Mittwoch, 17. November 2010


Oh, (again) a totally new band to me. Can't tell ya how long they are around now or something like this, but they are from the city of Antwerpen in Belgium, hm, and I think this is their (at least full length) debut record release (and it's from 2010). (And don't ask me anything about the label...) I'm not so sure about any political directions of the band, hm, could maybe be interesting because al lot of the bands from Belgium that used to came out in the last time used to be some shady and dodgy affairs (I think I don't have ta name ya the bands I mean, and so I won't do it), but at the end of the day I do truly think that it's also maybe not that important or interesting at all, I mean, if you want some thought police work then go to the new Gestapo-like institutions out there and have your fun. I think some critizism on nearly unregulated 'Immigration-Policy' I got aware of, hm, but that don't have to be automatically something 'evil' or wrong anyhow. So let us say that THE WIDOWMAKERS are maybe nothing for the weak-hearted out there, haha;-). And that is especially the case when it comes to their music, 'cause that's some pretty hard and eruptive affair. It's a very hard style of old school fashioned Streetpunk music. Take very huge loads of old THE EXPLOITED (I just say: "Maggy, you fuckin' cunt!" and you all should no which period of the existence of this still strong going legendary band I do mean) and mix it with huge and strong influences of angry and grumpy old tyme U.K. Oi! like it was born and bred by THE 4 SKINS and you have a pretty good impression of what THE WIDOWMAKERS are doing. And they are doing it already in a good solid way, no doubt about it. Harsh and pushing guitar riffing, a heavy and very distorted and distorting bass playing, tight and pounding drum work, and brutal and hard stakkato like shouting (the lead vocals), all made round by loud and fat crew shouts. The pace of the songs is mostly really a fast one, and the energy level is also very high. Okay, what's annoying me is the too big and too conspicuos lead voice shouting, 'cause it's just much too much monotic over the distance of this in total eleven tracks. Also the band could work more on some more interesting and more grapping songwriting to bring at least some changes into their music, 'cause that could help to fresh the music of THE WIDOWMAKERS up. But okay, we will see how they develop in the future, and this here is already a good kick off for them. It's also a very unique style today that they play, maybe a little bit too retro for me, but okay, it's maybe just a little bit, yes, so it's all still more or less okay with and for me. Lyrically we get critical stuff, as well as violent and also Way of Life lyrics, so it's also all okay, if ya ask me. The production sound is pretty good and suiting the music very well, and the artwork looks cool and also pretty old school (even it reminds me more of an old school Heavy Metal cover, haha;-), but okay). Best songs are "WIDOWMAKER", "ALWAYS IN TROUBLE", "DRESSED IN BLUE", "WORKING CLASS", and their RIOT SQUAD cover of "SOCIETY'S FODDER". Check them out, could be worth it. If this record would had come out twelve years ago it would get a even much better rating, but so times and gustos simply just change... Anyhow, check this guys out if you are into heavy underground Streetpunk music. (7 of 10 points)

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