Donnerstag, 22. März 2012

MAJOR DISSAPOINTMENT - "TAX IS CONTROL" (American Oi! in 2012, self-released online EP)

This band I became known to thanks to the great "THIS IS OUR CULTURE" compilation album by Brandon  and FIGHTING 84 and "A DYING BREED RECORDS" (the comp I reviewed a month ago or so up here) and nearly everyone nearly everwhere announced them as the best in American Oi! since years and so on and so I was pretty curious about it. And you know what? This talking was and is bullshit, period. But anyhow they are for sure a damn good and really impressive band. They released this EP by themselves and for free as a legal and authorized for free MP3-Download EP the last month as a appetizer for their upcoming new second full length album that shall be released sometime later this very year. The first two songs, "WORKING POOR" and "TAX IS CONTROL", are more or less through and through great tracks/songs and should be known from and by the already mentioned compilation album, the two other ones, "DIVE BAR" and "DYLAN HARVEY", are completly new ones (at least to me) and even not as good as the first two ones still for sure truly pretty if not damn good shit. MAJOR DISSAPOINTMENT play American Oi! with a strong Punkrock impact as well as and first and foremost a really heavy Hardcore respectively Hardcore Punk spirit in it and they play pretty much in the SQUIGGY department and this means two things: 1) Expect fast paced angry galdiatorial slashing songs non stopp, build up upon charismatic spitting into the microphone styled hard lead vocals, nice full back up chants, sawing and shredding high speed guitars at work, forceful storming bass playing and fast paced speedy and punky forward raging and powerful forward marching and stomping drumming; 2.) You can't go wrong with MAJOR DISSAPOINTMENT, especially after for all what I do know SQUIGGY are still defunct these days. If now MAJOR DISSAPOINTMENT also start to create a stronger own identity it would be all even more good and fine with me and so they would also spare me the feeling that I have to deal with some sort of a SQUIGGY rip off from time to time. Lyrical they deal with a lot of political and critical issues and topics and showing the economical and political establishment the proud and especially the stiff middle finger. Always good. Always righteous. The production sound is good, for sure, like the band, and the nice little cover picture included in the artwork shows pretty much what this is all about. Check them out, make sure you do, damn good American Oi! already yet and I would bet that there's far more to come from/by them. Since two weeks or so I finally call also their self titled debut album my own, so maybe I will also do a review of it some day in the future. Until then, get this little EP and become curious about their upcoming new album this year. Cheers & Oi! (8 of 10 points)

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