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STREET TRASH - "STREET TRASH" (Crustcore/Death Metal bastard from Bangor, Maine/U.S.A.; D.I.Y. digital album release.)

("D.I.Y."; Digital Album)
(Running time: Three songs in around six to seven minutes.)
(Release date: 2nd of April 2014.)
(Information: Received this album via E-Mail by the band itself but without any further informations, so don't ask my anything more detailed about it, like for example if there are any physical copies of it floating around, if this is in fact a "D.I.Y." release- that's how it seems to me- or if it's a label release, or what the hell else ever, because I simply don't know it.)
(A big "THANK YOU!!!" to the STREET TRASH guys for sending me their stuff, and "SORRY!!!" for waiting for the review.)
Here's the current, self-titled three track (digital) album of STREET TRASH, a to me before this one here totally unknown Crustcore/Death Metal bastard outfit roaring out from out of the deepest dephts of Bangor, Maine/U.S.A.  and delivering us a six to seven minutes lasting assault of pure rotten crusty death-metallic brutality and heavyness. Shredding and crushing, faceslapping and skullsmashing guitars (heavy and hard, dirty and noisy, dirty and brutal... like the whole musick) drive the music forward and dominate it, suffering guttural grunted and dry throated deep shouted lead vocals only add up to it and also to the desolate(d) atmosphere of the musick of STREET TRASH, and the massive crushing and everything in its way atomizing, rumbling and fast raging rhythm section only makes it all round. The songs are evil and grim and the Death Metal (of the U.S. American Old School kind) clearly takes the lead while the Crustcore is only slightly present (and maybe more to be found in the approach and the attitude of the style and the musick of STREET TRASH than in their current songs) in this devastating brutal cocktail of aggressive and necro(tic) musick that offers a sick and desolate, a suffering and diabolic necro atmosphere, spirit and feeling all the way beside sheer brutality and aggression turned into damn heavy, fucking harsh, and really hard bass ass musick. The songwriting is Old School through and through but done really strong and good, for sure fresh stuff and definitely in no way lame and stale retro crap, and so to me it's grapping stuff that makes you hungry to go out and maim and kill and slaughter and eat your neighbors... or so... I don't know what to write more, I mean it's a very short album and so it's a short review, but anyhow and not that someone gets it wrong: I really like this little three piece and especially fans of brutal and grim Old School Death Metal (for example like ETERNAL SOLSTICE) should risk an ear, 'cause they surely will hail STREET TRASH. To the lyrics I can't say anything even I would bet that they don't sing about the flowers and the bees in the sun on a warm and sunny sommer day, a song title like "CIRCLE OF SHIT" maybe shows you the direction to go and think of their lyrical delivery. The (cover) artwork with the Satanic Skull is totally cliché but it damn fucking rocks, hahahaha;-), and the dirty and noisy, heavy and evil sawing production sound is a perfect match to/with the music. Check it out, clearly recommended, so go and check them out... and mosh fucking hard. /// Andy
(8 of 10 points)

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