Samstag, 6. Oktober 2012

LIGHT YOUR ANCHOR - "PETER PAN SYNDROME" (Positive melodic Straight xxx Edge Hardcore from Germany on 7'' vinyl via "ANCHORED RECORDS")

("Anchored Records"; 7''):
This band I saw live on stage this June when I went to a gig of them with my girlfriend and there they used to convince me as well as also her right and direct from the very start and so it was very soon very clear that I need to take there record with me, and so I did. And no I sit here and just wonder why it took me three months before I finally now do the review of it. But okay, a very busy year so fear with reviewing a lot of albums and releases. So, okay, but anyhow, because the only thing that matters here and now is that this review finally comes up. Like I've said, I liked this band right from the start and what sets them apart from most of the rest is the fact that this is pure fast speeded very melodic yet fucking forceful through and through Hardcore that got the Straight Edge with a very positive approach and without any too much Metal stuff and no stereotypical Beatdown boredom, and this apart-setting was also at the mentioned concert the deal as well as it's in general the deal with or for LIGHT YOUR ANCHOR, a band that should also be more than interesting for Westcoast/Skate/Melodic Punk bands. The fast paced melodic yet hard and especially pretty catchy and hymnal as well as damn diverse and multi-layered guitar work, bloody forceful as well as filled with nice suprises and all done skillful and well-versed, is really the outshining trademark of the music of LIGHT YOUR ANCHOR, as well as also the pretty diverse and rich on variations being charismatic skillful lead vocals that are enriched with guest vocals and very different  styled voicing styles of singing, from clear and great sung melodic vocals to agressive brutal massive Hardcore shoutings you will find it all here, and all on a very high level. The tight and precise bonedry working heavy rhythm section gives it all the right beefy and bulky backbone, thumbs up for that. The songwriting is very good and so we find grapping arrangements, cool suprises, nice stop and go moments, brilliant placed and timed Beatdowns and some really not so expected stuff all the time hammered through our ears into our heads. All is done very unique and stand alone already, a really charismatic (and also sympathic) more than good band that is highly recommended by me for you and not only for fans of STRUNG OUT, so check them out. Damn good lyrics on top of it, a great artwork and a totally pure gold production sound make this all to a great little album. This 7'', that comes on beautiful blue vinyl, is about to be released on CD this days, if I understood it right, feauturing the four songs of this 7'' as well as two new (?) bonus tracks, and the rerelease will be done via "BRUISED & BROKEN RECORDS", so watch out. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (9 of 10 points)

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