Montag, 26. November 2012

LAZY BASTARDS - "TOGETHER 'TILL THE END'' (Bavarian Streetpunk released via "SUNNY BASTARDS RECORDS" on CD back then in 2010)

("Sunny Bastards Records"; CD):
Okay, here's the next new post, and another record review coming in through for you. A review on the "TOGETHER 'TILL THE END" Mini-CD of the LAZY BASTARDS from somewhere down in Bavaria, I guess, here in Germany, released via the pretty prominent and well reputated german record label "SUNNY BASTARDS RECORDS". This little album was already released back then in 2010. I bought this disc two months or so ago at a concert here in Goslar Rock City, at the ninth birthday concert of the local and by now already in the german Oi!/Punk scenery pretty prominent band PLATZVERWEIS, where I saw and heard them, the LAZY BASTARDS, for the very first time ever. They totally convinced us, my girlfriend and me, and so I wanted to buy their new album. But somehow I ended up with buying their for all what I know so far all three releases, and so this is their debut release, like already mentioned from 2010. I will in the next LAZY BASTARDS reviews go on to their current release, with reviewing their split 7'' with THE DROOGIEZ from 2011 next and then their brandnew 2012 full length last. But now to the starting point, the review of or on their debut Mini-CD from 2010 titled "TOGETHER 'TILL THE END", so here we go: Today this band is one of the strongest german Streetpunk bands loose to be located in the wide area somewhere between COCK SPARRER, OXYMORON, ROGER MIRET & THE DISASTERS, TIME AGAIN, and RANCID, and with a great new album in store and also one hell of a strong live band up on stage. But or and how they started?!? Not that strong and good, but still surely okay to good, more than just solid and average. We get one pretty bombastic atmospheric "INTRO" track, and then six songs more, featuring their über-hymn "WORKING CLASS ROCK & ROLL", today live on or down from the stage a just pure hit of the highest quality. And also here it sticks out, for sure. All in all this album is a solid to good Streetpunk record, full of nicely fast paced tracks to sing a long to and dance pogo to, raise your fist in the air and swill some brews down your throat. Perfect for live action, not that exciting anymore on album, the typical ordinary Streetpunk thing today. Anyway... Catchy, melodic yet pretty heavy and aggressive guitars, nicely buzzing bass, full throttle punky drums, powerful sing a longs and nice snotty punky sung lead vocals. Songwriting is tight and good, even not that fresh on this one because more solid which means very well known Streetpunk songwriting than anything else, and to play their instruments they know for sure, beside the drumming that sounds not so tight and not so powerful at all on this very one here, so I would say it was a very good move of them to change their drummer over the years untill now since then. So, not that much originality and creativity to be recognized on this one, and that's the only problem with this album. By far too good known Streetpunk, to say it that way. Beside this it's all good and fine, solid to good typical Streetpunk that you can calmly test out if you are into Streetpunk, but if you have the choice then for fuck's sake buy their new album first. Nice and typical Streetpunk lyrics as well on top of it, a pretty cool artwork and also a pretty good production sound on top of it all. Streetpunk fans, especially those with a faible for at least some of the above mentioned bands, can surely and calmly risk an ear on this very one here and now. More about this band soon in the near future. (7 of 10 points)

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