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SUFFER THE PAIN - "THE LAST MASSACRE" (Sverige Death Metal Crust on Tape via "KRIG TEJPS" in 2012)

("Krig Tejps"; Pro Tape):
Oh yeahr, here it is, the newest release of the mighty SUFFER THE PAIN from Sverige, featuring six new tracks by this grim Death Metal meets dirty Crustcore roughnecks, namley "APOCALYPSE APPROACHING", "ONLY DEATH", and "GORE OF REALITY" on Side A and "HEADED FOR EXTINCTION", "BURIED ALIVE" and "THE LAST MASSACRE" on Side B, all in all the recordings offer a running time of about circa eight to nine minutes with the songs running in between one minute and seven seconds as the shortest running time ("BURIED ALIVE") and one minute and fourty-eight seconds as the longest running time ("ONLY DEATH"). And now, before we go ahead here in this review on it, it's time to say a damn big "THANKS A LOT!!!" for sending it my way down to Germany as well as a at least exact so big "SORRY!!!" for the long delay that there was before I managed to finally put it up (which is now) for Stefan and the rest of SUFFER THE PAIN. THANKS VERY MUCH man, and also SORRY VERY MUCH for the delay. But okay, however, now it's finally coming up and so let us go ahead here with this one, my review on it. Released somewhere by the end of this summer or the beginning of this autumn, if I now remember it correctly, and so finally "THE LAST MASSACRE" saw the light of the day, and damn it, but I was really desperately waiting for it. If you know this blog a little bit then you should know that I'm a big fan of this band, of SUFFER THE PAIN. I know them from and since their "THE DEATH" titled first demo tape from the beginning of this very year of 2012 and propmtly done a review on it as well as a interview with them some months ago. If you want to get some background informations about SUFFER THE PAIN then probably just read there. You want to read it now? Okay: Click just here: - Hm, but maybe just read this review down to its finish and then go and check out the interview that I've done with them this March/April. Just a little update for you, also backing up the informations given in the interview: SUFFER THE PAIN are today on the road as a full band with two new additional members which are Joel on Bass and Christoffer on the second guitar, after they had been at first just a two man band, consisting out of Stefan on vocals and guitars and Johan on the drums. So today nothing stands anymore in their way of doing live shows and then there's also already a next new release of them waiting in the pipeline to be finally released, and this is a split 7'' vinly release together with BOMBS OF HADES, so watch out for this one as well. So, okay, back to the topic, the review on their second demo release and their so far as well still current release, titled "THE LAST MASSACRE". It's released again on the band's own label "KRIG TEJPS" as a Tape and in particular on a Red Pro Tape, strictly limited to one hundred handnumbered copies (and as you may can see, my copy is no. # three of the one hundred, but don't ask me if there are still any physical copies left or if you have to stick with the MP3 version on their Bandcamp site. The Tape comes with great artwork and all informations you may could use or need (beside the lyrics), and also the recording respectivley production sound is (also again) a totally thumbs up affair. Okay, so you see that all the packaging is a damn good affair. But what about the most important thing, what about the content of this packaging? What about the music, the six new SUFFER THE PAIN songs? There they stayed true to what they used to come up with the first time around, and they also stayed true and sticked with the high quality that they delivered also the first time they came around. So expect deep down rotten necro blackened strong metallic Crust or maybe today better deep down rotten necro blackened crusty Sverige Death Metal full of tight played extreme aggressive and damn heavy yet sinister frosty blackened guitar work that is cultivated by its infernal atmospheric, intense, very dark black leads, totally a trademark of SUFFER THE PAIN, precise played high speed drums that vary nicely and very well-versed between raging thrashing Old School Death Metal drumming and furious D-Beat Crust mayhem assaults and often take the steps to becoming tight and fast skullsmashing and bonecracking blast speeds and then also a sick buzzing tight played bass makes the forceful rhythm section complete, and the sick necro screamed and shouted aggressive guttural and throaty hysterical lead vocals then set the crown on it all. Somewhere between AT THE GATES and WOLFPACK/WOLFBRIGADE you can locate SUFFER THE PAIN today, with more leaning towards the AT THE GATES part than the WOLFPACK/WOLFBRIGADE part. Step by step they create more and more their very own style and make it all more and more round, and that they moved far more in the Black/Death Metal direction feels very natural and organic in their case. This is very sympathic, and also it makes them even more authentic. Also the quality of their songs and music they kept up this fucking high than before when they were the first time around, if they not also improved it yet again a little bit. And yes, surely they improved it quite a bit. SUFFER THE PAIN really have all the potential to become one of the best Black/Death Metal bands with a very sympathic Crust background in the future and I am really excited to experience it all in the first row, if you want to say it so. They demonstrate and proof this potential already again here and I am very sure that they will work focussed on it on and on and on and there is for sure by far more to come from them. What I think is pretty phenomenal is how damn bloody tight this guys already are, I mean, keep in mind that this only their second output so far and this is just done to perfection, all is where it fucking belongs, so damn tight, precise and to the point played in time, amazing. Also their ability to write songs and create a grapping damn intense sinister, sick, morbid, necro and in the same time energetic, dynamic, aggressive and full throttle atmosphere and keep it in general damn fresh and interesting, this is also just amazing. And that they are totally in command of their instruments should be clear and is just mentioned for reasons of completion here and now by me. Lyrical you should know what you get by reading the titles of the songs, even the lyrics aren't printed. Benefits the atmosphere heavily and strongly. All in all they improved again, like already written, and I can only recommend this demo to truly and really everyone out there into Metal and Crust of the heavy and extreme kind. And when they do some songs that last a little bit longer than only under two minutes and if they proove with this songs that they also manage and are able to keep up the tension of their songs over a longer distance, than they get the highscore from me, for sure. And I believe and think to know that they have the potential, and especially one hell of an outstanding and everything else outshining anthem like "APOCALYPSE APPROACHING" really demands by itself that it lasts longer, shining shit, for sure, too. But also so, one of the bestd emos of this year and one hell of an release!!! And if anything in this world is at least still a little bit just, than finally a good label comes up with a good, proper and fair deal for SUFFER THE PAIN. And for now, just you write to the band and order your copy of this demo as soon as possible, I command you to do so, period. Can't wait to see their future development and evolution and to see and hear more from them in the future. Again, like I already said, highly recommended!!! (9,5 of 10 points)


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