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STOMPER 98 - "...BIS HIERHER!" (German Oi! Masters back in 2012 to rule again, from now on on "SUNNY BASTADS RECORDS")

("Sunny Bastards Records"; CD):
Today I have to go a little bit later to work and so I grab this chance by the head or how you may like to say it and so here comes a new post up here, so here we go!!! Yes, here it is, the new STOMPER 98 full length album, released pretty much by the very end of 2012, and my review on it, up here on your very dear "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE" blog. This is pretty much their first real new full length album in quite some if not many years since their phenomenal "FÜR DIE EWIGKEIT" masterpiece. Since then just some 7'' single affair stuff, live CD and DVD stuff and with the "TAGE DEINER JUGEND" a sort of a tribute album to their heroes of yesterday and today combined with some very few back then new and new recorded old songs and with the "FOR THE DIE HARDS" a sort of a best of album and so since some to many years this one here is their very new very own full length album, and I would bet that not only me, myself and I was damn curious about this album. And fuck it, they not only not dissapointed me, no, they fucking conquered!!! Stomper 98 ISP Göttingen Oi! still fuckin' rules okay!!! About all the bullshit talking about this band from left to right, when the ones call them hidden Fascists and/or Nazi-Friends and the others call them a sell out P.C. band that bows down to the AFA, I won't say anything more than just: It's all bullshit, never had this band been on the right not to talk about the far right and on the same page with all this stupid closeminded and smallbrained radical and extreme neo-fascist racist right wingers, as well as this band never had been a politically correct band robbing through the mud and dirt infront of the AFA to please all the brave and tough AFA nutjobs out there. They always stayed true to what they are all about, a through and through 100% Skinhead Oi! band. Time to get this finally in your head!!! Okay, enough talked about this crap, now back to the topic, the review on "...BIS HIERHER!", the new  baby of STOMPER 98. We get 15 new songs in all, featuring a "INTRO" titled funny intro track, a cover of DER KFC ("KNÜLLE IM POLITBÜRO") and a collaboration work with the new Skinhead superstar and everybodys darling Lars Frederiksen of RANCID and the OLD FIRM CASUALS ("HEARTBEAT"). Musicwise STOMPER 98 stayed on the one side true to their approach of strong rockin' pretty old schoolish yet also very fresh and new kept German Oi! with a strong traditional Oi! influence as well as clear Britain Oi! marks in it, but on the other side they really developed quite a bigger bit with workin' with a lot of fresh ideas and new approaches to the songwriting and arrangements that they hadn't tried before and that really make this album damn fucking shine. All is done just great, marked heavily by Sebis great charismatic young and fresh lead singing voice, loud and proud crew back up chants, larger than life sing a long qualities, as well as just great and pretty advanced, hard and sharp, yet melodic and catchy, and always hymnal and rocking, skilled and approved guitar work, the very present and marking saxophone we should also not forget to mention, it's fucking great. Also the tight and massive drum beat delivered by Phil Templar of the almighty the TEMPLARS really shines, and the strong bass work then just adds up to it and makes it all round. All is done just damn skilled and the songwriting is grapping and full of moments that just keep up your attention and the rhythm structures as well as the pace of the songs in general, and so they are holding the attention of their listeners tight in hands and letting it not go again before song nomber 15 ran through. And then there are a lot of pretty different moments, like already mentioned before, may it be the rhythm arrangements, or suprising arrangements of the back up singings (like you can find both in their anthem "BOOTBOY"), so it's all here what you expect to get from a new STOMPER 98 record and it's done just phenomenal great and strong, and you get also even more and a big bunch of new fresh ideas, so what could you ask more for?!? Also great lyrics, criticism of the ruling politics and society you get as well as very strong authentic and sympathic Skinhead Way of Life lyrics, and the massive production sound is also just pure gold. The artwork is pure gold as well, beside the ugly cover artwork, but okay... maybe just a matter of taste but it's the most ugly and worst Crucified Skinhead picture that I have ever seen. But okay, maybe just a matter of taste ;-) ... Personal favorites of me are "KATEGORIE Oi!", "NUR NOCH DIESES EINE MAL", "BIS HIERHER", "BOOTBOY", "40 JAHRE", "GO BACK TO Oi! SCHOOL", "DEKADENZ" (great Off-Beat), "OCHSENSONG II" and the larger than life über-anthem "LÖWENHERZ". So check one of this songs out at first. Maybe... This is one of the very best albums of 2012 and by far the very best in German Oi! since a long while now and highly recommended to all the Skinheads, Bootboys, Oi! Punks and Oi! Oi! Oi! Die Hards outta there. I love this shit!!! Oi! Oi! Oi! (10 of 10 points)

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