Samstag, 10. März 2012

NO TOLERANCE - "NO REMORSE, NO TOLERANCE" (Boston Straight xxx Edge Hardcore released by the end of 2011 via "YOUNGBLOOD RECORDS")

("Youngblood Records"; MP3-Download):
New release of this Straight Edge roughnecks from NO TOLERANCE, released by the end of 2011 via "YOUNGBLOOD RECORDS" for all what I know ''just'' as a MP3-Download over at their Bandcamp site for a price of only 4,00 U.S. $ and the link will close this review. Stumbled upon this one thanks to the mighty "EMPTY HANDS" blog (, ablog worth checking out over all the time. NO TOLERANCE play hard, bitter, aggressive, angry, mean, brutal and damn fast paced Straight Edge Hardcore the Boston way with some sinister metallic Hardcore infuence as well as sometimes coming to close to bulldozer styled Grindcore and all done with a clenched fist and shout out loud while you scream along gladiatorial attitude. Mix up PROCLAMATION with the Boston legends of SSD and some old angry NYHC like early WARZONE and CRO-MAGS as well and you know for the start pretty good what you get from NO TOLERANCE: Broad slightly metallic sinsiter and brutal guitar work, smashing bass and grinding devastating drums as well as brutal shouted massive and hrd throaty vocals and full speed ahead mostly non stop but still mixing it up to keep it not also damn intense but also pretty interesting over all the time. Damn good stuff for sure. Massive production sound, nice artwork and good lyrics on top. If yo're into this stuff just get it, period. Six short songs with only one being slightly longer than two minutes so this is a short release if you look at the running time and so this is a short review if you look at the reading time. Anyway, damn good stuff that I recommend to you. (8 of 10 points)

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  1. As an FC Hansa (Rostock) fan, I must say I like the griffin! ;)