Sonntag, 21. November 2010

Oi! Oi! Oi! - And we say: "FUCK YOU ALL!!!" straight in the ugly shit-face of the mainstream society!!!

Here's a very cool release, again thrown out by "M.F.S. PRODUCTIONS" (okay, originally it was released by "ASCALON RECORDS" and now it's back on "M.F.S. PRODUCTIONS", at least that's the way how I understand it), hm, and I primarly thought that this record was released anyhow this year in 2010, okay, but this is called the 'Re-Edition' of 2010 (coming with some bonus track) so it seems to be some kind of 'This year's Re-Release!' of this record or so. But okay, anyhow anyway. Like I've already said, that's a pretty cool release, a damn good compilation record. It carries the subtitle "BEST OF BRITISH" Oi! and this statement is not a lie. We get 18 tracks in total, 15 regular tracks and 3 bonus tracks. After a nice classic music intro track this records kicks off damn strong with the legendary CONDEMNED 84 and their larger than life anthem "THE VOICE OF Oi!" (great lyrics), and I think it don't have to say anything more. Hard as nails and rough and tough, dominted by heavy guitar riffing U.K. Brickwall Oi! Oi! Oi! at it's very best. I love it!!! After this the brilliant T.M.F. are up next. They give us with their track "ANOTHER SCAR" another brilliant musical crowbar swing crushing some heads in. Oi!, Hardcore and Streetrock & Roll music melted together in a great and damn unique way, and also again with cool lyrics. Two real anthems to kick it off, great!!! Next up are SUPERYOB. Everyone is talikg about them and how great they would be... Anyway, they are a good band, for sure, but it's always the same with them when I listen to them, 'cause if ya ask me they are just much too soft and they are way too much something like a Pop Streetpunk band. But okay, their song is titled "ROUGH JUSTICE" (great lyrics, showing how to deal with child molesters in the only right and the only possible way) and even it's again at the end of the day a too soft affair it's still a good track anyhow. Nice arrangements of the descent from the verses to the refrain parts and mighty Sing A Long refrain. Good stuff!!! Ah, and the first verse remains me really strong of some old IRON MAIDEN songs and FRANKY FLAME really uses to sound a little bit like BRUCE DICKINSON back in the days. Nice stuff at all, even it's not really my cup of tea. Then are coming SCUM. I think they are also already for quite a while now around (or are they now-a-days not a defunct band?!?), hm, but somehow I know nothing else from them... But okay, judging by this songs that's not that bad at all. Their song "Oi! MATE" is nothing special or so, hm, and it's just solid midfield stuff without the necessarity to know about it anyhow. Not bad or so, but you really don't need it. Up Tempo Pogo Oi! sound from England that hurts nobody... but that also needs nobody... Then are coming the mighty RETALIATOR with their song "JUDGE & JURY". I always liked this band, but, sadly, this is one of their weaker tracks. Nice refrain part, heavy and dominating dustdry guitar riffing, angry and pissed off vocals, but the verses aren't arranged that clever or floating at all, and that's the problem with this one here that will make your ears scream for remorse. Not bad, but they used to be so much better, so there's too much potential of them being unused with this one here. Next band is LOYALTY. Straight ahead forward played hard Oi! Oi! Oi! noise, not bad, but also not really needed at all. The same case as with SCUM. And then finally the next monster comes again, the almighty THE GONADS with GARY BUSHELL and their hard yet melodic stomping anthem "HEY YOU!" with some great stadium rock like verses, hymnal and majestic refrain parts, and damn good songwriting and a pretty cool guitar solo. Maybe my total favorite on this one here. Great stuff!!! Check it out!!! And yes, always A.C.A.B. and fuck the boys in blue!!! Oi! Oi! Oi! Then the smart scotsmen of ON FILE are up next on the running order. Terrible kick off of the song and the problem is that the vocals really hurt (especially when the voice tries to reach higher notes) here with this one. The song is nice beefy and hard, yet still cool melodic old school Oi! music, but damn it, the lead vocals really hurt and this sucks, ah, and