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Okay, folks, if you've read the "Retrospection 2012 Posting Series" and especially the fifth and final post of it then you know that things are about and will change up here on your very dear "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE" blog, if not then you are now maybe wondering about what this now is, but if this is the case then make sure to check out the mentioned post and then here now comes the first package of reviews on records I have settled together for you, dealing mostly if not solely with Download- or Onlinereleases for this time, covering a lot of different musical styles with this one here and now, ah, and all in all this package record reviews post will feature reviews on something like around seven records or so (fifteen or something like this had been planned at first, but then I decided to split it into two posts), just that you know that you now get enough stuff to read so that the long waiting time is anyhow excused or so. Ah, and just for the record: This is the first part, the second part will be coming up next week (my decision to split this post into two) feat. reviews on records of OFFENSIVE WEAPON, TMF, SUFFER THE PAIN, and WORN OUT, to just name a few. Okay, and now enough of the introducing small talk, let's go!!!
("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download-/Onlinerelease)
(Download it over @ http://www.mediafire.com/?haq1g23aznbmkp4#!):
A to me unknown band that send me their "OSSO" titled then new release via E-Mail some already pretty long time ago in 2012 but after my old and now finally again current and proper working E-Mail account was fucked up and stuff like this we now just come to it today. Sorry for this long delay guys and also a thanks for sending me your stuff anyway anyhow. Okay, now what do we get from this band named ABRASA... but wait, because first: Who the fuck is/are ABRASA. So, okay, let us start here at this point, with answering to the question of who the fuck is/are ABRASA, and so, okay, with this said here we finally go with and on this topic and stuff. So, okay, let us see, what is there to tell about ABRASA. Maybe this: ABRASA is a band from Brazil consisting out of four members of which all play also in other bands namely LEPTOSPIROSE, the BAYSIDE KINGS, and MALVINA. Honestly I know not a single one of them, but maybe you do. Okay, the music that ABRASA play on their "OSSO" titled album is fast paced melodic yet still actually pretty heavy (but definitely first and foremost melodic... and fast, of course) PROPAGHANDI and also like PENNYWISE styled Melodic Punk/Core that comes off fresh but also with a nice 1990's flavor to it and is very playful and thoughtful and all done very skilled and on a high level, and... instrumental. Yes, right, this is mostly through and through instrumental music of the Melodic Punk/Core style. They do it all really good if not even here and there surely great and they are definitely skilled and gifted musicians and songwriters and they give us a lot suprising twists and turns and keep it all fresh and interesting, no doubt about it, but... but I am just not that much of one of the biggest fans of instrumental music no matter of which specific style and genre, and also this particular style of music known as Melodic Punk/Core isn't really my favorite after all beside some exceptions. But, anyhow, a interesting band with a fresh approach and some good stuff, so if you are a fan of Melodic Punk/Core music then make sure to check ABRASA out. Only a few songs are done with lyrics and the most other rest is through and through instrumental stuff, hm, and the lyrics aren't really that much worth mentioning. Okay, no real artwork to talk about, but the clear and powerful production sound is pure gold. Okay, you know the deal, decide for yourself if you want to download it or not.
(7 of 10 points)

("D.I.Y." & "BLANK STARE" & "GROUND FLOOR RECORDS"; MP3-Onlinerelease)
(Listen to it over @ their Bandcamp site under http://ancientheads.bandcamp.com/album/demo-2012-vol-1):
A young Straight Edge Hardcore band the Old School style from the New York City, new to me before and they released for what I know two demo releases in 2012, titled "DEMO 2012" the first and the second part. The first part of it I do review now for you, the second part will follow shortly directly after this very one here at this place and at this position at this time. This demo is just up online to listen to for free while the second part is up for a free donwload. (There's also a Mediafire Download link given but this one don't seems to work anyway, even it could also be that this was just my fault.) Okay, like I've already said, this is Old School strong moshing Straight xxx Edge Hardcore form the city that never sleeps in the SxE NYHC tradition. Moshing slam dance parts and fast paced outbursts of rage go hand in hand. Sawing guitars, throaty shouted and spitted powerful vocals, pounding drums and buzzing bass, all done dirty as well as incredible heavy, for fans of CHAIN OF STRENGTH and such stuff and bands and music the ANCIENT HEADS will really be the right thing, so for me. Here and there some more fresh and own ideas and some suprising stuff and we will see a really strong band growing on, so check them out. Good lyrics, great artwork/coverartpicture, and a strong recording/production sound, thumbs up. Ah, three songs in around three minutes, so don't you wonder, that also this review is a short one. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (There are also physical copies of the two "DEMO 2012" releases by the ANCIENT HEADS out that you can buy for 5,00 U.S. $ for each one over @ their ''BigCartel'' site.)
