Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012

Things will go on again...

Just that you damn fucking know about the deal!!!
Hey my dear readers!!!
I'm just writing to let you know that from tomorrow afternoon or evening on things will be started up here again, so stay tuned for some new stuff finally to come up here again. Things will be started up with reviews of three killer records, and this are: THE HARRINGTON SAINTS - "PRIDE AND TRADITION"; BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - "WRECKING BALL"; and RUNNING WILD - "SHADOWMAKER".
After this some new stuff is also in the pipeline, reviews of albums of WOLFBRIGADE, AS I LAY DYING, ONESTA, THE DROOGIEZ, SUFFER THE PAIN, HORRIBLE x HANGOVER, the LAZY BASTARDS, I AM REVENGE, the almighty PRO-PAIN, VARG, JOEY RAMONE, DISAGREE, GRAVE, ARMORED SAINT (a re-release, but who cares), VISION (old but great), as well as some few albums that reached me via electronical mail through the web the last days or weeks (THANX to the guys for sending me their stuff) are waiting to come up here, as well as some few new fanzine reviews of current issues of the "OX FANZINE" and the "PLASTIC BOMB FANZINE", and some movie reviews of several different stuff from first class movie hits to crappy cheap slasher thrash like "100 MILLION B.C." and "ALIEN VS. ZOMBIES".
And just that you know it, in the near future I will concentrate heavily on doing the mentioned review stuff before I focuss on doing other stuff up here again. Btw, next sport postings will be tributes to PHIL HEATH and KAI GREENE, currently I work on them both but don't ask me when they will up here to read, more or less soon, at least I do hope so, but for now the focuss heavily lies on doing the mentioned reviews. I simply just want to avoid the messed up shit on doing all the reviews that came off short or that I used to forget to do in 2012 then finally in 2013 and spending a large part of the next year up here with working my schedule of 2012 finally off, like it was this year in the first half. So okay, that's it, more finally again tomorrow. And then for now sleep well and good night!!!
Ah, in general, and never ever forget: KEEP ON PUMPING!!!
The austrian oak in action!!!

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