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I AM REVENGE - "PIT JUSTICE" (Sinister Beatdown Hardcore from the city of Hamburg, Germany via "SWELL CREEK" in 2012, CD-Release)

("Swell Creek Records"; CD):
Didn't I announced that I will buy this album as soon as it would be out? I think so. And so I did, bought it, I think, this August and now finally the review on it by me is coming up and ready to read. And don't ask me why just now... maybe it's true and it was a pretty busy year so far, up here as well as in the real life hustle. However, now it's coming up, better late than never I guess. Back to the topic: And didn't I mentioned that this will be a great record? So, okay, let us see. The guys of I AM REVENGE were before their new baby here already pretty active in bands like BADGE OF APATHY, BETWEEN LOVE AND MADNESS and D.T.A., so you see, no strangers and no beginners here at work. I AM REVENGE are from the german city of Hamburg, a five piece roughneck Beatdown Hardcore band, mercyless, heavy, hard, brutal, aggressive, and metallic. And, on top of it, really damn fucking bloody sinister and dark, a tight and intense atmosphere marks the songs and also the lyrics, the whole music of I AM REVENGE very much and gives them some sort of a pretty own and strong unique characteristic identity, refusing to turn them into your ordinary Beatdown Hardcore band. And this I like so much about them, not to talk about their overall damn intense and sinister approach, as well as the quailty of what they deliver is really of an incredible damn fucking high standard, more than just great. And also all the pretty technical and somewhat ''proggy'' suprises and twists and turns that they know to work into their songs really stick out and truly shine. But, whow, whow, what they give us in general? Okay, if it's this what you ask yourself, then let me tell you that you can locate I AM REVENGE somehwere in the distric in between THROWDOWN (before they turned into a wanna be PANTERA Metal clone) some very few KNUCKLEDUST and bands like FALLBRAWL, GIVE 'EM BLOOD and REBORN TO CONQUER, add to it a very own approach and identity and you've arrived pretty much in camp I AM REVENGE doing their "PIT JUSTICE", and doing it for good. Beatdowns, Mosh parts, high speed Hardcore assaults, mad thrashing stuff, beside this a lot of already mentioned tricky and proggy moments for example in the rhythm work, suprising melodic and atmospheric guitar work, clever timed and placed breaks, interesting arrangements and really grapping songstructuring, thumbs up, the songwriting is totally above any doubts. Great shit!!! Further on expect ultra heavy tons of deep down tuned incredible heavy and forceful guitars, all done damn diverse and skilled and varying a lot with giving us over and over again great suprises and grapping moments of melodic symphonia, and in some moments when the brutal guitar riffs get hammered stoic through somehow some of the few better moments of SLIPKNOT and also some EMURE come to my mind, even I AM REVENGE beat this overly hyped masked clowns known as SLIPKNOT and also the "VICTORY RECORDS" dudes of EMURE black and blue and the shit out of both of them. Then expect a gruff and grim, angry and mean, heavy and pretty evil sawing bass at work, tight, precise, well timed, heavy, brutal, yet very diverse drumming, and all in all a rhythm section that is nothing else than a deadly armed and dangerous wall of sound. All topped and crowned by very rhythmic accentuated, brutal and sharp, pissed off shouted very charismatic and skilled lead vocals spitted into the microphone that also know to work damn cool and intense spoken word passages into the whole package, and that are backed up by broad, fat, loud, proud and powerful crew backing chants. All cultivated by a very dark approach and a tight sinister Pit Fighter atmosphere. And all delivered by skilled musicians being totally in command of their instruments. Then the lyrics come perfectly into the play at this time and place because they totally fit perfectly to this described dark Pit Fighter feeling and attitude, unbowed, unbroken, gladiatorial and battle scarred like hell, and for this also thumbs way up high. The great artwork also sticks out, even the cover looks a little bit like a ripp off of or maybe a tribute to the "UNBREAKABLE" masterpiece of KNUCKLEDUST. And the heavy and plain and simple ultra-hard, yet dirty and earthy, harsh as well as warm production sound is just absolutely pure gold, like the whole ''thing'' here is nothing less than this, pure gold, if not even maybe already pure platinum. My personal highlights are without doubt "BREAK YOUR FACE", "TAP OUT", "DROP DOWN", "INVINCIBLE", "ARMED FOR LIFE" and "THIS WILL NEVER END", so start with listening to this ones if you want to risk an ear first. But, you know what, better buy it promptly, you won't regret it, trust me upon this, point and fact. This year already saw a lot of very, very strong and great releases, also especially of the Hardcore style and kind, and "PIT JUSTICE" by I AM REVENGE is without a doubt also one of this kind and will make it pretty sure in my top ten list of 2012. Can't stop listening to it, can't get it out of my head. So don't think twice, just: Get it!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (10 of 10 points)

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