Donnerstag, 22. März 2012

FAT BELLY - "HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH" (***Video*** - ***Live & Unplugged***)

Okay, now to close this day a little 'Videos' posting for all of you out there finally again and this time something pretty melodic, soft, catchy and you might can say ''poppy'' is coming for you with the Melodic Punkrock band FAT BELLY from Hannover here in Germany and they play their great version of the 1980's Pop classic hymn "HEAVEN IS  PLACE ON EARTH" and this live on stage and unplugged. I saw them back then in 2008 live on stage for the first time and they took me by storm even this kind of Punkrock music normally isn't my favorite style but who cares as long as it is done good and better and FAT BELLY knew and know how to do it this good and better way, period. So just check this clip and song out, even the sound quality isn't the best after all, and if you like what you hear go and buy the "TURN THE AMPLIFIERS ON! (ALTER!)" and also "SET THE FLAG" titled albums of the guys and try to go and finally really see them live on stage rocking the crowd if you have the chance to do so, yes, and then I wish you for now and tonight a good night, more soon again. Sleep well and until soon. Cheers!!!


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