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("Sony Music"; CD):
Yes, and another album that is a more than just great proof of how fucking incredible strong and, yes, ''amazingly'' great year this very year of 2012 is in the case of new music released this very year so far. I can't tell you how amazing from my perception BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and his musical as well as lyrical work simply is/are. From his early works on over his most know and highly well-reputated era from "BORN IN THE U.S.A." on to his impressive works of the ''younger past'' and today and his great, hm, let us call it comeback with the E-Street band some years ago to finally his new album "WRECKING BALL" he knows to shine off and shine out mostly everything and everyone else and so also this new album by him was awaited with curious tension by me and again it didn't dissapoint me and it's again a statement of its very, very own and of the totally highest quality. This is passion, this are emotions, this is soul, this is attitude melted into music like you will only find it delivered by the Boss BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN himself. This is something that so many others have tried, and even more have failed. But who cares, as long as the original one and only the Boss is still standing proud and strong. This album was long or maybe better hungry awaited by me and, like I've already said/written, with curious tension, and so it was just plain and simple great when this year in June I got this CD beside ''some other stuff'' as a birthday present/gift from my sisters and her boyfriend to my, yes, you already got it, right, my birthday. It was already a little bit longer out back then, but unfortunately it was in a fiscal sense a troubled time then and so I didn't manage it to get it earlier via buying it by myself. But so even far more happily I was when I finally got it. And somehow I lost focuss and somewhat like my direction when working this year through an never ending seeming working schedule of record reviews up and for this very blog here and so the review of/on this already larger than life album just comes up today, that pretty late and also that pretty late this year. Okay, anyhow, it is like it is, anyway, so back to the topic: For all what I know also a limited CD edition (I think consisting out of the CD and a DVD... or was it the CD and a demo or rare recordings CD... or even both... or the CD and some sort of a little book or something so like this... ah, I don't know it for sure, sorry) as well as finally also a LP version were released by/of this album, beside this one here, the regular CD album version that I call thankfully my own. Again also on this album BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN stayed true to his roots, attitude and identity, but without repeating himself and also giving us a lot of fresh air and new stuff and nice to great suprises that we all are invited to enjoy and cheer up to. All delivered in an authentic and earthy-organic just through and through pure way and it's an impressive journey through the struggle of the todays hard working people, this is still true working class music with a heart and a soul, a passion for the people struggling everyday through piles of shit and sorrow just to make it somehow through but still come up strong and with pride and fire in their hearts, without clichés or artificial rebellious attitude crap, this is pure true and real music for real people who need no mask to hind behind, that need no clichés to cloak theirselves in to seem stronger and bigger than they are. And with this the music of the Boss again gets also even by far more sympathic than it is also already anyway as well. Musicwise this is pure and authentic Rock & Roll or maybe better just real Rock music, all done for sure some sort of old school but without any cheap boring retro crap in it and instead of this all done very fresh and grapping, fucking interesting and you can really feel the music pulsating and coming and being alive more and more every single time you listen to the album as a whole or to each song as a single song of its very own without the context of the complete album as a whole exclusively song of its own in this moment you listen to it. Rock & Roll or Rock or maybe better Boss Rock or E-Street Rock & Roll of its  very own and of the very best, enriched with a large and varying amount of different influnces, impressions, styles and marks, from (American) Folk (a song, nah, a larger than life anthem like "DEATH TO MY HOMETOWN", just as an example, would have also been a incredible hit on the unforgettable groundbreaking - American - Folk journey entitled "WE SHALL OVERCOME" of BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, trust me upon this) to Gospel, some Soul and also Blues we really find a lot on this very one here, the new BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN music child. All makred especially by the larger than life voice of the Boss as well as an incredible soulful and passionated, diverse and skillful guitar playing, a forceful and demanding, yet nicely room to the vocals and the guitars as well as all other instruments and all other singings giving more than just well-versed rhythm section, and also a whole armada of other instruments, influences and singings, from folkish and folking instruments to saxophones and awesome Gospel choirs and such other stuff, all packed up full with grapping suprises and interesting twists and turns, amazing stuff you wouldn't have expected. Also lyricwise this album is incredible strong, and it's for sure also the most socially aware and most political album of BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN in a while now, even politically and socially aware and also critical as well as solution-orientated lyrics have always been an important part of the work of the Boss rocking out of New Jersey. So you really need to listen to the music as well as to the words for sure, to discover and enjoy this album in its whole greatness. The digi pack styled artwork is a pure beauty and the very natural organic earthy and nicely dirty production sound just is pure platinum, like this album as a whole. My personal favorites up here are the already mentioned forceful American Folk'n'Rock smasher "DEATH TO MY HOMETOWN", the incredible intense and atmospheric goosepimples serving title track "WRECKING BALL", and outshining songs like the folkish masterpieces "EASY MONEY" and "SHACKLED AND DRAWN", "JACK OF ALL TRADES", the impressive soulful and emotional opener "WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN", the mighty "ROCKY GROUND" and the awesome heads up song "WE ARE ALIVE", but also the not mentioned tracks are infamous and damn great hymns of one of a kind. Like I've already written above, for sure an album that will be to be found way up high in my top ten list of 2012. And I can only highly recommend this one for you and if I could do so I would command you to go and buy it promptly in case that you still don't own it by and for yourself, because this is the very best. Amazing, and I really love this album!!! It's so incredible strong and powerful music, really tough music for real tough folks out there without any bullshit cliché flirtings and other bullshit crap of this kind. This just amazing and awesome music, yes. So go and fucking get it, period!!! (10 of 10 points)

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