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Okay folks, like announced last week or so here now comes the part two of the reviews on records of/in April 2013, again, of course, in the form of a ''review-package'', after it worked out quite well the first time and after it's planned and announced I think I will keep this new working routine going on and see how it all will develop in the future. This time we're starting it all off with, for example, reviews on bands like HOLLOW TRUTH and MASTIFF as well as with reviews on the last MERCYLESS release, titled "MUNDO ENFERMO", and the new SUFFER THE PAIN live recording release and then go on through releases like the new split of OFFENSIVE WEAPON and TMF, some compilations album, and finally ending with a review on the now already nearly classical demo release of/by WORN OUT. So you see, some good stuff is in the pipeline, so stay tuned, it's crushing in right now for you, so read on if you want to know more. (Ah, and also this post will focuss mostly on online-download-D.I.Y.-releases, before the next time this will change again a bit with new reviews on new releases from the DROPKICK MURPHYS to the CRUSHING CASPARS, just as examples.)

("D.I.Y."; Mp3-Download-Release)
(Download it over @
Cool!!! Some time ago this very demo here was sent to me via E-Mail by Ciarán, the singer of HOLLOW TRUTH, and man, just THANX for it!!! He asked me for doing a review and of course I will do one and so here it comes, my review on the "THE DAY THE EARTH SHOOK: DEMO MMXII" by HOLLOW TRUTH, it was released more or less by the end of 2012, and it features four songs in about ten minutes, one intro and three full blast songs straight forward. HOLLOW TRUTH roar from Dublin, Ireland and they making'n'taking no prisoners with their very stand-alone Thrash Metal inspired Hardcore Crossover style. Sharp edged hard and heavy hitting guitar work, ultra charismatic brilliant sung powerful lead vocals, and a grim yet nicely melodic shredding rhythm section make and mark the music of HOLLOW TRUTH that is a Crossover bastard of fresh and not retro played 1980's Bay Area Thrash Metal and Hardcore somewhere between the moshing and thrashing Old School way and the Holy Terror Hardcore style. Maybe you can say that if you combine INTEGRITY with TESTAMENT and add D.R.I. and ANTHRAX to it, maybe, then you maybe have a pretty good idea of HOLLOW TRUTH, keep then in mind that they do it all totally fresh and exiting and without any bullshit retro stuff and this also damn great and fantastic stand-alone, then you know pretty good of what to expect from the HOLLOW TRUTH here and now on this one. Great rhythms and grooves, first class arrangements and grapping songwriting, done by skilled musicians. First class!!! And you know what: It's damn great!!! Very good lyrics, a great artwork and a first class recording/production sound we get as well on top of it. This is highly recommended, so now better just get it sooner than later, great shit, point and fact. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!
(9 of 10 points)
(PS: Don't ask me about any physical release and copies of this demo, better ask the band itself.)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download-Release)
(Download it over @
I stumbled upon this band and demo album due to the great "HARDBOILED WEBZINE" ( recently and now I am pretty much convinced if not conquered by this band and demo. All in all this California based Hardcore band gives us six songs in about eight minutes of blasting raging furious a little bit metallic Hardcore the antisocial and tough as nails kind that I would describe as a mixture out of FURIOUS STYLES with some TERROR. Sharp played and tight and directly on point timed and played Hardcore, marked by brutal heavy harsh guitars, aggressive and nasty shredding bass and thunderous rumbling drums, and a brilliant aggressive brutal shouted lead vocal voice. Grapping arrangements, fresh and interesting songwriting, great and cool grooves that also show some Rap/Hip Hop influences, and all done fresh and interesting and in no rip off way. A great band that promises really a lot!!! It comes with a nice sinister artwork that fits perfect to the musick, and also all in a really strong production sound. All in all this one here is highly recommended for all you Hardcore Roughnecks outta there and we should all have open eyes and ears on MASTIFF. Thumbs up, get it!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!
(9 of 10 points)
(PS: Also in this case don't ask me about the existence of any physical copies, also here better ask the band itself.)
