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ONESTA - "THE AMERICAN DREAM" (Hardcore the NYC way from Paris on CD via "CORE TEX RECORDS" in 2012)

("Core Tex Records" & "Mad Mob Records"; CD):
Here's a band pretty new for me, discovered them just via and through this very album here, their newest full length release from 2012 being released via the german Hardcore and Punkrock record label "CORE TEX RECORDS" and its sublabel "MAD MOB RECORDS" on CD and at least my copy is one of a row of down to just 250 copies limited beautiful designed digi pack CD's, hm, and after it's already two  or three months from now or so that I bought and with this since then own this CD and my copy is no. # 109 of in total only 250 copies I would say that this limited edition is pretty much sold out by now. I would say that also a normal edition was or still is existing, so that you shouldn't have any problems with still getting your hands on a copy of this album for and by yourself, but for sure I don't know about it. So anyhow, better be quick or forget about it, maybe, and anyway, this album should have been released in a edition much bigger than just 250 copies, by any means. After I didn't know ONESTA before I've chosen to ask the almighty and all-knowing Google gods if they could help me out and tell me something about this guys. And, dingel dangel, not only here in Germany the dumb ass fucked AFA/ARA nutjobs are at least as fascist in their way of thinking and in their way of acting as their chosen enemies and political counterparts and are totally running amok at last virtual and so also across the border in France they are and act and do the same defaming and cowarly shit and so it turned out that also ONESTA got attacked and defamed as being Racists and Fascist Hooligans and bullshit like this, and all done like their very best "Oire Szene" and/or ''Ingo Taler'' german counterparts and maybe rolemodels used to do it, so as well done by the french AFA/ARA scenery. No need to tell you that this is total bullshit and absolutely utter garbage. And, yes, what a bunch of smale minded assholes and bullshit preaching jackasses this whole AFA/ARA nutjobs are I don't have to tell you!!! Fight Fascism!!! For sure!!! But this means also that you have to fight and stand opposed to fascist practises and fascist ways of thinking and the buttheads that do so and preach it. So: Fuck you, you scumbag fascist AFA/ARA nutjobs!!! So, okay, after this needed, justified and maybe even somehow righteous outbreak of rage by me here and now it's really about time that we finally go back to the topic, which is the newest ONESTA full length album titled "THE AMERICAN DREAM" and its review here on it. Here we go again: ONESTA play pretty modern or new schoolish Hardcore heavily influenced by the New York Hardcore school and scene and especially the likes of BIOHAZARD and MADBALL really managed to leave their marks in the music of ONESTA, but they do it all with a strong smart and hard own identity and character and enrich and cultivate it all with a strong gladiatorial unbowed attitude, battle scarred to the max or so you may can say, and the proof for this you find in their great music as well as in their strong lyrics. The level of aggression, brutality, intensity and sheer heavyness is damn high, without becoming a bullshit Metalcore or a dull dumb Beatdown band, and also without using incredible creative Death Metal grunts as the lead vocals for a Hardcore band on a Hardcore album. And, just btw, this is a pure through and through Hardcore album and not shitty groovy ''Death'' Metal labeled as Hardcore or anyhow Core-related just because it's maybe hip and trendy and in and cool to do so. So, damn it, thumbs up for this, period. Expect a great and exciting, grapping cocktail full of clever arranged changes of the pace and structure of the songs, hammering grooves, heavy moshing stop and go parts, slightly by Rap/Hip Hop influenced rhythms and rhythmic architectures of the songs, great slam dance compatible moments, suprising and interesting and grapping arrangements, yes, fuck it all, it's all here, and even more, damn fucking bloody great, point and fact. Build upon massive stunning incredible tight and harsh delivered beefy and bulky guitar riffing, outshining fat and broad rhythm work as well as an harsh to work going rhythm section, fat widescreen gang shouts and crew back ups, and shining charismatic hard and smart Hardcore shouting lead vocals, it's all delivered outstanding good and by guys totally in command of their instruments, thumbs up way up high bloddy high for that. All done damn grapping and exciting, an amazing album. Very good artwork (even I think their Terrorism definition and solution to it is at least very childish and this whole Blackpower imagery and Malcom X tribute paying is not so much mine, especially when I think about the fascist tendencies it bred with all the Nation of Islam bullshit and so on, and about the at least slightly to be recognized Anti-Americanism I won't loose a word here and now) and first class top jobs lyrics (also clear against Fascist and Nazi scum aimed lyrics we find, so much again about the AFA/ARA scumbags above mentioned), all made round by a killer bomb production sound. ONESTA as a band or at least some of the guys seem also to have deep roots in Serbia or something like this and so we find a bandpicture infront of bombed out areas and buildings in Belgrade, Serbia labeled as NATO crimes, and this surely with some good doses of justification, as well as a great song with outstanding lyrics like "U.N. LIES, NATO KILLS", more than justified, and good to see that there are still bands existing that do really political lyrics that have a deeper approach than just your ordinary "Fuck Fascism!", "Smash the State!", "Capitalism kills!" and the stuff like this on the one side, or "Wave your Flag!", "Love your Land!", "Get the National Traitors out!" or something like this on the other side. Thumbs up for this guys!!! Also we get guest appeareances by some guys of SKARHEAD and BARCODE, and this also for some good reasons. So, all in all and in short: One of the best albums of this year, and highly recommended by me to you. Damn fucking get it, period.  HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (10 of 10 points)

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