the song's called "STUCK IN '82" and so you should know about the lyrics. Then are coming the newcomers CODE ONE with their aggressive bruiser "BOMBER". If you are into CONDEMNED 84, RETALIATOR, and also RAZORBALDE, all mixed up with some THE EXPLOITED Hardcore Punk notes to it and a very Hardcore sounding voice then don't waste your time and get known to this guys. Damn good song, very aggressive and offending, like the lyrics. Really good stuff, point and fact!!! Next up are FATAL IMPACT, and damn it, but I've never heared anything of them. But okay, now here on this one. Their song is called "GET A LIFE" and is really strong rockin' mid paced old school Oi! with some catchy refrain and marked by strong guitar work and a heavy rhythm section. Really, really a nice discovery and damn good stuff. Thumbs up!!! Then are coming the SPLODGENESSABOUNDS (what a band name...) with their cool hymn "YOU'VE BEEN SPLODGED". Stoic and groovy hard guitar work with some cool melody line to it, very cool riff and rhythm structure and cool snotty vocals. Despise the terrible bandname this is a great band (judging by this song here, 'cause I know nothing else of them...) and really also a more than nice and good one. Damn cool stuff!!! They are followed up by the legendary VICIOUS RUMOURS and their hymn "G.Y.K.D." and it's pure sexism at work on the lyrical front, haha;-). But anyway, damn stupid stuff, I don't know how a grown up man outside this stupid Gangstar Rap genre can really do sing such bullshit, no Sex in real life or what?!? But okay, it's straight forward rockin' and yet melodic U.K. Streetpunk with some fresh air to it when it comes to the guitar work. Check it out and spare yourself the ridiculous stupid bullshit lyrics 'cause then you may not loose the respect for this band. Then are coming OVERLOAD with their heavy mid paced Oi! Oi! Oi! stomper "GREED", good stuff, if ya like SKINFULL they will be something for ya (even if they are not that strong at all). Good band!!! Followed by the NOBODIES HEROES and their fast and noisy Streetpunk track "MOTHERUCKER" and that's a damn cool one and the different rhythm types and how they are floating into each other and melting this one single song together is just awesome. Also some nice ideas when it comes to playing the guitars and very charismatic vocals. They also showcase some American Punkrock music influences. Great stuff!!! Next and last one of the regular tracks and bands are CHURCHILL and their track titled "REVENGE". Some old battle bruised Skins from England with short hair and nearly everyone with a fat belly playing us some MOTÖRHEAD influenced good rockin', a little bit metallic and very melodic Streetpunk. Hm, not bad, but I would have expected really some more heavyness offered by them, hm, you can't trust bandpictures at all, haha;-). After this one the bonus track section kicks off with the almighty T.M.F. and their cover of "WAR ON THE TERRACE", and yeahr, this Hooligan smasher is really done great by them, I don't have to say more about it you should know what you get. Then they are followed up by RETALIATOR and their version of "GREEN, GREEN GRASS OF HOME" (this is originally a traditional, or isn't it?!?), nice stuff even it's one of their softest tracks I've listened to, haha;-). Very good stuff, smooth and groovy riffing, smacking guitar work, full rhythm section, charismatic vocals and nice back up choirs. Yeahr, I really like it and wouldn't it be this still pretty early this day I could open up a can of beer because listening to this one here, and you know what this means;-). Last ones are again CHURCHILL, their (second) song is titled "THIS ONE'S FOR THE SKINS" and I like it much more then their other track "REVENGE" here on this compilation disc and it also sounds pretty different. Traditional Sing A Long U.K. Oi! without Metal and MOTÖRHEAD influences, and that's the far better way for them to sound, at least if you ask me. Okay, what's left to say after this? All songs are coming in a damn good production sound and the artwork looks through and through just awesome. Very good work!!! And this record showcases that Britain still today has some really good Oi! bands to offer. Check them out!!! (8 of 10 points)

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