("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download-Release)
(Download it over @!):
Here's MERCYLESS, a metallic Beatdown Hardcore band respectively a beatdown-styled Metal-Hardcore band from Spain. They sent me their 2012 release "MUNDO ENFERMO" in October 2012 via E-Mail and... I just totally forgot about it so far. Sorry guys!!! Really SORRY!!! But also THANKS very much for sending me your music!!!! Anyway, here now finally comes the review of it. The album is up for free downloading and they also already released by the beginning of 2013 the follow up album to this very one that's up as a name your price download on their Bandcamp site. If there are any physical releases existing, of this one as well as of their already mentioned follow up release, I have not a single clou about. On "MUNDO ENFERMO" they give us a seven songs in around nineteen minutes crowbar swing in musical form. And if you have a faible for HATEBREED as well as TERROR and some xTYRANTx and maybe also some xPROVIDENCEx and KING OF CLUBZ, then you will also like MERCYLESS without a doubt. Brutal hammering brickwall guitar riffs, demolishing rhythm section at work, hard and brutal throaty shouted lead vocals, fat and broad widescreen gang crew shout back ups, fat grooves and heavy beatdowns, devastating mid tempo parts and furious raging up tempo moments, nice guitar parts, all mixed well through together by skilled musicians that also hold some well skilled songwriting abilities in store. If they just manage in the future to create a stronger own identity so that they would shine out more out of the thousands of bands in this particular genre of Beatdown affiliated metallic Hardcore musick, then they will become even far more good if not great or even greater in the future. Don't make any mistakes, a really good album and really ahead of all the stuff all this countless HATEBREED and TERROR ripp off bands of today outta there are doing these days, and so a truly good album that I can easily recommend to you if you are into let us call it modern metallic Hardcore and so at leat risk one or two ears (because you don't risk that much with doing so after all), it's just something like ''the x-factor'' that's at least currently a bit missing, but I think MERCYLESS will take care of this in the future, because all the potential to do so they hold in store. Thumbs up for and to you guys!!! To the spanish lyrics I can't really say anything and so I will spare me every word about it before I talk respectively write some total non-sense. The fat and heavy production sound fits perfect to the musick and is a pure bomb, and the cover artwork I really like a lot. So, that's all, give this spanish Hardcore roughnecks a fair chance, I don't think that they will dissapoint you anyhow. And I will risk an ear on their follow up album soon as well anyway anyhow. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!
(7 of 10 points)
(PS: And guys, once again, I am very SORRY that it took me so long to finally do this review, but also once again THANX for sending me your album, damn cool of you.)
("D.I.Y."; Online-Release)
(Listen to it over @
Hell yeahr, here it is, the newest album of/by my absolute favorites of SUFFER THE PAIN, roaring down from Sverige. This is the official D.I.Y. done live recording of their, if I understood it right and correct, first ever gig as a full proper four piece band which took place "LIVE @ BANKIREN" (don't ask me if this is a club, a festival, or what the hell else ever). The live recording is (at least so far) just released as a online-to-listen-to-release-affair on their Bandcamp site without any download opportunity (don't ask me why), just that you know it. If you are following this blog more or less regulary and frequently latest from last year on then you should know that I am totally conquered by SUFFER THE PAIN and that they are very well present up here on your dear "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE" blog, and this for more than good and more than justified reasons. Combining dark and brutal Crustcore with morbid and aggressive Sverige style blackened Death Metal, creating one hell of a bastard that will leave both satisfied, fans of bands and stuff like WOLFPACK/WOLFBRIGADE, SKIT SYSTEM, DISFEAR, GENOCIDE SS, to just name a few, as well as fans of DISMEMBER, AT THE GATES, EDGE OF SANITY, (early) DISSECTION, and (old) ENTOMBED, and this all without ripping anything or anyone off and becoming one sort of a copy'n'paste band, nah, hell no, not SUFFER THE PAIN, instead of this they create something fucking fresh and damn grapping, a fascinating and exciting music cocktail that should please anyone outta there that really knows good heavy extreme aggressive musick. Blackened crusty Necro Death Metal Punk from Sverige, maybe this way you can describe or better name the musick of SUFFER THE PAIN. Fast raging ultra heavy yet damn melodic and above all incredible aggressive guitars, outshining charismatic guttural hysterical screamed lead vocals, and a fast raging tight bulldozer like rhythm section, all melted together in a fantastic way with, from my point of view, the blackened Death Metal ingredients clearly leading the way today for the punky Crustcore ingredients to follow, and for my absolutely no problem, I cheer up to this development, because SUFFER THE PAIN really know how to do it right, point and fact. This live recording features nine songs at all, mixing their hymns from "THE DEATH" and "THE LAST MASSACRE" nicely through and giving us also with "BREAK YOUR CHAINS" and "NUCLEAR END" two brandnew songs that are incredible strong, totally great shit, and will leave you damn hungry for far, far more finally to come. This is highly recommended and I can't wait for their split 7'' with BOMBS OF HADES being finally released this year on and via "DOOMENTIA RECORDS". Keep it going on strong like this guys, amazing!!!