(7 of 10 points)

("D.I.Y." & "GROUND FLOOR RECORDS"; MP3-Download-/Onlinerelease)
(Download it over @ their Bandcamp site under http://ancientheads.bandcamp.com/album/demo-2012-vol-2):
And here's the second "DEMO 2012" of the young Old School NYC SxE Hardcore band of the name of ANCIENT HEADS, and this time this demo is also up there for downloading it all for free and enjoying it at home via your stereo, in your car, in the gym via some earphones or where and how else ever you may like or want to enjoy it. Okay, again three songs of definitely by CHAIN OF STRENGTH and such stuff inspired totally none-metallic absolutely heavy and fast Old School Straight Edge Hardcore, and again also in around three minutes, and this time definitely the fast paced stuff rules. Heavy shouted lead vocals, brutal shredding and sawing guitars and fast forward storming drums and a heavy pulsating tight bass, punky spirit and full throttle approach. This time I like it even more and especially the last track,"TAKE CONTROL" totally owns all the potential to be a true underground anthem some day. Not much changed since the first "DEMO 2012", they just became even a bit better. Check it out, download it, and enjoy it. Damn good shit, point and fact. Again, a short album, a short review. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (There are also physical copies of the two "DEMO 2012" releases by the ANCIENT HEADS out that you can buy for 5,00 U.S. $ for each one over @ their ''BigCartel'' site.)
(8 of 10 points)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download-/Onlinerelease)
(Download it @ http://feralyouthcrew.bandcamp.com/):
And now some self-proclaimed Youth Crew styled Hardcore from Nottingham, UK, namely by FERAL YOUTH. Unknown to me before and I stumbled upon them thanks to Facebook some time ago. Found their Bandcamp site, saw the cost free download opportunity for the "DEMO 2012" or "2012 DEMO" titled release, took a short listen to their song material and quickly did the download, because what I listened to totally ruled and they totally conquered and damn fucking took me by storm, and they took me with them and refused to let me go again. Don't know, if this self-declaration as being Youth Crew is really that much fitting FEDERAL YOUTH, but who am I to judge, and, honestly, who cares for it that much, so just let us go ahead here and now with this very one. This is hard'n'heavy, groovy'n'moshy no prisoners taking Hardcore driven forward by dominant and charismatic brutal spitting style shouted lead vocals, hammering stunning rumbling harsh'n'heavy shredding guitars, a phenomenal present brutal slamming bass, and stomping harsh drums, filled with plenty of great rhythms and arrangements, also with a lot nice suprises and grapping twists and turns in it all, and not to talk about great changes of the pace of the whole song material stuff. Also full throttle and full power energy, dynamics and a damn authentic and sympathic attitude and without any childish wanna be Tough Guy stuff in it all. In my book definitely somewhere between old BIOHAZARD, some few M.O.D. and some stuff somewhere between JUDGE and BETTER THAN A THOUSAND and some very few YOUTH OF TODAY, maybe. But anyhow, this is a really great release by a young and a lot promising great Hardcore band, and also FERAL YOUTH add up to the ongroing number of strong to great young new U.K. Hardcore bands of today. Strong lyrics, great artwork, already a pretty fat and pretty broad pretty much widescreen production sound, it's all there, thumbs up, and this definitely very high. Without a doubt highly recommended, check it out. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!
