Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012

BAD ADVICE - "FOUNDING FATHERS" (Mississipi Hardcore in 2012 all the D.I.Y. way + Download Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Hey folks, at least at the end of this month some more posts do see the light of the day up here again, and so I will also do and finish this one here finally tonight, before it's going straight to bed. I've stumbled some weeks ago over this demo album by BAD ADVICE titled "FOUNDING FATHERS" that was released as a give what you want MP3 download at the Bandcamp site of the band as well as also as a MP3-Download for free officially done by the great guys of the "HARDBOILED WEBZINE", and both links you will find at the end of this review. If there are or had been any physical copies of it floating around I just don't know, only know of and own this one, the MP3-Download version. BAD ADVICE offer about five songs in around eight minutes. And what offer they to us? Really good Hardcore pretty much the NY way with some Rap/Hip Hop flavor as well as very cool pretty old schoolish Thrash Metal impressions to it and all to be located loosely somewhere between BIOHAZARD and MADBALL, but just as loose corner stones, because the well-known and well-reputated formula BAD ADVICE spice nicely up and so they make out of it already with this demo here pretty much their own. Thanks to this must go out first and foremost  to the shining and also really pretty cool guitar work as well as the great songwriting with that BAD ADVICE demonstrate how good they manage it to walk the path between sheer heavyness and brutal fast pace on the one side and grooving assaults and fists in the air shout up parts with very good to already great suprising and interesting rhythm work on the other side. The great charismatic spitted shouted lead vocals backed up by massive crew back ups and a brutal grunted shouted backing vocals only add up to this, as well as the very forceful to work going rhythm section. Really cool shit!!! Good HC lyrics, a great Old School artwork and a very massive, beefy und bulky production sound then round it all up. If they just work on as focussed as on this one here and tight it all up and manage to keep it fresh and make it all even more their very own in the future this band can become one of the best active Hardcore bands in the near future, the potential they demonstrate here already. Where's the label to give them a good fair proper record deal?!? Come on guys, don't sit on your ears and wait for the future to come when its already there. A band we can calmly and surely look out for more to come from and this one here is clearly recommended. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (8 of 10 points)

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