Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

HORRIBLE x HANGOVER - "DEMO 2012" (Antisocial & thirsty Underground D.I.Y. Grindcore from San Diego, U.S.A. in 2012, homemade promotional Tape)

("D.I.Y."; Tape):
Oh man, how time moves on and what a busy year it was back in 2012, the last year. Even I've managed to get a lot of stuff done up here and also worked up all that stuff that came off too short back then in 2011 I also nearly managed to get all and everything done in 2012 like I've planned it back then. But my girlfriend and me moving into a new appartment in a new town and having for one and a half month no internet access made my plans fall. But okay, with this one here and just three or four or something like this postings more and 2012 is worked up and all the new stuff can come up here. And this post here is also a post that I wanted to do finally at the end of 2012 but then it was part of the elements of my primarly plan that used to fall and so it just comes up now. Also pretty late. And a big, big "SORRY!!!" goes out to M. Sasquatch, the mastermind behind HORRIBLE x HANGOVER with who I was in contact at the end of the last year and who was so nice and cool to send me the demo tape of his band and this was damn great and kind of him, so man, if you read this, again a very big "THANKS!!!" to you from me for sending it to me and, again, a very, very big "SORRY!!!" that the review of it just comes up now. And, just by the way: My old E-Mail address isn't working anymore (and this already for quite a pretty long while now), so if you read this and if you are still interested in doing a WARKRUSHER/HORRIBLE x HANGOVER interview then please just drop a line and leave a comment. In all the stressful trouble at the end of the last year this all came off too short. So, okay, after this all, back to the topic. HORRIBLE x HANGOVER is Sasquatch's side band or side project beside WARKRUSHER (read here for a review on their "DEMO 2011" release by me: and he stays pretty much in this department of old school punky and crusty, filthy and dirty, antisocial and brutal, devastating and blasting Grindcore, and thank the gods for this. This is violent, brutal, aggressive, this is sick, filthy, dirty and rotten to the core, this is noisy, blasting and cracking, it's thirsty, filthy and one hundred percent totally fucking antisocial totally Old School Grindcore with a very punky and crusty approach but music wise through and through purest Grindcore of the Old School kind done in a very authentic and sympathic way. And done damn good. If you like this kind of music, no matter if you were already back then around when it was born and bred or not, no matter if you grow up with it and on it or just discovered it recently, this shit here will convince you for sure, it will leave you hungry for more. Violent shredding brutal and noisy guitars, sick pulsating dirty bass lines and raging and thundering, grooving as well as blasting drumming (of the programmed kind), all crowned by only a few very guttural grunted and throaty screamed vocals, all what you need. Only problem: You need more!!! You want more!!! We get only two songs all in all, namely "DAY OF... (SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH)" and "DAY AFTER... (ALCOHOLIC ANNIHILATION)", and so this demo tape only runs hardly longer than only a one single minute. This is just by far too short. And it also gave me a hard time if I should give this one a rating like usual up here or not. But anyway finally I decided to give it a rating as well as all the other reviewed records and albums up here. Yes, it only has a ultra short running time, but anyhow, if you are into your Grindcore not just since yesterday you know the deal pretty well and so it's all good and fine at the end of the day, at least for me, especially if you take this as a promo tape (that is, like it is, send for free) for a proper future release (and at least I am pretty hungry for it), and I by myself see it pretty much exactly like this, like a little appetizer aiming at leaving you hungry for me, as a nice little promo tape release done all the D.I.Y. way. And so you will find a rating, my rating at the very end of this review. Okay, lyrics aren't included (but maybe the song titles already give you a pretty good impression of what this here is all about) and maybe also any lyrics are not really to find here in the music, and after the tape is a home made tape we also can't talk about a real proper artwork, but who cares about it that much in this case here and now. The dirty underground recording sound fits perfect to the music and the attitude of HORRIBLE x HANGOVER and is with this said nearly solid gold. So, all you fans of good old Grindcore, better make sure that you know about HORRIBLE x HANGOVER, so everyone interested just write to the band, maybe they have some copies left or will make some for you. Or at least just get the free download of the demo or watch it and so listen to it at YouTube via the band's very own video channel. (All the necessary links to this you will find at the very end of this posting). Pretty much fuckin' good stuff already, so "Cheers!!!", guys!!! (7 of 10 points)
(Videochannel of the band @ YouTube:
(The (un-) official (?) DL - Link:!)

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  1. Hey, dude! Just found about the review of our demo you did a few months ago! I'm the singer in Necrosed, and we were very VERY glad to find that, it was amazing for us! We'd like to thank you, because we love finding this kind of stuff about us online.

    Btw, I mailed this to you, but saw that your e-mail didn't work, so I'm sending it to you again in a comment, you may recieve this twice.

    Our sound has evolved since we recorded this demo (with more beatdown/grind influences), and we have been on hiatus from Septemberto this very day, because of our studies (we're all between 17 and 20), but we're getting back together as soon as we can.

    We're not that proud about the recording quality (we couldn't afford recording drums for every song, so the first 3 are programmed). And
    no, there aren't a lot of physical copies, we made 5 for us, 10 for our friends in Himura (grindcore band from Zaragoza, Spain, they're great) and like... 20 to share at shows, but if you want, we'll mail some to you for free, if you'd like to spread the word or anything. By
    the way, if you have a phyisical copy of this, how did you get it? We're very curious, since we didn't made that many and don't really
    know how it got that far!

    Lyrically we deal with a lot of things: corruption, globalization, murder, fear of death, misanthropy... the lyrics are on Bandcamp, I think. I wanted to cover sXe themes, but I'm the only straight edge in the band, so...

    Well, all in all, thank you. We're speechless! It's great that people still trade and keep DIY alive!