Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2018


(Running time: 53:51 minutes; 14 songs)
("Laute Helden"; 2018; CD):
Hey guys, yes, trust your eyes because it's true here's now already the next load in-coming for you all this month and so it's the second day of the month and here's the second post for it, not bad, but first let us wait if this will keep on going before I praise this too loud for you. And with this said now straight forward into the action, yes, and so here now comes my review on the (brand)new HERZLOS album "SCHWARZ - WEISS - NEON" released more or less pretty recently in 2018 via "LAUTE HELDEN" (a to me new subdivision of "SPV") in form of a beautifully designed and fat digi-pak CD. The band's from good old Germoney and is now already around for a decade or so but before "SCHWARZ - WEISS - NEON" HERZLOS were completly unknown to me. Okay, with that all said, hm, what do we get here, what is it that HERZLOS offer and serve us here on, with, via, and through "SCHWARZ - WEISS - NEON"? German Rock. Yes, German Rock is the answer. If you are into new TOXPACK, if the newcomers FORMLOS please your gusto, if FREI.WILD are some of your faves, if you like what KÄRBHOLZ has developed into, and if the later to latest BÖHSE ONKELZ albums are something that you (still) like, yes, if this all or some parts of this are true then you should definitely check out HERZLOS and give them a good and fair chance, because then "SCHWARZ - WEISS - NEON" will probably have a good time spinning in your stereo at home. This is energetic German Rock showcasing a strong melodic and also a modern touch and it all comes with a huge dynamic melted into the tracks marked by some more or less fresh but anyhow nice ideas (like for example some SKA marks in "STATUEN AUS GOLD" or some in general surprisingly fresh and rousing old school traditional Rock & Roll rhythmic arrangements like for example in "PLATIN" or a pretty dark and heavy and slightly grungy riff work worked together with short 1970's Rock inspired guitar lead lines into "ICH BLEIBE HIER") and a powerful punch that marks each and every song and all shines with a big melodic and a good amount of 'poppy catchyness' and a good healthy hymnal approach to it all. The guitars really drive and push the songs massively forward with a strong focus on a rousing and grapping rhythm- and riff-work but also shining with in parts already damn fantastic leads and some damn strong solos and definitely mark the songs heavily and are backed up by a forceful smacking and punching rhythm section, while the clear and clean and yet still pretty heavy and slightly throaty sung lead vocals that are backed up here and there by some loud backings really give the songs the finishing touches. And all in all here we get some mostly fresh and strong and anyway pretty ambitious songwriting delivered by some well-versed musicians and thanks to the pretty characteristic lead vocals and the guitars that sound in a nice own tone that best shines through in the leads HERZLOS also showcase anyhow mostly some good'n'strong own identity here on and with "SCHWARZ - WEISS - NEON". Next time maybe even bring a bit more distance between you and your inspirations and work out your own identity even (far) more (for example the already above mentioned "STATUEN AUS GOLD" as damn strong as it is sounds like strongly ripped away from FREI.WILD) and add a truckload of heavyness to it all and things will get even better and fresher; and on a personal mark, yes, please add some much more dirt to it all because sadly "SCHWARZ - WEISS - NEON" personally for/to me is by far too much polished. (But maybe that's just me and I'm just not that much into the target group after all...) Some good lyrics, sometimes very good (and also outspoken) and sometimes… ahrg… let us forget about it, a too damn clean production-sound, and a great artwork then finally round it all up. I think German Rock fans will definitely like HERZLOS' "SCHWARZ - WEISS - NEON" and will like it massively and this pretty much also for all the right reasons and everyone else who's into heartfelt and authentic Rock music with a only very slightly 'punky' touch to it and shining with big melodies and that's driven forward by strong guitars and (german) vocals should at least give it a fair try and risk one or two ears with checking it out, yes, so give it a try, definitely.
(8 of 10 points) (-the link to the facebook site of the band)


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