(9 of 10 points)

("PATAC RECORDS"; MP3-Download-/Onlinerelease)
(Download it via a ''name-your-price'' pick over @ http://patacrecords.bandcamp.com/album/northern-aggression):
Now comes something sick and psychotic, Sludge Core/Metal madness from this four piece veteran outfit from Median, Ohio/U.S.A., active since 1998, and now here they are with their current release, titled "NORTHERN AGGRESSION". This was released by "PATAC RECORDS" and this not only as a official ''name-your-price'' online-/download-release @ their Bandcamp site, but also via physical copies (I know of cool Pro-Tapes for example... and would really love to have one of this babies... but unfortunately I think that I was too late...), if you are a lucky guy then you may have one of these, if not then you are maybe like me, sad about it, and you have to stick with the online release. Anyhow, what's up here? This is up here now: FISTULA with their new offspring "NORTHERN AGGRESSION", and my review on it up here and now. You like Sludge Core/Metal and you like it sick and aggressive, neurotic and brutal, psychotic and angry, noisy and nasty, disturbing and really extreme, burning and intense, you love EYE HATE GOD and also like some DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT (at least or especially the first (?) album of them with the title "HATRED FOR MANKIND")?!? Perfect!!! Then you will fucking love FISTULA and their newest output "NORTHERN AGGRESSION". Drastically down tuned doomy and sludgy guitars deliver sick and brutal, aggressive and psychotic-neurotic, hypnotic riffs and grooves and, if you want so, beatdowns (but not of the fancy trendy hip up to date pseudo tough cliché Beatdown HC stuff kind), all done fucking incredible intense for the one aim just to take you down into a swamp of desperation and drowning you in it all, just to be taken for short moments to the surface of it by brutal stoic hammering heavily by Grindcore inspired attacks and raging Hardcore assaults combined with some healthy doses of brutal Metal injections, only to be after this drowned and taken down by far more deep and intense sick stuff the doomy and especially the sludgy way then before. Mighty walls of guitar riffs, somehow always with sort of a dirty'n'punky rockin' edge to it all, exploding massive stunning drumming, and heavy and dirty, deep and down tuned roaring and buzzing bass, soul-out-puking extreme'n'intense sick hysteric vokillz, this all makes the "NORTHERN AGGRESSION" by/of FISTULA, and all delivered in and with a incredible fucking damn intense atmosphere. And also they manage to do a amazing cover of the old THE MENTORS anthem "GOING THROUGH YOUR PURSE", and if a band does a THE MENTORS cover then you can be anyhow sure that this band is a good one, point and fact. A strong release that I can only highly recommend to you outta there, especially to all the Sludge Core/Metal fans outta there, and EYE HATE GOD disciples should check them out anyway promptly, the same do DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT fans that are dissapointed by the new album of this band. (But don't make any mistakes, FISTULA are in no way a copy'n'paste ripp-off band, hell no, a strong and self-contained extreme band instead of this.) On top of it we get a nice (cover-) artwork (even this one will probably make one think that FISTULA are a cliché Punk band...), and a powerful production sound, to the lyrics I can't say that much, and don't you ask me about any political background (even already by looking at the cover artwork you get the idea of a somehow left political background and attitude, but I don't know it anyway for sure), and anyhow: Check it out, promptly. And, oh yes: Get it!!!
(9 of 10 points)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Online-/Downloadrelease / A vinyl LP release of this album shall also be in the making, if it's not anyhow already out and released these days.)
