Montag, 15. November 2010

Soon the most hated german band?!? Ah, guys, come on, this farce from Berlin?!?

PUNKFRONT - "100% HASS" ("Oi! Ain't Red Records"/"Adler Versand"; CD):
So, yes, I hope after DONARS GROLL and BLUE MAX this one here is for a long, long time the last bullshit right wing underground band that I have to review. So, yes, okay, a little story to tell: I've heard from this band for quite a while. Much talked from the left to the right. For the left they are the worst Nazis around and a band that needs to be made known and famous for that fact... (I hope you all get what I want to say...) The right is telling everyone that they are pure Punk and singing about uneasy and politically not correct issues, defending the freedom of speech. (It's funny how the radical and extreme right and their so called 'unpolitical' brothers in arms do propagate themselves always as the true defenders of freedom of speech and thoughts, and as soon as they are in charge and power this freedoms are the very first things they wipe away, just take a look at the history of mankind.) So okay, I was s little bit curious about them and that's why I got this record. What's all about the german band from Berlin called PUNKFRONT?!? Let us start with a short note about the name: PUNKFRONT - To name your band after the first Nazi Punk Organisation ever, whooaaa, that's maybe just some 'aggressive' provocation... or it is a statement. To judge from the lyrics, I can tell ya, it's the last thing, it's a statement, nothing else!!! First song, titled "100% HASS" (= "100% HATE"), it's straight against the AFA and what's called the 'Redfront'. Haha, what's really funny that the only political party from West Germany with some what-so-ever communist approach (at least they called themselves so...) and some bigger mass following was banned decades ago, so yeahr, guys, tell me, where's this 'Redfront' at all and where's the giant communist threat here in Germany with it's very strong anti-communist tradition, yes, so again guys, tell me where's that threat and show it me!!! Damn it, are you really that stupid?!? I guess you are!!! By the way, to sing against this AFA jackasses, ha, no problem with me. But that's making this huge stupidity in no way better. Okay, then they are singing some more or less A.C.A.B. like song against Police State oppression, the song's called "KNÜPPELDICKE" (don't ask me how to translate it anyhow...), and what's really funny about it is the fact that a right wing band is singing against a Police State, haha, I mean, guys, can ya read?!? Take a look in some history books and maybe you will find out what I mean. Then comes an anti-Islam song, called "UND MORGENS RUFT DER MUEZZIN" (= "AT MORNING CALLS THE MUEZZIN"). No problem with singing against the Islam (as well as, for example, the Christianity, even the Islam is an even much more repressive system, pure fascism set to transcendental religion, and nothing else), but what's that crap?!? It's like the typical bullshit talking at your usual german crackerbarrel. And yes, as well as the Islam isn't a part of the western culture at all, hm, but just crying about it and demanding that the Muslims should go to hell and leave is just nothing but a farce, nothing but a farce that you usually hear at the already mentioned crackerbarrels and I really ask myself how anyone can propagate a 'Punk'band that's singing such crap as a anyhow rebellious band or even a Punk band at all?!? That's not a Punk band, that's just a Babbitt band and nothing else. (Despise the look of the guys in the band.) With the next song, titled "FUCK CRUST", hm, I really don't feel to say anything more about it, nah, but okay, here we go ahead: They sing about left wing Punk bands and this whole "With us or against us!" bullshit they often preach. By the way, that's also what their political counterparts on the right do usually preach, but okay... It's again a incredible stupid song, mixing several different left political ideas into one boogeyman figure they cry about, rant about and sing against. And yes, it's just a senseless track 'cause what they do sing against is nothing but a weird mix of different and sometimes also conflictive left wing political ideas and so it really isn't worth one single word more about it. Then they do a SCHLEIM KEIM cover, hm, at least I wouldn't have needed it anyway. Last song is called "VERRATEN UND VERKAUFT" (= "BETRAYED AND SOLD"), and with this one they could also play at happenings of the extreme german right wing party of the NPD. A lot of stupid 'blood and soil' and 'father land rise' ideas that would also pleases the common german Babbitt and Bourgeois. And yes, that's all everything but politically uncorrect. That's totally political correct but just from the other direction of the political spectrum. And yes, it's also the german crackerbarrel mainstream, so spare me every word more about how rebellious, how non-PC and how outspoken this jackasses are. Okay, and also the quality of the lyrics, I mean the way they are written down, is really terrible and just bad. I mean, I've read poems of 14 years old pupils that got teached in the subject of the german language by me that had been much, much better than this crap. So all of you out there, no matter if left or right, please tell me why you are making such a noize because of this farce band here, please tell it to me, 'cause I really can't understand it anyhow!!! Yes, and why they got a record deal, why they found a label that brings out their stuff!!! Ah, are you wondering why this review is just about their lyrics and messages up to this point and not about their music?!? It's easy, there's just nothing to say about their music. It's simple and boring typical German Punk. Fast but not hard or even anyhow tight played guitars, a pretty weak rhythm section, terrible Boozer vocals without any expression in them or what-so-ever, some crooked back up shouts and that's it. No, not really, okay, okay, there is also more or less the same pace and the same rhythm structure of nearly every song, and some not really grapping or clever arrangements of the songs and crappy 'melody' lines. So yes, that's to say about their music, and you see, it's making nothing better. The artwork is nothing special and the cover is really ugly and boring, and the production is okay for a basement recording like this. Once again: Why is everyone making such noise because of this crap band?!? I really can't understand it, no, I can't!!! On the right they do must have (far, far) better bands to listen to, and so on the left they should have an eye on this other bands but not on this totally dispensable group from Berlin, Germany. I mean they can only hardly write songs and lyrics, so come on!!! Don't make that much noise because of this band, because then they will soon be gone in the underworld of all the uncountable abysmal bands past and present out there and nothing more they deserve judging by what they had done here. And now this CD will take a ride straight into the garbage can for hazardous waste. Bye, bye!!! (0 of 10 points)
(To point it out short and precisely: This guys here have nothing to offer, neither musically nor lyrically, PUNKFRONT is at the end of the day nothing than an overly hyped piece of crap, point and fact!!! They have nothing more than an german crackerbarrel Brabbit mainstream right wing nationalistic and xenophobic attitude and if that's all what it takes to get some fame and popularity in the german underground subculture of Oi! and Punk music then this says a lot about the 'scene' over here in Germany, and it says a lot if not all from the left to the right and back about it. What a farce!!!)


