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"NECK RECORDS" proudly presents: "Oi! DON'T PAY THE BILLS!" (Volume II)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Oi! DON'T PAY THE BILLS (VOL. # 2)" ("Neck Records"; CD):
Finally I have some more time again and so I'm gonna doing some new postings here on this blog again, and I'm gonna starting it off with the review of the part two of the 'label sampler' of "NECK RECORDS", the label that's run by Kurt of THE BARONS out of Delaware. Like I use to say that THE BARONS are somehow comparable with THE WRETCHED ONES (not because they are copying the legends from New Jersey, no, damn it, in no fucking way, but because they've created a pretty unique style of dirty and hard rockin' Streetpunk sound by them own), I do also think that "NECK RECORDS" is pretty good comparable with "HEADACHE RECORDS", the label run by THE WRETCHED ONES (like you all should fuckin' know), because they've also established a style of their own with their label work and with the bands they are releasing. And yeahr, it would be great if "NECK RECORDS" would become so 'big' and 'well known' like "HEADACHE RECORDS" had been. Would also be more than just justified, very symptahic and authentic guys (in "NECK RECORDS" as well as in THE BARONS) that are doing a great job (again, with "NECK RECORDS" as well as with THE BARONS), and what  a great job they are doing you can easily get here on and with this compilaion. It's the second (and maybe for the next time the last part) of the "NECK RECORDS" label compilation with the great title "Oi! DON'T PAY THE BILLS" and it's coming with  great cover artwork, hm, and somehow it reminds me off my past days, if you know what I want to say, haha;-)!!! On this compilation CD we do get nine bands to listen to, from New Jersey to Delaware and down to Florida, and from bands that should be good known to lovers of the current American Oi! scene (like THE LOOSE SKREWS, THE BARONS, THE BOOZERS, the BROKEN HEROES, and ROAD TO RUIN) and promising newcomers (like THE HATED, SHITFIT, the DRUNKEN DRU BAND, and THE KEEFS), and all in all we do get 22 songs, all bands are at least featured with two songs of them, and some are also with three tracks kickin' our asses. Damn good stuff!!! With the very hard stomping American Oi!/Streetpunk the THE LOOSE SKREWS style, blended with some Metal and Hardcore notes, the journey starts off. Best song, if you ask me, of THE LOOSE SKREWS is the great "VIOLENT WORLD" (damn good and very smart and characteristic guitar work), but the other two tracks of them are also great, point and fact. Then are coming the New Jersey Oi!/Streetpunk veterans of the BROKEN HEROES giving us three hard and very sharp hitting tracks of guitar dominated American East Coast Short Haired Streetrock & Roll music, all three tracks really rule but "SKINHEAD ROCK & ROLL" is my absolut favorite, thumbs up. Then we get some dirty rockin' music to do some hard drinkin' (but the songs also work without drinking, haha;-), trust me) by THE BOOZERS. Former THE BARONS members are here at work, nowadays they're rocking out of Florida or so, and bringing us here three through and through damn good tracks of them of dirty American Streetpunk music with a special vibe when it comes to the guitar playing, and the very special and outstanding "ROBOTS" really hits the light (great atmosphere and mood, really something special in a more than positive way) and is really very different from their two other tracks here featured, a real suprise that you won't have expected, trust me. Next are THE HATED, a band that I've never known before but it's damn good that I know them finally. Some good rockin' and pretty cool melodic, very hymnal American Oi! music, dominated by the hymnal lead vocals and the very present rhythm work, great, I need to have more of them. They are giving us two tracks, both are fuckin' good, but maybe "TROUBLED Oi!" is even a little bit better, and more interesting when it comes to the songwriting, just listen to the short and crackin' Blast Speed like parts, so I would name this one as my personal favorite of them. Great young (?) band!!! Keep an eye and two ears on them!!! Then are coming the great ROAD TO RUIN!!! I already know their songs from the "CHAOS DAYS" compilation/4-way-split on "NARAYAN RECORDS", so yeahr, what shall I say, my personal favorite is the larger than life anthem "BACK TO BREWHALLA" and if you like PATRIOT and a little bit of RANCID then this guys are complete gold for ya, like they are it for me. Great stuff!!! SHITFIT are the next to follow with two songs, and that's a strong band, a very pissed and damn aggressive American Oi! and American Hardcore bastard, let us call it American Oi! Core (pretty much the old school way but not (!) being a fucking retro band in any way, what's always a good thing), and they are doing a very good job. Dominated by the aggressive vocals, the very fast pace of the two songs, some harsh powering rhythm section work and sharp driven simple but effective guitar work, great, just listen to "WOODCHIPPER" and you'll know what I mean. Hopefully we will hear more of them as soon as possible!!! Yeahr, then are coming THE BARONS, and damn it, I love this band. Two tracks of them we do get, "BOOTOM OF MY GLASS" and "DECISIONS". Both tracks are just awesome and great dirty and noisy American Oi! Working Class Streetrock & Roll blended with some strong Classic Rock as well as Southern Rock notes, just listen to the rhythm structure of the songs and the guitar playing, that's marking the songs very strong, and the outshining vocals rise to the top of it all. Great, both tracks, but I would name you "BOTTOM OF MY GLASS" as my personal favorite here. After THE BARONS really something special comes with the young band of THE KEEFS. If I understood Kurt correct he's working with them intense so maybe we will hopefully get something more of them very soon. It's really something special, hm, maybe you can say that melodic Westcoast Punkrock, American Oi!, Rock & Roll and some Country music (especially when it comes to the mood) are teaming up together and the result is what THE KEEFS are giving us here to listen to. Not really comparable to any other bands, but maybe you can say that if ya like THE DUCKY BOYS (how could ya not?) and also what MARK LIND is doing solo (again, how could ya not?) then THE KEEFS will be pure platinum and not just gold for ya, like they are it for me. Interesting rhythm work and structure (take a more deeper listening and you'll get aware of some suprising stuff, I promise ya), very good guitar playing (full of emotions and power and force as well), and great lead vocals and some very clever arranged singing lines, and I especially like the feeling, the mood and the atmosphere of the songs. Really something special that you won't hear that often, trust me. They are giving us two songs, "WE'RE OK" and "COMPROMISE", and both are totally over the top, but "COMPROMISE" I like even a littel bit more, yes, so that's my personal favorite of them here. Check them out!!! The final band is then the DRUNKEN DRU BAND that's giving us some nice Irish Folk Punkrock music. What I like is that they are more Punk then most of the other current bands in this genre (just listen to the hammering drums), but I really don't like the total emotionless lead vocals (they are also more spoken then everything else) and the songs really need more power from the guitars. But they are not a bad band anyhow, don't get me wrong, they make you want to dance and drink and to smash some 'Celtic Punk' jackass' face after drinkin' dry the bars Guinness loads and taking up with his girlfriend, but anyhow they are the weakest band here on this compilation. They are also giving us two songs, and I would name "WHAT ABOUT CHARLIE, DRU?" as my personal favorite of them. So, you see, you get a big bunch of just good and great bands, and a really big load of great music, and that's all coming to ya in a very cool artwork, all bands in good sound quality, and that the CD is just coming in a paper sheet wrapped in a plastic hull is just a matter of charges for a small label like "NECK RECORDS" and so anything but not a problem, so just get this great compilation CD and support one of the best and authentic labels around. And, yes, a very big 'THANX A LOT!' goes out to Kurt for sending me the CD. THANX mate!!! Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)

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