(9 of 10 points)
(PS: And guys, I will make up my mind, maybe I will find somewhere in there an idea how and where and with who you can do a show in Germany with SUFFER THE PAIN one day, I damn need to see and hear you live!!!)

(Get it for example over @
Fuck yeahrrr!!! This is incredible cool and outstanding damn cool!!! Waited for it for quite a while, waited especially for new OFFENSIVE WEAPON stuff for even longer, can't get enough of TMF anyhow, and then finally it's here, all three great news come true in one happening, the release of this little 7''. But wait, to get something straight and clear, so you have to know that currently I don't review the if you want so original 7'' version but ''just'' a free download version, but a "complete" one, that was send to me this week by the nice guys in "SKINFLINT MUSIC" via E-Mail and so first comes first: THANX A LOT guys, that's damn great of you!!! (And don't worry, of course I won't post the download link or do any bullshit crap like this, trust me.) So, okay, and now straight onwards into this review of this, so much I can't wait to say it already now, great if not amazing little album. Side one is occupied by the U.K. Thug Core Oi! Rock Roughnecks in TMF a.k.a. the TATTOOED MOTHERFUCKERS and they give us two songs in their typical for them and pretty unique style of U.K. Brickwall Thug Core somewhere between Brickwall Oi! like CONDEMNED 84 and BAKERZ DOZEN, heavy weight Skinhead Rock like RETALIATOR and CLOSE SHAVE, and Old School inspired yet rockin' thugish Hooligan'n'Thug Hardcore like BLOOD FOR BLOOD, all done bonedry and ultra-heavy and hard hitting, carried on by forward marching and brutal pushing hammering guitars, a precise and tight heavy stomping and angry and loud shredding and cracking rhythm section, and this incredible smart and hard charismatic lead vocals and first class crew back up chants. All done in a great way, with grapping rhythm arrangements and electrifying pace constructions plus first class grooves the untrendy way. Thumbs up, and they are even a bit better than before. Two songs by them, like already mentioned, named "WELCOME TO THE GREYZONE" and "FUCK OFF AND DIE", and both songs are pure gold, while the first one is even purest platinum on all damn possible and thinkable levels. Great!!! Also we get the typical militant battle scarred gladiatorial pissed off everyone and anything offending politically incorrect antisocial typical TMF lyrics, and the songs come in a first class production sound. Great!!! Then the B Side is owned by the awesome amazing OFFENSIVE WEAPON, and yes, damn it, they are finally really back, yeahrrr!!! And how they are back!!! Their very early 2010 full length debut release easily managed it to move in the top ten ranks of my albums of this very year back then, and they had been one of the most promising and for sure best bands back then. But then they more or less suddenly dissapeared again as soon as they popped up on the radar screen, at least for me over here in Germany. Then it was very silent around OFFENSIVE WEAPON, while over the last year the rumours went that they would be still active and would be working on new stuff to bring it out one day. At the beginning of this very year of 2013 then I first heard about this 7'' split happening, and now it's really and truly finally here after all. And this shit rules, hell yeahrrr!!! They give us also two songs, named "LEGION OF '76" and "CHANGE THE LAW", and they sticked true to their sound and style but improved it even heavily and so they somehow managed to improve themselves and "it all" (which means what they are doing, their music, their style) even a bit more. And so we get battle scarred patriotic and gladiatorial damn heavy and sheer brutal yet incredible melodic and anthemic American East Coast Oi! the NYC way with that special OFFENSIVE WEAPON flavor to it which is to be found especially in the damn melodic, symphonic and anthemic/hymnal guitar leads and solos, all very present and heavily the songs marking, and the sheer aggressive and yet very hymnal sung shouted lead vocals, backed up by beefy and bulky gang shouts. It's so damn great!!! Beside this we get ultra-heavy tons of brutal stomping diverse and tight, hard, heavy, and intense guitar riffs, brutal buzzing shredded bass work, skullcracking and bonesmashing steel toe'd drumming, and great grapping rhythm architectures and structures, as well as a smart pace arrangements of the songs. And this all incredible stand-alone done and damn fucking amazing. OFFENSIVE WEAPON are definitely a stand-alone band so that any comparisions don't make that much sense after all, but maybe you can locate them somewhere between the YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE, OXBLOOD, FIRST STRIKE, the TEMPLARS, as well as PERKELE and ULTIMA THULE, with some very few French Oi! in the mix as well, and a full throttle and a full energy rush non stop. But that's just a loose description. Anyhow, currently pretty much one of the damn best bands around!!! Also lyrical they keep up the direction and the high standard of quality with their roughnecked silverbacked patriotic and proud militant first class lyrics, and also we get the OFFENSIVE WEAPON songs also in a top production sound, too. The 7'' comes, for what I understand, in many different vinyl colours and also in two versions with two different covers, one "MFS" version with a pretty shitty retarded cover art and one "SKINFLINT" version with the cool and great cover art you can see here a little bit above. (And that's the reason why I decided to choose this cover, the cool and great one, for this posting up here.) I think that now there's nothing left to say but just get it and I must get my hands on one of this 7'' babies by myself as well pretty soon. This is incredible highly recommended and even it's still pretty early in this very year, I really think that this one here surely can be found in the list or rank(ing)s of this year's best top ten albums, at least up here on this very blog. Amazing!!! Oi! Oi! Oi!
