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"ALIEN VS. ZOMBIES - THE DARK LURKING: IT WILL COME FOR YOU" (Uncut Version; "8-FIlms" DVD; originally from 2010)

("8-Films"; DVD):
This is the first November 2012 posting, the first and so with this new movie review posting since some months again and so finally we do go on here ahead agin. I don't know, but at least I've planned that this month some more stuff will be coming up here finally again, not at least because I am quite a bit more motivated than over the last one to two months. But we will see what happens. And after my passion for watching movies is back again (I mean, the weather is getting more and more cold outside, so it's time to put some frosty Black Metal in the stereo and watch some good and some maybe also not so good movies) and it's also once more really about time doing one of the movie reviews I thought that it would be a good move to start it all off again with a new movie review up here. But okay, maybe I could just have chosen another movie, haha, but we will see and don't tell anything to early or so, so read on and here it goes ;-) ... So, okay, "ALIEN VS. ZOMBIES - THE DARK LURKING" or maybe better ALIEN VS. ZOMBIES" and "THE DARK LURKING" or something like this, because "THE DARK LURKING" fits more or less perfect as a title for this movie, while "ALIEN VS. ZOMBIES" is utter garbage as well as the picture of the Alien like creature at the frontcover of this DVD. Because, honestly, such a creature that's drastically ripped off by the well-known prominent legendary Alien creation isn't to be seen in this very movie (and also no other anyhow alien lifeforms from outta space), so I guess it's just a try to cash in on the whole "ALIEN(S) VS. PREDATOR" (and also in general the "ALIEN") hype. (And maybe now also because of the "PROMETHEUS" movie, after this very movie here already came out 2010 and is in 2012 back again in the shops.) But okay, who could blame them for this. This movie is, so I guess, a direct to DVD production and I know no one of the actors from other movies before, at least not that I know by now. So, okay, after this movie offers no Aliens after all, what about the second part, what about the damn bloody Zombies? Zombies you will find in masses here, as well as some sort of a Super Ultra Über Zombie that gets a impressive violent and short appareance just to get his ass kicked to fade away into oblivion quickly. The Zombies here are sort of degenerated Mutants, the unwanted blood thirtsy outcome of scientifical medical experiments of megalomaniac scientists in a down the drain going station based in the underground of a then lost world up in space. So, we have: Aliens = none; Zombies = checked, more than enough. What do we have else and what's going on in general?!? Here we go, read on: The movie starts with a space ship and so with this in space, in the orbit of a let us call it dying planet and a call from help from the mostly underground build outpost on the planet. Then we are hammered down right into the outpost station in one of its deepest lowest levels and we see how a woman that will turn out to be the main character steps into a shower, totally desoriented, and gets nearly shot by a two men cleaning team, before the guys gets eaten up by a hungry Zombie. And already here we can easily see how ugly and disgusting this breed of Zombies here is. From then on we see how she escapes and finally joins a group of soldiers or mercenarys and some survivors of the working personal, mostly medics and scientists, that try to make their way out there somehow alive. While more and more of the little group of survivors are killed during their desperate escape through thirteen levels up to the surface of the planet they finally come to a high security laboratory where they meet one of the leading scientists of the outpost and there they decide to make their camp and regroup before they try to make their way up higher again. Also there they decide or better there they are forced to heal some otherwise deadly wounds, and so one of the so far survived scientists reanimates the main character, yes, the woman that took a shower at the beginning of the movie. There also the whole story is revealed to the viewer, and hey man, what did ya expect, no one else than the Nazis somewhere between 1933 and 1945 kicked it all off, because they used to find no one else than Lucifer himself on their war campaign in Africa. Any questions? No, should be all clear. I mean who and what else. Nazis, Lucifer a.k.a. Satan a.k.a. the Devil himself. And, yes, again, Nazis; who else... Should one day a prequel will be coming it could be named "WHERE NAZIS AND LUCIFER MEET" or so. Any questions should be answered, this is utter garbage storytelling and all. But after this is nothing than a Zombie Slasher movie and like I've already said in no way a anyhow Alien movie and not to talk about a somehow to "ALIEN" related movie we all should know latest by now that no one of us should be watching this very movie here because of a great story or something like this. So okay, Lucifer is these days bred in the body and mind of the main character, yes, again, our shower girl from the very beginning of this movie. And while the nice scientist woman reanimates her