Sonntag, 21. November 2010

Oi! Oi! Oi! And we still say: "FUCK YOU ALL!!!" in the ugly shit-face of the mainstream society!!!

And here's the second compilation record of the "BEST OF BRITISH" Oi! sampler series done by "M.F.S. PRODUCTIONS". And also that's a cool one, again!!! Hm, I'll try to keep it shorter this time 'cause my free time today to do some writing up here is quickly running out. Yes, so okay, straight forward. 15 tracks at all we do get here, and the featured bands are the following: WASTED NATION, T.M.F., CITIZEN KEYNE, WASTED LIFE, THE LONDON DIEHARDS, PRESSURE 28, KEYSIDE STRIKE, INSANE YOUTH, BAKERS DOZEN, STREETPUNK DRUNKS, CHURCHILL, URBAN SCUM, BREAKOUT, ROTTEN APPLES, and SKINFULL. My personal highlights are the young (?) WASTED NATION with their great angry and aggressive fast Streetpunk smasher "STREETS OF FEAR", as usual the mighty T.M.F. (playing this time even more Hardcore inspired with their great hate track "FUCK YOU (AND YOU TOO)!"), the noisy and angry and loud WASTED LIFE with their great Hardcore Streetpunk anthem "POLICE STATE", PRESSURE 28 with their hit "PULL NO PUNCHES" (great and pretty unique traditional Oi! with very grapping guitar work, pretty cool rhythm arrangements and very charismatic vocals, and the refrain is sheer larger than life stuff), KEYSIDE STRIKE (I always remembered them sounding more Hardcore, but okay...) and their smasher "IN THIS WORLD" (great Hardcore influenced Oi! music, with some American Oi! notes to it, very good stuff), BAKERS DOZEN with their tough as nails Skinhead Rock anthem "BITING POINT", URBAN SCUM with their great "STAND OUT OF LINE" (damn good Clockwork Oi! with some pretty cool guitar and rhythm work and very smart lead vocals), BREAKOUT and their angry mid paced forward marching stomper "TERRORIST ATTACK" (very cool verses, nice lead guitar work, powerful chorus and hard and pissed off vocals, great stuff, and also fuckin' awesome lyrics to it), and as usual with me the fantastic SKINFULL with their without remorse aggressivly forward stomping U.K. Brickwall Oi! killer track "FUCK 'EM ALL!!!", and yeahr, that's a monster!!! You have to listen to it!!! Okay, the other not mentioned bands are at least also all okay Oi! and Streetpunk bands and tracks, and in combination with the again fantastic artwork and the through and through good production sounds that's again a good and strong compilation record that you really should get, point and fact!!! Cheers & Oi! (8 of 10 points)

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