(10 of 10 points)
(PS: And again a damn big THANX to the great guys in "SKINFLINT MUSIC" for sending it to me, you're the best, that's damn great of you!!!)

("A DYING BREED RECORDS"; Online-Download-Release)
(Download it, if you still can, for example here @!download|686p2|1329432913|Blacklisted_-_Todays_real_Oi__movement__2012_.rar|57633|0|0|0|referer-E4A37ACB2765FED06DF24E6EBF58E7F1):
Uh, fuck it... that's now really sucking by me... this online free to download compilation was released by Brandon of FIGHTING 84 and his D.I.Y. Underground Label "A DYING BREED (RECORDS)" now pretty much exactly a year ago in 2012 and back then he used to send me the link to download it with the question of reviewing it and post it... and for sure I always planned to do so... and then I totally forgot about this little comp lying around somewhere on my harddisk and... yes, and now it just comes up today... fuck it, saved it under a wrong file name and then didn't found it at once and at twice and then more and more and someday completely forgot about it... this sucks. I discovered it accidentially one or two months ago finally again... and now it comes finally up here. I am very SORRY for that incredible long delay and so, yes, Brandon: SORRY man!!! And also, as well and of course, a huge big THANKS to you for sending it back then to me. Okay, and now finally onwards with this very review here. Like the precursor release "THIS IS OUR CULTURE" this is a totally free non profit official underground compilation compiled and released by Brandon of FIGHTING 84 with bands from across and around the globe with the main focuss concentrating on the U.S.A. and the american continent as a whole. So, okay, what we get more precise are fourteen bands and each one with one song, and from already more or less known and reputated bands like VENGANZA TATUADA, COMBATE 49, MAJOR DISSAPOINTMENT, SPIRIT OF THE PATRIOT, and YOUNGBLOOD to (at least to me) pretty much unknown bands like SECTION SAINT-LAURENT, BRONCO ARMY, EVIL INSIDE, ZUTA MINUTA, and 99 BOTTLES. And that's always a good thing, and that this for free from the scene for the scene approach is even more better. Just a little bit confusing is the fact, that some of the songs are in MP4-file-data-format and aren't MP3-files so that you need to take care of this, when you want to listen to it in a row. Ah, and like you may have already noticed from the named bands political this comp spreads over a wide distance with music from Punkrock, Oi! and Streetpunk to R.A.C. and bands of the far right like SPIRIT OF THE PATRIOT and YOUNGBLOOD, for example. Like it or not, understand it or not, however, it's a thing of your very own personal subjective perception, but anyhow deal with it if you want to get and listen to this comp. Musicwise the quality varys quite a bit, from really good to totally superb bands like EVIL INSIDE (a new FINAL WAR project, so a U.S. band, playing first class melodic yet heavy and quite sinister "modern" and somewhat "emotional" Punkrock), BRONCO ARMY (heavy hitting bonedry and skullsmashing stoic hard hammering Brickwall Oi! from Brazil), SECTION SAINT-LAURENT (heavy and well-paced hymnal Brickwall Oi! from out of Canada), SPIRIT OF THE PATRIOT (far right heavy hitting RAC-ish Streetpunk noize from Greece, good music, dumb lyrics and terrible dumb-ass political attitude and mentality and agenda), YOUNGBLOOD (from R.A.C. to ultra-right wing Working Class Streetrock & Roll, and one hell of the best currently active bands of the - far - right wing scenery, and not only from the U.S.A.), RESSIDUO (Oi! Oi! Oi! from Colombia in the tradition or way of a band like the GLORY BOYS from Spain), MAJOR DISSAPOINTMENT (brutal and aggressive Hardcore Oi! Punk from the NYC respectively from out of NJ), VENGANZA TATUADA (real Oi!, heavy harsh brutal NYC Oi! Oi! Oi! musick, heavy and hard hitting without any compromises), ZUTA MINUTA (anthemic, melodic'n'hymnal, yet damn heavy and aggressive, pissed off 100% real Thug Oi! from out of Serbia, total hit, total monster, my personal favorite), and COMBATE 49 (Oi! Oi! Oi! from