  1. mick ( Februar 2012 um 18:12

    hi, ich beobachte und lese deinen blog schon lange, aber das habe ich erst jetzt entdeckt. LOOOOOOOL, wirklich selten so gelacht, diese „punks“ sind echt so kindisch dämlich, denen würd' ich echt gerne mal die von mir meistgehassten bullen direkt in den proberaum schicken und ihnen für jedes ihrer infantilen „R.A.C. lyrics“ eine tracht bullenknüppelprügel (darauf aufgedruckt: A.C.A.P – All Cunts Are Punkfront) verpassen. und dabei müssten sie sich wegen mir brassic oder – nee, empire falls nicht, das würden die eh nie hinkriegen – sonst eine musikalisch halbwegs anständige RAC- oder fencesitter-combo so lange anhören, bis sie wenigstens EINEN der songs so spielen könnten, wie es sich für PUNKS gehört. danach müssten sie 100 mal in ihren probekeller sprühen: ich darf mich nicht PUNK nennen, wenn ich einfach nur SCHEISSE bin.

    ich meine, ich habe durchaus nix gegen die antifa, das geb ich auch gerne zu, aber wenn man eine absolut unwürdige scheisscombo wie die überhaupt erwähnt, dann gehört einem das autonome zentrum gestürmt. geil find ich auch als grafiker, dass die nicht mal in der lage sind, das doch aufs äußerste und sogar für jeden depp im corel draw locker imitierbare „parental advisory – explicit lyrics“ logo so zu persiflieren, dass das original noch erkennbar ist und das neue vor allem irgendeinen sinn ergibt. wie ist das denn zu verstehen? ADVISORY – POLITICAL CORRECT R.A.C. LYRICS?? also erstens, bin kein lehrer, aber müsste es nicht politically correct heissen? dann – man spricht doch deutsch als strammer rechter, oder? wurde hier etwa wieder eine von der antifa immer hinter allem und jedem vermutete ultraclevere szeneaffirmationsstrategie ganz geschickt und kalkuliert eingesetzt und deshalb die bei uns zecken vertraute sprache des angelsächsischen erbfeinds gewählt?

    also, was ich eigentlich sagen wollte: cooler artikel, der mir den büronachmittag versüsst hat. über dreck kann man sich eben den ganzen tag aufregen und bekommt dabei noch gute laune, das ist das schöne dran. vielleicht kannst denen ja mal einen deiner bücher über marx schicken (f.e. hoevels oder so), damit sie wenigstens wissen wie kommunismus buchstabiert wird. mach weiter so, oi! aus wiesbaden

    1. Grüß Dich!!! Scheiße auch, jetzt erst erspähet hier, SORRY!!! Haha, aber kann dir nur zu 100% in allem zustimmen (auch was das mit dem Hinweis ob des Logos anbelangt)... und besser ist diese kognitiv bis auf tief und weit unter die Grasnaht tiefer gelegte Band auch heute nicht geworden, weder musikalisch noch textlich, bitterer Dreck!!! Davon ab, glaube die würden von Büchern zu den von ihnen ja auch so kritisch besungenen Themen nicht mal die Klappentexte verstehen ;-) !!! Gilt auch für weitere solch famoser Gurkentruppen wie I Don't Like You zum Beispiel!!! Sind ja auch allesamt nicht knalle-rechts, nein, nein, nein, nur patriotisch und islamkritisch oder so, ja, ne, is' klar. :-) Na ja, mit dem Nachspielen von Songs: Bevor denen was glückt, liegen sie nicht nur im übertragenen Sinne unter der Grasnaht :D !!!
      Cheers /// Andy