelm Müller in Königsberg, Ostpreußen at the 2nd of April of the year of 1867, Eugene Sandow should later become his nick name under which he gained fame and glory. He should die in London in 1925 at the age of around 58 years. Eugen Sandow should make weight training, ''pumping iron'', and to train and to sculp your body with lifting and pressing and curling iron weights very famous - (finally) again - and he should bring it on a new level. And his most succesful weapon of choice had been his very own shows to promote muscles and strength and the resculpting of the human body and that very shows were named "Muscle Display". Eugen Sandow worked as a sort of a showman and was so in the perfect position to bring Bodybuilding finally (back) to fame. Eugen Sandow owned a lot of titanic strength, massive mass (especially for back then), and called also tremendous sheer willpower his very own, and his impressive and overwhelming charisma and emanation is something that you can still get aware of if you look at photos and pictures of him from back then. His focus was heavily on increasing his pure body strength on all levels and so his shows named "Muscle Display" had been something you might can call the very early stages of Strongmen championships or better shows. One of his back then most appreciated performances was him lifting a whole grown up horse live on stage. In the month of May of the year of 1894 a film/movie about and with Eugen Sandow was done, titled simply "Sandow", and became a pretty strong success back then. Beside his "Muscle Display" shows he finally organized in 1901 the first real proper Bodybuilding competition named "The Great Competition" at the 14th of September of this very year and twelve men competed to gain victory and triumph and glory up on stage in this competition. This was pretty much what we know today as Bodybuilding, even in its very, very early stages. Like already said or better written Eugen Sandow died at the age of around 58 years in London in the year 1925. This will be all for now about Eugen Sandow, the icon and pioneer of modern Bodybuilding (as well as modern Powerlifting and Strongmen) and the guy the most notable effigy of todays Bodybuilding is named after, the Sandow-trophy that the winner of the annual "Mister Olympia" of the IFBB gains after winning the competition. More about Eugen Sandow will come up later this very day up here.

Beside Eugen Sandow at the end of the 19th century and the early beginning of the 20th century the idea of building the human body and the interest in it really came back to life, oriented at the ancient ideals and ideas of the old ancient Greeks as the glorification of the human body and its beauty, and not as a way to survive, to fight, and to defend yourself in battle and war and a chaotic social environment in general. No, not for ''battle reasons'', but for ''aesthetic reasons''. But, to point that out and to underline it, without a Eugen Sandow and his "Muscle Display" shows and performances this new interest in and facination of Bodybuilding wouldn't had been this strong and impressive. And it surely wouldn't have lasted on for so long, it would have never made and left such a tremedous impact, point and fact. He benefitted from it heavily, for sure, but also his sheer existence and impressive performances really heated up this back then ''new'' Bodybuilding ''trend'' heavily and strongly, so that it was a win-win-situation, but one that would have never been that fertile without a leading charismatic personality like Eugen Sandow. (Something much later generations could experience again with the almighty Arnold Schwarzenegger, but to this in some later post, for sure.) This ''new trend'' lived on and somehow managed it to survive the ages of the two world wars and all the catastrophes this decades brought to mankind. It moved on from old Mother Europe to the shores of the New World and especially in the United States of America Bodybuilding should become bigger and bigger. But also still in the Old World a lot of potential was still there and so over the first four or five decades of the 20th century the back then most important and best known Bodybuilding show and competition was the "Mister Universum"/"Mister Universe" held in London and that very one saw icons and legends like Bill Pearl, Reg Park, Steve Reeves, and Arnold Schwarzenegger being crowned the "Mister Universum"/"Mister Universe" over the years and decades. Beside this in the New World it was especially the "Mister America" competition that was held by the AAU (/"Amateur Athletic Union") that was very well known, important, and reputated, and the AAU own "Mister America" competition was finally in 1940 the first ever real and through and through pure real modern Bodybuilding competition that was ever held. Because before this very one all the Bodybuilding shows and competitions had been pretty much mixed up shows of Bodybuilding with some ''proof of strength'' show enclosures that you may can name as very early or first ever Strongmen competitions as well as weight lifting and elements of what shall become Powerlifting had been part of the first Bodybuilding shows of the modern times. This finally changed in 1940 with the AAU "Mister America" contest back then being exclusively a Bodybuilding show all about flexing muscles.

The starting point of todays Bodybuilding was finally, after all what we know and can say today, in 1965, when the first ever "Mister Olympia" held place. Organized by the IFBB and the founding father of this Bodybuilding federation, Joe Weider, this Bodybuilding competition should become what is today known and reputant to be the by very far most important and biggest Bodybuilding show and competition on earth so far ever. With all the incredible big amount of different and competing Bodybuilding federations worldwide especially back then finally over all the decades since then the IFBB should become the biggest and most important one ever and so today it is the solely ruling force in the world of professional Bodybuilding. Joe Weider, who died some months ago at the 23th of March of 2013 - R.I.P., was born at the 29th of November in 1919 in Montreal, Canada. In 1942 Joe Weider and his brother Ben Weider founded the "International Federation of Bodybuilders" in short the IFBB, and then things more and more started really to roll.