the NYC, aggressive and hymnal as well, and also with some totally fresh suprising little ideas in it, a damn good band) it reaches as well as also to classical compilations filling midfield stuff like THE FIGHTING 405 (fast paced Pogo Streetpunk from the States, goes in the direction of KNUCKLEHEAD, but unfortunately without their quality, won't make you listen up but also hurts nobody), FIRST STRIKE (fast and hymnal, melodic Streetpunk'n'Oi! from the U.S.A. that won't make you that much listen up not at least because of the terrible refrain parts - can't believe that this are THE legendary FIRST STRIKE, by far too soft and too weak, hope they will come up with some better stuff again in the future...), and ARMADA Oi! (heavy and hard brickall-ish Oi! Oi! Oi!, not bad, but yet too minimalistic and too stoic in a negative way to really make you listen up) and more or less just somehow bad stuff like 99 BOTTLES (stereotypical Oi! Punk from this U.S. band with guitar parts you have heard a thousand times before, and every time better than here) we get the whole distance of quality here on this very comp. But, as you may have already seen, the positive and good stuff owns and acts by far the leading role here, and that's just how it should be. If you want to bitch around because of the political agenda of some of the bands here, then here's not the place to do so and then just stay the hell away from this comp, in any other case I can calmly recommend this one to and for you. The artwork is not that much worth talking about (why not at least choose a current picture for a comp dealing with the current Oi! scenery...), but who cares. The soundquality varies quite a bit on this comp, but gets never really anyhow anyway bad. So, okay, said all what there is to say about this one, now just you decide for yourself what you wanna do. I can only recommend it here and now. Oi! Oi! Oi!
(8 of 10 points)
(I took the above posted download link from the amazing "THE U.S. OF Oi! OF SWEDEN" blog, so thanks to Bernando, and every fan of American Oi! from the U.S.A. should check his brilliant blog promptly out, visit it @

("HARDBOILED WEBZINE"; MP3-Download-Release)
(If you still can then download it promptly over @
Also this comp is now lying around for sort of a year on my hard-disk and also about this one I totally forgot in the ongoing busy year that 2012 had been. But okay, at least I couldn't dissapoint anyone in this case because it wasn't send to me by anyone it was ''just'' a free download comp of the great guys that run the amazing "HARDBOILED WEBZINE" blog/site and I was just a anonymous downloader of it back then. Anyhow, better late than never and in case that you may have forgot about it since then or just never heard of it so far here now comes my review on it, the "HARDBOILED SCENE REPORT VOLUME ONE". I don't know if this is or was in any case a anyhow official done affair or if it's more sort of a unofficial bootleg, but who cares. It comes with a cool and proper complete artwork and all in a great production sound, that benefits and fits or suits the presented musick perfectly. And now forward to what we get here, in one simple short word'n'term: HARDCORE!!! And especially of what today you may can call the heavy New School way of Hardcore, from Beatdown Hardcore and modern metallic Hardcore to what since TERROR became known as New Old School Hardcore you find a lot here from the featured 21 bands, each one with one song in around 54 minutes at all. Every fan of todays Hardcore will like if not love this comp with bands like BRAWL, xPROVIDENCEx, KING OF CLUBZ, STEP ASIDE, BLOODSTAINED, BLOODSHED REMAINS, WOLF CITY, TRUTH IN NEEDLES, BLAME IT ON THE OCEAN, and ANIMAL INSTINCT as well as SAWCHUK on it, to just name a few. And fans of what labels like "FILLED WITH HATE" and "SEVENTH DAGGER", for example, do release, you will slam dance like hell to the tunes of this comp. Nothing left to say, this one is highly recommended and it's really about time for the second part to be finally released. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!
