Samstag, 13. November 2010


Hey guys, a little reminder for ya, if ya are tonight near Goslar make sure you come to the club 'Tor III' and go to the live gig with the great DOS DIAS DE SANGRE and more Hardcore bands live on stage, it all starts off at 7 pm and the fee is just only 7,00 Euro for something around four bands at all. If you have the chance then make fuckin' sure that you'll be there, and yes, I'll be there!!! See ya in the pit!!!
By the way, today the interview with THROAT-CUT reached me complete. I'll work on the translation of it as soon as possible, so that it will be up for ya to read hopefully pretty soon. I can promise ya that it is really worth more than just one read, a big THANX to Marcus for doing it!!! THANX mate!!!
Also some new record reviews are in the making, THE WIDOWMAKERS, CITIZEN KEYNE, Oi! FUCK YOU (VOL. I & II), PUNKFRONT, and some more stuff.
Okay, more hopefully soon, got currently even less free time then before because of a lot of job interviews all across the german federal state I use to live in, but don't worry, it will be going on here pretty soon!!!
And now that's all for the moment!!! Cheers & Oi!

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