also a spawn of Lucifer slips into her... Okay, after this whole dingel dangel finally a rescue team is coming down to the planet right from the spaceship of the very beginning of this movie. But wait: A rescue team? Nah, a cleaner team that only shall take care of that the leading scientist and the main character, who's always named the only succesful experiment while the whole Zombie horde is just a bunch of un-succesful experiments, but we all get no answer to the question what this experiments really are respectively were, ah, we just get to know that evil forbidden rituals and some sort of Necronomicon like book play a important role, so maybe where science and magic meet or so, anyhow. Okay, in short the rest is told fast and quick: Everyone dies, the leading scientist is killed by the by Lucifer possessed formely nice scientist woman while this Lucifer possessed woman gets shot as well and this by one of the last remaining soldiers or maybe better mercenaries, and then in a wild blood dripping mixture everyone gets killed respectively they kill each other all over and over again, the few remaining survivors kill the Zombies and the cleaner team, the Zombies hack and slay through the few survivors and bite their way through the cleaner team, the cleaner team shoots the Zombies and kills the survivors, so after all only the shower girl from the start remains and after she steps into the lift to the surface in the elevator tunnel to the rescue ship she gets shot by a remaining member of the cleaner team... and then Lucifer awakes in her and she kills the soldier and the scientists and the medics who are then with her in the elevator or maybe better rescue tunnel and then she steps into the rescue ship and onward in space to the spaceship or where the hell else ever she goes, while the outpost and with it all the masses of the remaining Zombies inside is bombed away. Maybe the sequel to this movie, if it comes one day, will be named "LUCIFER IN SPACE" or something like this. Okay, any questions about the quality of the story should be answered already by now, and also the acting of the actors gives this movie not really any positive points, and the german synchronisation is plain and simple terrible. What gives the movie really some strong and good positive points is the tight and intense ''gory'' and desperate atmosphere and the ''schizophrenic'' rusty and ''claustrophobic'' scenery in which the whole plot takes place. It really gives this movie a dark and sinister, apocalyptic and rotten, a totally sick feeling, and that's not only needed for a movie like this but also really cool. That the whole movie works in large parts like a 3D Ego Shooter PC Game and consists in large parts out of nothing than countless bullets flying in and ripping through as well countless Zombies is everything but creative but for a movie like this, just a hack and slay slasher zombie movie all good and fine, because anyone who wants and expects more is here in the wrong place. You can compare it pretty much in some large parts to "DOOM", but by very far more the movie than the games, but without being so good... and if you know "DOOM" the movie you also know that this movie is also not really a good movie anyhow, but at least it makes a lot of fun to watch and somehow knows how to grab you and it also holds Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in store as well and that's always good. But okay, even this kept in mind, which means what you can and have to expect from your ordinary hacking and slaying Zombie movie, isn't making a good movie out of this one, but some nicely stupid blasting slasher action with a sick and sinister atmosphere that can give you some joyful shortwhile, as far as you are a fan of hack and slay slasher zombie movies. All fans of this genre may check it out, but anyway don't expect too much, but I think you could enjoy this quite a bit. Test it out. The movie runs for around 96 minutes and I would bet that the ''Monster F/X Team that is responsible for the F/X of movies like ''TROJA'', ''GHOST RIDER'' and ''MATRIX REVOLUTIONS'' and other blockbuster movies" isn't too proud that they are also at least partially responsible for this very one here... Ah, like the cover tells this here is the ''uncut version'' of this movie but it's still free at the age of sixteen, at least over here in Germany. But, honestly, sometimes and partially often I thought "WTF?!?" because maybe a free at the age of 18 years would be far more deserved. So you see, it's surely a very bloody movie anyway. And don't ask me about differences to the ''cutted version'', because this one I don't know. Okay, no story, no mentionable acting, no characters to identify with but non stop killing shooting hacking and slaying slashing mutilating Zombie bloodshed like in 3d Ego Shooter PC game. If this makes you smile and gives you good feelings when you only think of it than check "ALIEN VS. ZOMBIES - THE DARK LURKING" out. Everyone else should maybe better stay away from this one here. (4 of 10 points)
Here's a goody, at least for fans of the above described genre of movies, because if the link works like it should then you can watch the complete movie right here respectively there:

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