Donnerstag, 22. März 2012

HATROSS - "ECHOES OF WAR" (D.I.Y. Crust D-Beat madness hailing from Bogota in Colombia)

("D.I.Y."; Tape):
Here's another one that reached me by the end of last year thanks to a friend of mine, and another one serving my needs in new Crustcore musick again as well. This here is a for all what I get D.I.Y. Tape release by the band themselves and the stuff on this one here was originally recorded back then in 2010 and was redone in 2011 and that's how this Tape came to happen. HATROSS are already pretty well known today for all what I found out with being part of compilation and split albums like "D-BEAT HASTA KE TE SANGREN LOS OÍDOS", "SOUTH AMERICAN HARDCORE STRAIGHT EDGE MY ASS" and "CRUSH THE TERROR OF THE SKIES" and so some of you outta there may know them already pretty well or something so like this. They are to me a pleasent new discovery in my new found love in and with Crustcore music. After a intro track consisting out of samples of war noises and some Wagner impressions the first track "INNOCENTS" kicks off and showcasing already pretty good what they are all about, heavily influenced by old school Crustcore and D-Beat acts as well as Hardcore and Anarcho Punk bands with some few vey old school styled Black and Death Metal influences and this all done with an undeniable south american flavor of raw and rough, dirty, noisy and tough aggression in sound, music and style. Shredding and noisy distorted guitars (could just be a little bit louder in the end mix), a evil and angry, brutal and harsh sawing strongly and heavily distorted bass (great!), unstoppable forward rumbling 'speedpunky' D-Beat styled drums, throaty shouted and screamed brutal and sinister guttural lead vocals, the very most of the time full speed ahead and power, force, aggression and brutality non stopp. Including the intro track we get seven songs in total in something around eleven or twelve minutes or so, pure Crustcore D-Beat mayhem somewhere between DISCHARGE, ANTICIMEX, G.B.H., BATHORY and HELLHAMMER. Best songs in the bunch are the stoic stomping hypnotic masterpiece track titled "MESSIAH" and the fast higfh speed angry and evil noisy slasher "ANTICIMEX" (yes, a cover, guess of which band), but also the other tracks know to convince. Some more ''upshakers'' and HATROSS (or HATRÖSS...) would convince me here and now even more. Critical and sinister typical Crust D-Beat lyrics dealing with the good old topics of this genre, ''horrors of war'' styled black and white artwork, and an all in all pretty good production/recording sound after all. Get in contact with the band and get this tape if you're into Crust and D-Beat musick. Should be also interesting for some of the Metalheads out there, at least if they have also a faible for dirty, noisy, raw, heavy, fast paced, rough and tough slash everything and everyone inside musick with also a pretty clear message behind it all. Thumbs up!!! (8 of 10 points)

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