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DIS.AGREE - "DISSERTATIO HUMANITAS" (Heavy groovin' deathy Metal from Goslar City all done the "D.I.Y." way on CD-R already back then in 2010)

("D.I.Y."; CD-R):
Here's the promised first new record review in November and it's on the "D.I.Y." released debut of the Goslar based band DIS.AGREE. This album comes as a CD-R and was done already back then in 2010 but I just bought it two months ago from now, so don't ask any questions why it just comes up now. Back then years ago around 2008 or so I guess it was when Facebook was unknown and MySpace was (at least for me and in my perception) the leading social network no. # one and before the decline of the so called new MySpace I used to follow this back then pretty young band quite a bit untill I saw them live and was, hm, not really disappointed, no, that not, but, hm, yes, they totally left me cold and unmoved and as longer as the concert went on I also must say that I got quite a bit annoyed by what was going on up there on stage. After this I totally lost them out of sight and was heavily suprised when I got aware of the huge following they have today especially here in their home area but also with a band like HEAVEN SHALL BURN they already toured and shared the stage. Okay, I was even more suprised when I then experienced that they failed to become live on stage more convincing. But okay, anyway. Amybe that's just how perceptions do differ, I don't know. Maybe also just a matter of age and experience in and with music, who knows, at least not I. This very album here was recorded with their old original former singer who died by the beginning of the last year in a tragic car accident. I didn't know him personally and musically I was not that much a fan of what he was doing, but it was anyhow a tragic big lost for the underground music scene here in our area and that was heavily to be felt at his farewell concert last year. And also it was a big loss for the band DIS.AGREE and so I was even more suprised when I saw them already only a few months later again live on stage with a new singer under their old name playing their old songs. Hm, but don't ask me if they've changed the lyrics or not, I don't know it, never did so, I don't care for it, never did so. Okay, anyway, their decision and I won't question it anyhow. But what I question is their choice, because of the open lack of skills he showcases far too often over the last concerts that I attented at which also DIS.AGREE played up. But anyway I bought their album on the last concert where they also played, the last copy they had, for five euro bucks, was just interested in and about it. So, okay, currently I now lost myself a little bit in retrospective as well as current personal subjective thoughts on and about DIS.AGREE, so back to the topic, the review on their CD-R burned album here, which is in fact their debut album as well as their still only release to date. Btw, like you can easily see by a look at the cover art above this band really takes it all as well as themselves damn serious, okay, how and why ever. So, okay, musically they announced themselves back then as Thrash Core... no comment... total bullshit... Core as a short term form of or for Hardcore... show me any Hardcore, any Core in their music... nothing to find, nothing existing, nothing to show. And, honestly, personally I really doubt that any of the guys in the band knows about and have ever listened to Hardcore (any other forms of Core-Music like Crustcore or Grindcore not to mention), so it not makes me anyhow wonder about it, just a little bit about the curiosity that they really labeled themselves as anyhow Hardcore and Core related. Maybe just because it's hip and in and trendy, or was it once, or the guys in the band think so, or what the fuck else ever. And also Thrash from Thrash Metal isn't really that heavily to be found in their music. Surely a little bit, but only in a few moments. Basically DIS.AGREE play and have always played some sort of a somehow modern slightly pretty melodic Death Metal in which here and there some few at least somehow Breakdown styled parts are worked into and then that's it, hm, and thinking about it they may think that already this, the Breakdowns, is making them somehow anyhow Core-ish... bullshit... They play a style of new schoolish Death Metal influenced in fact by ''new breed'' bands like HEAVEN SHALL BURN and the likes of it or them, so expect more or less good done and also more or less good arranged changes of the pace from fast paced heavy hitting assaults to groovy mid tempo slashers and some somehow down breaking affairs, delivered via heavy and noisy, harsh and dirty guitars, rumbling and buzzing bass playing, pounding distorting powerful drumming, as well as some grim and gruff screamed and grunted guttural lead vocals, some few marking guitar leads that also manages it to create some pretty tight atmosphere. So okay, if you are a fan of this kind of music you know the deal, if not see by yourself what you make out of the terms ''modern'', ''grooving'', ''melodic'', ''heavy'' and ''Death'' and ''Metal'' when you settle them together into one description term. They can play for sure their instruments already pretty good, hm, but the songwriting isn't all in all that good not to talk about really interesting and grapping excitement. I mean, okay, they do it all not bad, no, even pretty good but honestly they damn lack at least still currently the skills to make it all round, heavy and intense and also they lack the abilities to create something by their own and make this whole thing their own, so there's still a lot of work for them to do, but no problem after this was respectively logical still is their debut and if they work more focussed and maybe do a little bit more intense their homework about the style of music they want to play and not just listen to the overly hyped PC mainstream farce than maybe they will come up one day with some really strong shit that's really interesting and grapping and this not or at least not just for a bunch of oh so tough subcultural wanna be ''Metalheads'' around the age of sixteen years or so. I would love to see them create something more lasting, to see them being in it for the long haul. Also I would love to see and hear them becoming more massive. Lyrically they tried to cover a distance of serious topics as good as they could, and even they maybe better should have stayed away from some abysmal lyrical outcomes that's pretty good and okay with me, to see that they want to have to say something and not only sing about Satan and Beer and Sex, so nothing to say more about it. The production sound is a pretty good one, thumbs up for this, and the dark and sinister artwork is okay, hm, even personally for me slightly a little bit too much up to date cliché stuff. All in all I think this is at least still by now by far more something for the kddies out there, all listeners of real extreme and heavy music that are more experienced in extreme music of the Metal kind and that are also interested in something more valuable out there won't be really satisfied with this album here. But maybe that's exactly what they want to do, this up to date stuff that makes the kiddies go nuts, hm, and then it's all good and fine. Some headache give me the thoughts about if they know that the song "BLACK TEARS", that they do very often cover live on stage these days, is originally a EDGE OF SANITY song and not a HEAVEN SHALL BURN song that also only did cover it some years ago, and also not really that good though... Do your homework and create something more your own and something more interesting and grappping. For a debut demo all okay, a average to solid record, but I really expect them to finally take the next step before they do a new one. Recommended to the above described tough up to date kiddie ''Metalheads'' (if any of this kind should be reading this very blog here, even I don't really think so) and fans of HEAVEN SHALL BURN and comparable acts can also calmly try a listen, all others, hm, test it, but recommend I can't it really to you. But if you do listen to it and test it then give it a fair try, give yourself a fair try with testing the guys out. Copies of this CD-R aren't left, like I've mentioned before above, at least if I got the correct impression of what they were saying at the somewhere above mentioned concert, so check them on the web or if you can live on stage if you want to get known to them. Or write them, if there's still a chance to grab a copy of it, or what the hell else ever if you are interested in them and what they are doing. (6 of 10 points)

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