Very early the Weider brothers realized that they wanted to lead the international world of Bodybuilding and that their IFBB organization would be meant to be to act and take this leading role. And this also meant that their "Mister Olympia" competition was meant to be the biggest Bodybuilding championship battle on earth, and that it should take and act this leading role one day as well, too. Beside this the Weider brothers started to build up a business empire of their very own with magazines and nutrtition/supplement developments and merchandise and clothing line collections under the "Weider" brand label. But that's all another story and after the IFBB and the Weiders will get their proper own post later we will now go back to some more general kept words and this especially all settled down in the context of this very one post here, the context of the History of Bodybuilding. Joe and Ben Weider recognized very early that what they found back then in the modern world of professional Bodybuilding wasn't what they wanted and wasn't what they saw in it, in Bodybuilding. And so they started to work and one after another they conquered them all. The first "Mister Olympia" competition was a spectatcular and bigger and better than most if not all Bodybuilding championships back then and the first ever "Mister Olympia" crowned was the almighty and legendary Larry Scott, unrivaled he conquered and became forever a legend and a icon of Bodybuilding. He really developed the standard. This was in 1965. Since then the "Mister Olympia" lost nothing of its importance and reputance. Instead of this it used to grow on and on. In the 1970's also something pretty new happened and finally really entered the light of the stages of the Bodybuilding sport of today, female Bodybuilding. This was kicked off by women like Jane Fonda who kicked off this trend of female Fitness sports and then also female Bodybuilding. But it took some years untill also the "Miss Olympia" was crowned at the "Mister Olympia" championship, and so in the year 1980 with gorgeous and forever immortalized almighty and incredible beautiful Rachel McLish the first ever "Miss Olympia" was crowned. Since then a lot happened and today there are several subdivisions of female pro Bodybuilding existing and so today in several categories "Miss Olympias" are crowned, from Bikini over Fitness and Figure to Physique (the newest category, battled for 2013 the first time ever and with the great gorgeous Dana Linn Bailey being the first ever "Women's Physique Miss Olympia") and the open Body (-building) class. From the 1960's on the world saw many new directions the Bodybuilding sport took, and today we may can still better speak of Massbuilding then Bodybuilding... but that's another story to tell... So I will now end this very post and leave you with the promise that much more is still to come. And what about the rest? Hm... And the rest is history, or so they say. (But keep calm and trust me, large parts of this history I will introduce to you up here in and via this IRON AGE posting series.)

FINISHING WORDS: Okay, that's it for now, I think so far and so much all is said about and to the History of Bodybuilding so far. Today it looks good for the sculpting of the human body, gaining more and more reputance and importance again, even it's all by far more about trendy Fitness and Wellness and not so much about Bodybuilding in particular. But that's anyhow anyway better than nothing. But, to be honest, in a stressful and hectic world in which the use and abuse of alcohol, cigarettes, other drugs, fast food, industrialized and in every sense and by any means cheap nutrition became a lifestyle, a way of life for thousands and millions of humans it should be clear to anyone that this all Fitness and Wellness and slightyl here and there real Bodybuilding hype today is more of a trend and no matter for how many, it's still a sort of a trend for a more or less relative small group of people, but it's better than nothing and also, who knows, like steady water drops cut holes into stone maybe this Fitness and Wellness and only very rarely Bodybuilding drops will cut slowly here and there bigger and bigger holes into this disgusting world of poisoneous cheap living of mindlessness and senselessness, we will see and can just hope the best. If we take a look at the 10.000 visitors at the this years "Mister Olympia", the still booming and ever ongrowing supplement industry, the incredible large and still growing amount of Fitness Studios and also finally again real Bodybuilding Gyms, the more and more over the whole world spreading "Arnold Sports Festival", and also at the bigger and bigger growing "FIBO" expo here in Germany we can say that hope is maybe not lost after all, and this are good news, that Bodybuilding is really becoming more important again for us, for mankind. And about more, much more about and of Bodybuilding you can read from now on finally again more often and more frequent (maybe even more regular) up here.

So far I just thank you for your interest and thanks for reading this article, I hope you enjoyed it, and yes, I know, it's anything than complete but that's something that I already told you above and so keep calm and maybe you just enjoy the next following posts like you hopefully enjoyed this very one post here and now. More is coming hopefully soon, the Eugene Sandow pretty sure will be up next. And for a more loose than complete list of topics coming up here for you with and through this IRON AGE posting series just look above to the (loose) running order of this very one here, the IRON AGE posting series. Ah, and be sure that we will also be paying tribute to the great ones of old in large portions. So, that's it all for now, closing time for now and the day up here. And, again, so long thanks for your time and interest. /// Andy

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