Donnerstag, 18. November 2010

"You're the scum of the earth, yeahr, the local drug dealer! Now we're coming for you, can you feel us getting nearer? You're the scum of the earth, yeah, the local drug dealer! Now we're on your fucking heels, can you feel us getting nearer?"

Yeahr, guys, here it is!!! Simply one of the best Oi! records to come from the U.K. for quite a while. The warhorses and veterans of BAKERZ DOZEN and the young lionhearts of SKINFULL are teaming up here together to give us one hell of a split record. And this is the part two of the split records series of "M.F.S. Productions", after the first split that featured T.M.F. and THE LONDON DIEHARDS. (The review of this really good record you can also find here on this blog.) I was really excited  about finally listening to this one here, and what shall I say, I wasn't disappointed. BAKERZ DOZEN are kicking the CD off, giving us six songs to listen to and to go totally nuts to. Hard stomping, pissed off, mean and aggressive Skinhead Rock from out of the Highlands of Scotland. Hard, angry, noisy, loud, and brutal guitar playing, a fuckin' evil and present forceful bass work, and pounding drums, and last but not least harsh and damn charismatic vocal. What bands like CONDEMNED 84 and also COMBAT 84 once started BAKERZ DOZEN put (already long ago, I know) on the next level, and if ya're also into bands like RETALIATOR then you will also love BAKERZ DOZEN. Great stuff!!! They can play damn good and they know how to write songs, nah, what I'm talking here, they know how to write anthem, and one followed by another one. Totally over the top!!! Just listen to their soon to be a classic "THE GHOST OF BRITISH JUSTICE". Great!!!Not to forget "LOOKING FOR TROUBLE" and "DAY OF VENGEANCE", and also their SECTION 5 cover of "MADMAN" is fuckin' awesome stuff!!! If just their other two tracks wouldn't be also at least nearly so damn strong at all, then they would get even more out of it as they already do get. BAKERZ DOZEN get 9 out of 10 points, and not one single point less!!! Then are coming SKINFULL!!! A great young band, showing us that England still got some young fantastic and real Oi! bands to offer. I reviewed also their "DRINKING CLASS HEROES" debut CD once (you can find the review also online here on this blog), and so you already might know that I'm a huge fan of this fine young band. And here we get also six songs of them. The very few only weak points of their debut they really made up for good on this one here, changing very clever the pace of the songs and giving us some more intersting drum work. Damn it, why aren't all the bands out there listening so good to my advices, haha;-)?!? Anthemic and hard stomping great traditional (not retro) Oi! Oi! Oi! music from England, and both bands fit together more than just well. Even SKINFULL do play more anthemic, more catchy and Sing-A-Long style. Dustdry and bonecracking hard guitar work, larger than life lead vocals, fat and full and loud crew back up chants, a great forward driving bass playing, and hard stomping drumming. fantastic stuff!!! You like CONDEMNED 84 as well as THE 4 SKINS and all the other great old brickwall Oi! bands from the U.K. then you will more than just love this guys here, and there will be even more to come from them, and that's even greater!!! My personal favorites of them are "SKINFULL", "SCUM", "THIS IS Oi!" (yes, it is, and nothing else and nothing less), and "PARADISE PRISON". Great!!! SKINFULL do get 10 out of 10 points. Both bands do also give us some damn good lyrics, the artwork looks great and the production sound of both bands is more than just good. So, damn it, get it!!! I hope there will be coming more releases in this split series on this pretty good label very soon. Cheers & Oi! (9,5 of 10 points)

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