Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

AGNOSTIC FRONT - "MY LIFE, MY WAY" (New York City Hardcore the original flavor)

("Nuclear Blast Records"; CD):
This one here is the current full length album release of the godfathers of NYHC, no one else than the almighty AGNOSTIC FRONT. Released by spring last year or so and I finally got my hands on it last summer when I was visiting my sister and bought it down there in Cologna and then after listening to it over and over again and after can't stop listening to it even not today one thing is and was clear pretty fast, and that's the fact that this album is definitely way up high in the top three of my best and most favorite albums of 2011 but what beside this wasn't and also still isn't clear is why it damn fucking took me so long to finally do review it up here. Okay, anyway, "MY LIFE, MY WAY" is the third AGNOSTIC FRONT album in a row released on and via "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS" from good old fucking Germany. After their ''comeback'' era in the 1990's with their three damn great and very Oi! and Streetpunk influnced masterpiece albums "SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE", "RIOT, RIOT UPSTART" and "DEAD YUPPIES" they changed directions and released the strongly metallic NYHC bulldozer "ANOTHER VOICE" followed by the forceful and anthemic, still pretty metallic but not so sinister and dark after all "WARRIORS", also two total larger than life albums, and now the new or current one "MY LIFE, MY WAY" is up and out with a nice great retro tribute cover artwork and with a undeniable harsh and heavy, strong and yet still a little bit (sometimes also a little bit more) metallic musical NYHC direction, but the schedule of the "WARRIORS" full length album with cultivating it all with a heavy and damn fresh Old School (New York City) Hardcore vibe as well as a nice ''street-charmed'' Oi! and Streetpunk/Punkrock feeling and damn cachy and anthemic Sing-A-Long moments in it they kept alive and true with sticking to it and making it all damn round and just amazing, all done incredible high skilled on all levels and damn complete so that today with this one here we may get the most and best representative work of the guys so far with melting it all together what AGNOSTIC FRONT became known and loved and respected for and this is an already today classic of real and thru and thru (New York) Hardcore music, period. Heavy and diverse, truly damn hard and really mean and pissed off guitar work on all sections (riffs, leads, solos) done very skillful, fucking well-versed and nicely multi-layered/diverse so that you have a lot to discover if you listen to it focussed on it, brilliant charismatic love/hate vocals, a forceful and massive giant rhythm section, mighty gang shout back ups, great diverse songwriting and changes in the pace and the structure of the songs, and all done very dynamic, highly energetic, with the right attitude and incredible catchy and hymnal/anthemic. To compare them with other bands would be nonsense, because this here is the real deal, point and fact. On top of it great lyrics, a brilliant artwork and an incredible powerful yet dirty production sound. If you really still don't have it then you need to have it desperatey. Phenomneal shit, awesome!!! I love this band!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (10 of 10 points)

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