(Download it over @ http://www.helltrain.net/)
Now from the United States of America we go to good old Mother Europe and the Northern Territories of "her" to land in Sverige from where HELLTRAIN do hail down to us. And from disturbing and devastating, damn extreme and fucking intense Sludge Core/Metal we move into the department of modern rockin' melodic ''deathy'' slightly "gothy" Sverige Metal, even the band somehow names or describes themselves as Death Punk or Punk Ass Rot'n'Roll... but don't ask me where the hell all the Punk shall be, maybe "he" managed to hide himself very well in between the tracks and in the silence that you can listen to there, I don't know it for sure. (And I hope you got what I wanted to say with this brabbling.) Okay, so forget about all the talkings about something anyhow anyway being Punk about this band (at least if we talk about their music), and after we have this out of our way, let us see and listen to what else we do have here or better we do get here with "DEATH IS COMING" by/of HELLTRAIN from the city or town of Lulea, Sverige/Sweden. We get some "deathy" Metal ("deathy" Metal means that it is by no means Death Metal but tries to add some of the characteristicas of this specific particular genre of Metal music to the delivery, especially the mostly hysterical aggressive guttural screamed lead vocals of HELLTRAIN) with a strong rockin' and rollin' note for sure, as well as also some sort of "gothy" cemetary-"horror" or with a lot of good will ''horror-punky'' attitude, too. The songs are also mostly arranged and composed pretty hymnal and anthemic with a strong focuss on sing a long compatible refrain parts. Melodic yet very heavy and especially damn rockin' and more damn rollin' guitars scream out, crazy ''thrashy'' B-Movie styled organ and piano sounds back them up, a sawing bass beefes the whole attack up, while marching and storming mercyless forward beating drums give the attack the right drive ahead, and the vocals, from the guttural screamed ''deathy'' lead vocals to ''gothy'' clean ''back up'' vocals, command the direction of the whole attack. Imagine a mixture out of the Death'n'Roll stuff of ENTOMBED, HIS INFERNAL MAJESTY a.k.a. just H.I.M. (to the times of their debut before they went totally gay) with some (but only very few) MISFITS and some heavy metallic Hard Rock respectively hard rockin' Heavy Metal with a nice fresh and not retro 1980's feeling to it, and you should have a pretty good idea of what HELLTRAIN are all about. The album kicks off incredible strong and great with "JUGGERNAUT" but failes to keep this quality over the complete distance but also avoids clearly to be a no-go release, and especially songs like "DEATH IS COMING", "BEAT BY BEAT", "BLACK FLAME", "JISEI", and "THE KILLER COME" really rock and rule, while also the rest is at least worth to be checked out by you. The (cover) artwork is a really cool one, the lyrics are what you can expect from the titles and the bandname and the self description of the band, and the production sound is just pure gold. A good release for sure, not that much something of my personal taste but anyhow something good for sure and without a doubt, and all you Metalheads outta there with a faible for a strong rockin' metallic Sverige noise will go fucking crazy and nuts about it, so test it out or get it promptly.
(7 of 10 points)

("D.I.Y."; Promotional-foretaste Digital-Online-EP)
(Download it, for example, over @ https://rapidshare.com/#!download|542p1|2835798830|Major%20Disappointment%20UN.rar|2142|0|0|0|referer-B219EC19400DF763FC0521C45058D7ED and enjoy it):
This is a foretaste for/of the new MAJOR DISSAPOINTMENT album that will be released some day in 2013, finally, and hopefully one damn soon day. This is a one song download/digital/online-EP release that popped up by the beginning of this very year in the February of 2013. And it's one hell of a damn outstanding song, and it really leaves you desperately wishing for far more of this to come as soon as possible. Brutal shredding and stoic sawing guitars, full of brutal energy and mercyless aggression, lead the way, the tight lashing out drums and the pounding and buzzing bass back them up and the charismatic damn pissed off shouted and spitted lead vocals crown it all, and are backed up by beefy gang shouts. All done very Hardcore inspired, so that MAJOR DISSAPOINTMENT turned from one hell of a great American Oi! band to one of the leading forces of American Oi! Core of today, at least with this one. Imagine SQUIGGY with far more brutal aggression and far more (Old School) Hardcore influences. Great!!! The lyrics are very political and even more pissed off and offensive and outspoken and really damn good stuff, the artwork rules and the raw production sound fits perfect, especially so far if you keep the demo status of this recording in mind. Can't wait for more!!! And you, if you still don't have it then just damn fucking get it now!!! Oi! Oi! Oi!
(9 of 10 points)

Okay, more to come in the at the beginning of this very post mentioned part two, at the beginning of the next week, Monday or Tuesday, then that's it now so far, have a good night and sleep well and dream even better, and then more soon. Cheers guys!!!

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