Dienstag, 16. November 2010

Traditional Oi! Punk from England

Okay, here we now do get some pretty traditional Old School Oi! Punk music from good old England. The band's already around for quite a while, so some of ya out there may already know them. Anyhow, if not, hm, maybe you will feel the need to get known to them after this review here, time will tell... First of all I got this CD just in a plastic sheet with a copied cover (it's the one that you see here on the left), so I can't really tell ya anything about the artwork (I even don't know if the picture that you see is the original cover artwork or anything else) or anything else that linked with it. But, by the way, the picture looks pretty cool, even it's nothing special as sure as hell should be hot. CITIZEN KEYNE are from Milton Keynes, U.K. and are a battle scarred Oi! or Punk, hm, let us call it Streetpunk band. Playing a very traditional style between good old 1980's Oi! and old school Punkrock. If you're into THE WARRIORS, THE BUSINESS and the ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE on the one side, and into the SEX PISTOLS, the U.K. SUBS and VICE SQUAD on the otherside, ha, then you will find something like your little holy grail here with this guys. Even they are not a retro band, and that's damn goo, playing it all very fresh and damn alive, and also with some very few influences of modern American Streetpunk, for example RANCID, and Punkrock, for example ANTI-FLAG, but hey, don't worry, trust me when I say that the Old School England influences are the very leading ones. It's all marked by the heavy pushing, yet melodic and hymnal, very stoic guitar work, an evil pounding bass playing, massive drumming, and this typical english snotty vocals. Is all there what you (justified) expect from a good old school style Streetpunk from the land where this music was born and bred. Mostly the songs are played in heavy mid pace tempo, but they do very clever change the pace as well as the rhythm structure of the songs. And songs like "SERIAL KILLER" do also showcase some nice influences of british Metal music. Lyrically we get some nice stuff, critical lyrics as well as good cool and authentic Way of Life lyrics, and both types are done pretty good. It's nothing too special or something like this, but a really, really good release that you should check out. My personal favorites are the Hooligan anthem "SATURDAY'S HEROES", "WAY OF LIFE", "REVOLUTION" and the great title track "STAND PROUD", and not to forget about the killer track "LIFE". Check them out, do yourself this favour, especially if you are into British Streetpunk music with some very good guitar work. Cheers & Oi! (8 of 10 points)

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