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In Retrospection: 2012 - Summary of a year in motion up here on "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE"; Chapter IV: Personal favorite posts of 2012

(Note: Also like to the introduction of post part no. # V of this unplanned and accidentially - thanks to Blogger - "Retrospection on 2012" - or something like this - posting series also some very few and very short explaining words to post part no. # IV here, this one now dealing with my personal favorite posts of the year of 2012 up here on "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE". I've done this stuff, of naming you my personal favorite posts also before in the retrospection of 2010 but somehow forgot about to do so in the retrospection on 2011 but thought that it would be anyhow a good move to give it a comeback here and now. This post is not naming you only my personal favorite posts of 2012 by me up here but it is also leading to what will be the focus point of the - already some hours ago - posted post part no. # V which means it will lead to the future of this blog and my plans for it so that if you should not have read this part V this here is good starting point for finally doing it, and if you have already read it you now get with this one here a more complete picture of it all. And no, just you wait for the post part no. # I still today or maybe tomorrow and you will know why I started this posting series with part V and now part IV instead of starting it off with part I and then now part II, just wait for it, so don't ask for this why here and now. Ah, and also don't ask why this turned out to be a posting series instead of a single post. Also, again, just wait. The introduction words to post part no. # I then will tell you the whole story. So, again, just don't ask. And that's it, enough of the introducing small talk, let's go!!!)

Part IV: 2012 up on "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE" - Here are my personal favorites


Okay, now I will mention some of the posts that I've done in 2012 up here that from my point of view are... hm, nah, better this way: Now I will mention my personal favorites of all the posts that I've done in 2012. But before I will do so some short general words about 2012 and my blog activities up here in and over this very year known as 2012. This will be next, then my personal favorites, maybe the top five of them or so, we will see, I mean we will see how I will handle and manage this then now. Forward in and with this post!!!

(Trust this words of wisodm in every aspect and part of your life!)
(That's so damn true!)
2012 was a very busy year up here, a very, very busy year, even the amount of posts was not that much or high as the amount of posts that I've done in 2010 (when I started this blog) and in 2011. Hm, and maybe it's also because 2012 was in general a very, very busy year with a lot of excitment and happenings, like I described you via a short overview on it above, and so it's also maybe this why I felt and still feel and think that 2012 was really a very busy year also up here on this very blog. Anyhow, onwards we go: And the very most majority of all the posts had been reviews on records, from Tapes to Download-Releases there had been records being reviewed by me in 2012 on or in nearly every possible format. It was really heavy to do all this stuff. Damn it. First working of all the reviews on records that I missed out on in 2011 and then doing all the reviews on records of 2012 and beside this doing also reviews on records and releases that had been surely new to me but had been some years old already but that I discovered new in 2012 and reviewed up here for you anyway just in case you may have missed out on them so far like myself had done so. All in all some day around October 2012 or so I guess it was more or less too much and I started to taking some time off breaks on it here and there. Also because I really wanted to get all the stuff of 2012 done in 2012, all the reviews on records and all the other stuff that I wanted to do because I wanted to avoid the same situation as at the beginning of 2012 at the beginning of 2013 with having myself pushing and working through a huge pile of records with doing reviews on them on and on and more or less this plan used to work out at least somehow. At least better than the year before. But, like I said, it was really nearly to much with all this never ending flood of records and the reviews on them, at least for me. The posts of the ''Sports'' and of the ''American Oi! History Series'' category really fell off due to this, and beside some few "Fanzine Reviews" and "Movie Reviews" from some point on nothing else than "Record Reviews" were born up here. That is something that I will change in 2013 for sure, because I was totally fed up with doing reviews on records and if you keep in mind that the fun of reviewing records was around 2002 or so the main reason for me to start doing a fanzine and remained this main reason also when doing this blog because I always heavily enjoyed it than you may see that this says a lot, when I was fed up with reviewing records. I think and hope that I did anyhow the good and detailed job you know by me when I review records, but it was really hard for me and it got harder and harder. Okay, this now should be enough for now, now to my favorites, because believe it or not (and I didn't believe it by myself from some point on) but there had been more up here than just reviews on records, and some of this posts I will now mention here for you in case you may have forgot about them or missed out on them so far.

(That's how it is!!!)

(You have to know your priorities right.)
First of all my absolute favorite was the tribute post to ZACK "KING" KHAN, a post of the "Sports" category. And by knowing that this post is by now also ranked in the list of top most readed posts up here it seems that you think pretty much the same way as I do. Also this post is something special for me because of the cool estimation of it by no one else than ZACK "KING" KHAN himself who I really want to thank for his kind and nice words for it up on Facebook. Great, thanks man!!! If you want to read this post you just have to click here and enjoy reading it, some videos you find in it as well. I've put a lot of work in it and so I really get a good feeling knowing about the estimation it gets. The other proper and huge ''Sports'' category post that I've done in 2012 didn't experienced that huge, great and cool feedback even I really don't know why, I am talking about the BEN PAKULSKI tribute post that you can find and read here so click there and read it if you are interested in it. And by looking at the amazing development of him from 2012 to his second place at the "ARNOLD CLASSIC" in 2013 where he was just beaten by a phenomenal Dexter Jackson and some fucked up food poisoning there's enough reason for you, I think so, to be interested in it at least if you are interested in Pro Bodybuilding anyway. Even the feedback wasn't anything but strong this is for sure one of my absolute favorites of 2012 up here as well for sure, also in this one I really put a lot of work and I think it's really worth a read. So if you became curious on/for it then why not check it out, I mean, it won't hurt you anyhow anyway. The next favorite of 2012 of me is a through and through music connected one, and this is my tribute post to honour the American Oi! legends of STARS & STRIPES and this post you can find here and if you are interested in a once most controversial and also today for some nutjobs totally provocative real Oi! band then make sure to check it out. It was hard to see last year that it really was the first post of the "American Oi! History Series" in a year back then. And now, looking on it, it's also something like nearly a year gone again since then... even I always promise myself that this series isn't dead by now already yet... we will see what the future will bring. The next two favorites of mine in and for 2012 up here had been and are definitely the two interviews that I've done in 2012 up here finally again and I couldn't found better interview partners than SUFFER THE PAIN and SHADE OF MANKIND and if you want to see and experience this by yourself read the interviews. The SUFFER THE PAIN interview you can find here and the SHADE OF MANKIND interview you can find here and after I already said some words about them somewhere above in this post I will now close this chapter and leave you just with the links for my five personal favorite posts of 2012 up here on "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE".

Now we close this chapter and finally we come to the last and final and so the closing chapter of this retrospection post, and it's a "giant post" by now already. This last chapter is now not a retrospection chapter but an outlook chapter in which I will draw in some short words a picture of how this blog will change from now on in 2013 and beyond more and more step by step. Want to know about? Fine! Read on. Here we go for the last time here and now...

Go to the next post, the Chapter V to get an outlook on changes in the soon future up here and how things will change and go on in the future up here on "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE". I think that some certain changes are about to come, at least from my perspective and if you ask me... so just you wait and see... and read.

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