(9 of 10 points)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Online-Download-Album)
(Try your luck and try to find and download it maybe over @
Don't ask me from where the hell this one used to pop up, hm, thinking about it I come to the conclusion that it maybe was sometime somewhere @ Facebook, hm, anyhow, it was summer or autumn last year and I can't find a direct download link to it anymore. Try your luck to the above written download link or via the Facebook site of the ''runners'' of this comp project series, the link to this site will close this particular review. Anyhow, like you may have already thought here you get Traditional Skinhead tunes, Skinhead Reggae, Early SKA, and some few 2 Tone SKA as well. And if you like this kind of music, no matter if you are a Skinhead or Skingirl or not, then you will definitely cheer up to this nice little comp heavily and euphoric. And names like SYMARIP, DERRICK MORGAN, THE VALKYRIANS, THE SPECIALS, DOREEN SCHAFFER, THORPEDIANS, THE ETHIOPIANS, and THE PARAGONS should speak for themselves and itself and will automatically make you start to skank like if there wouldn't be a tomorrow for you. Hm, I think this is an unofficial done bootleg, but why should you care for this, especially after this is or was up for free. It comes with a complete and proper, really great artwork and with liner notes, as well as in a first class recording/production sound. I just can recommend it to you here and now. Do the SKA baby!!! Hm, and was this really the first ever SKA'n'Reggae album that I reviewed up here on this very blog... damn it...
(8 of 10 points)

WORN OUT - "DEMO 2011"
("D.I.Y."; MP3-Online/Download-Release)
(Download it, at leat partly, over @ or download it complete, as long as the link still works, over @!):
Fuck it, I start to grow old...Don't ask me where and when the hell I got this very one here. Even don't ask me if anyone used to send it to me via E-Mail... Ahrg, it sucks, where are my memories gone... Ahrg!!! I also needed some online research now before I could finally find some other words about them and their demo here online, and I finally found it over @ the great "HARDBOILED" webzine. This is their, which means WORN OUTs, "DEMO 2011" and this is so, you don't have to be a genius to know this already by now, these days already two years old. Okay, who cares, I will do a review of it anyhow, because to me it somehow seems that the band isn't really active around anymore and I could imagine that a lot of folks outta there missed out on them, and after they play a very decent style of heavy hitting groovy and moshy modern slightly or better not too over-metallic Hardcore that should please a lot of the Hardcore folks of today outta there I thought doing a review on it also still today won't hurt anyone, instead of this it maybe even benefits someone. Okay, anyhow, now to what we get here by WORN OUT: Four songs, ten minutes of hard and heavy smashing groovy'n'moshy metallic up to date modern New School Hardcore filled with tons of brutal devastating guitars, shredding and sawing buzzing bass lines, stunning beefy drumming, throaty shouted harsh lead vocals, fat and broad grooves and rhythms, forceful changes and arrangements of the pace of the songs, and a sinister, cold, brutal and somehow morbid, intense atmosphere and attitude to it all, and fans of bands like BACKTRACK should risk an ear to WORN OUT, they will definitely love them. Also fans of INTEGRITY at least can calmly try their luck with WORN OUT, because they tend a bit in this HOLY TERROR HARDCORE direction here and there. I like it, a good little album, a cool demo that used to promise a lot, too bad that (at least so it seems to me and that's what I do know so far by now) not that much more used to follow this very one here up. I just know of a split release with VICES, but then that's it. Get the demo release and enjoy it. Especially fans of currently pretty much hot going bands like BACKTRACK will go nuts because of WORN OUT and their "DEMO 2011", and you know what, I like it even a bit more than the highly hyped "DARKER HALF" album by BACKTRACK from 2011. Rough and raw but yet good and powerful production/recording sound, good lyrics, and a cool cover art work. And all for free. Ah, and that WORN OUT used to come from Jacksonvill in Florida, U.S.A. is now just for the record. I can calmly recommend this one (in its complete version) to you, so at least risk an ear or two during a good and fair listening session. Good stuff, without a doubt. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!
(8 of 10 points)
(PS: The band is still active, so does Facebook tell, but anyhow, for everyone who missed out on this one here, their "DEMO 2011", this might be intersting anyhow, so then get the download.)

Okay folks, so much about the first new reviews on records up here in a while. Next up will be the interview with the almighty 2 DIAS DE SANGRE and then the first theme days will start. The next reviews on records will come next month or so, we will see, maybe just in June but they are so far planned to come already next month. That's it, now I wish you a good night and sleep well, I am damn tired, I must go to bed desperately. More the next time around, keep the faith!!!

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  1. I second your oppinion on the TMF/O>W split. Damn fantastic EP and a OW better than i have ever heard them before. Keep up the good reviews